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Book Of Mind

Book Of Mind

by David Rain


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Book Of Mind is a text to help explain your minds relationship with reality and its own existence. It is written for a lay audience, having its foundations in science, mathematics, old wisdom and fresh insight. It covers many practical topics such as love, values, religion, happiness, purpose and personal freedom in a limited world. It questions the way religions entrap the mind. The book does rejects materialist view and explains what the mind fundamentally is and its role in the universe and creation as a whole. Some knowledge in science and mathematics helps reading this book, however it is comprehensible to any person capable of thinking carefully. It is not about beliefs, but an explanation of experience and the world that can be verified with experience. The books central theme is that creation has three domains; the mind is the domain of absolute continuity, the domain of patterns provides the information for space, time, causality, and all knowledge, and the domain of physical existence is quantized, discrete and ephemeral. If you want to know what this means and how it is more practical than just philosophy, you will need to dive in.

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ISBN-13: 9781502909695
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/09/2014
Pages: 164
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About the Author

David Rain was born in the late sixties into a large Quaker family. David practiced and studied martial arts for 30 years and guitar for 27 years. He studied and became a molecular biochemist in his twenties, then studied further and became a school teacher in his thirties. He is a passionate gardener and has four children. David never gave up trying to understand why science was incapable of explaining the existence of the mind and its seemingly paradoxical properties. The combination of his years of studying the foundations of his martial arts and also delving into many areas of science has lead to this book as the culmination of his insight about mind and its place in the scheme of existence, life and society.

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