The Book of Light: Ask and Heaven Will Answer

The Book of Light: Ask and Heaven Will Answer

by Alexandra Solnado


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ISBN-13: 9781451611571
Publisher: Atria Books
Publication date: 04/12/2011
Edition description: Original
Pages: 416
Sales rank: 511,209
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.10(d)

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You are the reason I created this book.

How many times have you had doubts? How many times have you spoken to me without ever really believing that I would answer you? How often have you tried to contact me and not succeeded?

This book is for you. For you who are reading these words at this very moment. It is my attempt to communicate with you, to help you deal with your anxieties.

These are texts of light that will fill you with energy. I hope they will help to enlighten you on the fundamental issues you face on a daily basis.

I wish to close the distance between us.

For each question, you must choose two symbols (included in this book). These symbols are characters from the alphabet of Aramaic, the language I spoke when I was down there on earth, two thousand years ago.

At the point where the two symbols meet (see table of symbols) you will find a message from me concerning the question you asked. These are my comments on the situation.

This is not just any book. It is a book on communicating with heaven. When you choose your two symbols, you need to understand and believe that everything has a purpose, and that I, up in heaven, will be able to use my messages to teach you great things.

Talk to me, and I will answer you through these texts. This symbolic language I send you is a way of making you rethink your intentions, but, more important, it is a way for you to feel my energy. Read the texts slowly and carefully, and open your heart so that I may enter, so that you may “feel” rather than “think” the answer.

Before choosing the symbols, focus on me. Try to calm your spirit; breathe deeply three times. Then concentrate on me. Open your heart and receive my energy.

Next, focus on an issue that is worrying you. Do not ask questions. Do not ask anything, just think about the issue and how you would like to see it addressed. I will approach it from heaven’s point of view. Up here, we have spiritual wisdom, as well as a bird’seye view of your existence.

I will comment on the issue. There will be times when I may admonish you, other times in which I praise you.

Don’t be too concerned about these reprimands. I am not angry at you. I simply want to help you find your way.

As for the praise you receive from me, make the most of it, but don’t let it go to your head. Be wary of your ego.

You may be on the right path, but if you become too complacent, the ego will be lying in wait to take control.

Arrogance is the ego’s greatest method of attack. Your ego convinces you that you are better than others, better than your brothers. Not only is this not spiritual, it stops evolution in its tracks.

When I reprimand you, try to listen to me without feeling guilty. Guilt does not exist. When you make a mistake, there is always tomorrow to set things right. What matters most is that you choose according to who you are and not in accordance with what others expect of you.

When I praise you, you may feel happy, you may feel extremely happy, but do not lose your center. Be humble. You are all equal. No one is better than anyone else. Different, maybe, but never better.

Do not ask the same question more than once on the same day. Wait for the following day. Time has always been a good mentor, and tomorrow you may find that the subject carries a different energy.

If for some reason you ask the same question more than once (on different days) and the information you receive appears to contradict itself, it means that the issue you are concentrating on is complex and dual. It is an issue that contains polar opposites and therefore needs twice as much attention.

Last but not least, do not forget that you can always count on me when in doubt. Talk to me, ask me questions. If you have continued to ask me questions without ever really believing that you would receive a clear and unequivocal answer, now you have these texts of light that I have prepared for you.

Never again will your questions go unanswered. I will be here to address the issues in your life, at any hour of the day or night. I had hoped to become closer to you, to guide you, and fortunately, we have succeeded. Now all we have to do is begin.

I am ready to start coming into your life. I hope you will receive my teachings as well as you have received me.


© 2010 Alexandra Solnado

Table of Contents

Introduction ix

How to Obtain Answers from the Book of Light xiii

How to Create Coins xiv

Selecting the Symbols xv

Table of Symbols xvii

Messages 1

List of Messages by Topic 383

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