Book of Mika'el: Scales of Recompense

Book of Mika'el: Scales of Recompense

by Mark F Kalita


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In 5770, the current incarnation of the archangel Mika'el was given the book of remembrance after he began the vow of Nazir and changed his life from the subjugation of this world. While the sacred road is lonely, Mika'el understood how difficult it would be to get through to a generation lost within this prison of darkness. As the writer and sage of history, this suffering spirit is left alone to change the outcome of the sacred garden. Until the heavens are opened and righteousness reigns, Mika'el must stand up for the little ones of our living God.The "Book of Mika'el: Scales of Recompense" is more than just another journey by author Mark F. Kalita into the history of religious antiquities, it is a compilation of the complete teachings of Mika'el. But, more than just teachings, it is also a prophetic journey into spirituality and our understanding of God within existence. The "Book of Mika'el: Scales of Recompense" signals the end of spiritual grace. With the true knowledge revealed, Mika'el knows that the dragon of egotism will be put down eternally. For this has been the journey of Mika'el, to bring all children of the living God back to the garden of delight. Through the "Book of Mika'el: Scales of Recompense", Mika'el reveals the pillars holding up the scales of recompense and how join him in the attempt to loose the seals on the 'Tree of Life'.This is the third time, in the continuing story of the ancient peoples, that the 'Tree of Life' will be loosed. The first two times the heavens opened and gave preparation for the revered day upon us. With only 1000 people living together and having all things in common via the principles containes in the "Book of Mika'el: Scales of Recompense", the ancient prophets predict that a new era will dawn upon this world and the 'Tree of Life' will be loosed for evermore.This is a must read book for everyone. Mika'el also reveals in the "Book of Mika'el: Scales of Recompense" the mechanism for the temple of our spirit, our body. As the light and love of the infinite One permeates all things, Mika'el gives understanding to the gifts of God we all share. These gifts appear as the omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient natures of God.As all are children of the living God, the "Book of Mika'el: Scales of Recompense" shows that all will be cared for in the coming epoch of peace, truth and altruistic lovingkindness. Join hands with Mika'el and walk together with him and the angels of heavens into the dawn of a new day on earth.

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