Book of JUDAS

Book of JUDAS

by Richard Hollands


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Philip and Simon Trenchard lost their parents at the age of seven and eight in a road accident, and were brought up by their beloved grandfather, the eminent archaeologist Sir Lawrence. At his funeral, years later, their world is about to be shattered once again - in fact the entire world as we know it faces an Armageddon of unimaginable evil.

In Sir Lawrence's will, he entrusts to the brothers the terrible secret he uncovered in the Holy Lands - some ancient apparently Biblical scrolls. But these were not the testaments of Mathew, Mark or John but of Judas...

"The truth was potentially explosive. We had found the map and instructions to the biggest religious discovery of all time... Not only that, but if the Book of Judas really existed it was prophesised that its unearthing would destroy the pillars upon which the entire Christian religion had grown... It had the power to unlock the devil himself."

The very knowledge of their existence is deadly. Now Sir Lawrence is gone the Vatican is determined to claim the secret that undermines its raison d'être and their hired agents will stop at nothing. Worse still, is the knowledge that the Antichrist's disciples on earth, The Satanica, have unleashed an assassin of pure, implacable evil leaving hideously mutilated bodies in his wake as he follows the Trenchard brothers on their quest. In a terrifying, nail-biting mission that takes us from leafy Oxfordshire to the Dead Sea; from Greece to the Vatican, the brothers travel the world to save the world - and themselves - from Satan's ultimate revenge.

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ISBN-13: 9781909908895
Publisher: M-Y Books
Publication date: 10/17/2015
Pages: 494
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