Book of Lovers: Men Who Excite Women, Women Who Excite Men, A Personal Guide

Book of Lovers: Men Who Excite Women, Women Who Excite Men, A Personal Guide

by Carolyn Reynolds
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Book of Lovers: Men Who Excite Women, Women Who Excite Men, A Personal Guide 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I bought this book years ago because the author was on TV for Unsolved Mysteries and the Born to Kill episode. She was right on then and now. With the elections upcoming I looked up Mitt Romney and almost fell off my chair. She said he was "handsome and had early success and fortune,etc". I was curious about Rihanna and Chris Brown and Rihanna's profile read that she,"liked bad boys, dangerous types and nice guys will finish last with her." It was the same with other profiles I updated...very accurate.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I keep falling for the same wrong type. I was ready to settle for Mr. Wrong or Mr. Maybe I was so tired of dating. But, I came to understand the different types of men out there and how I attract certain kinds of astrological energies. This book was a fun way to discover the who's who of the dating Zodiac. I use it now for general reference on personalities. I was really on target for me. I like Linda Goodman's books too but they have been out a really long time, and I needed something new and fresh. I was sorry to hear Linda is dead, however.
Guest More than 1 year ago
In 1990, I decided to explore astrology and I have been reading and researching material on the subject ever since. This book first jumped out at me, but I was quickly disappointed. It reads more like a reference book. I was especially disappointed with the personality descriptions, they were WAY OFF!. I compared these with some from other books I've read and I found most of those books to be on the same common ground, but not this one. I also found some information provided in this book differs quite a bit from other books I've read. Overall, I don't feel this book provided me with accurate insight on relationships or love. I looked up not only myself but several past relationships, friends and family members and the information was not accurate, for that matter it was not even close. I just finished reading a fantastic book that really blows the socks off this book, it's called 'Linda Goodman's Love Signs' Linda Goodman is a fantastic writer who writes as if she somehow knows you intimately. This book is meant to show people how the different zodiac signs relate to each other. This author uses the Sun sign influence most because it's the most prominent one in a person's birth chart. She is right on the mark when she talks about a person's sexual nature. This author puts astrology into its proper spiritual perspective and covers everything from personalities, to love, sex and of course relationships. This book is costly, but you get over 900 pages of very educational and infrmative material. Another good book is ' Moon signs for lovers'. I can't comment on this book yeat because I have not finished reading it, but so far it is very good and provides lots of meaninful information.