Book of Monsters: Portraits and Biographies of a Few of the Inhabitants of Woodland and Meadow

Book of Monsters: Portraits and Biographies of a Few of the Inhabitants of Woodland and Meadow

by David Fairchild, Marian Fairchild

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Book of Monsters: Portraits and Biographies of a Few of the Inhabitants of Woodland and Meadow by David and Marian Fairchild

Copyrighted by National Geographic Society 1914

How the Monster Photographs Were Taken
Chapter 1. The Spider World
An Eight Eyed Enemy of the Fly; A Jumping Spider
Ready to Pounce on a Fly on the Wing; The Jumping Spider
A Jumping Spider Ready to Spring from a Leaf
The Wolf-Spider
The Cast off Outer Skeleton of a Wolf-Spider
The Spiny-bellied Spider Which Builds Nets across the Path
The Bird-Dropping Spider, a Creature with Protective Coloring
The Aerial Trapper: The Orb-Weaving Spider
Orb-Weaver Filled with a Thousand Eggs Which She Lays All At Once
A Spider from a Fly’s Point of View
The Mother Spider and Her Nest: A Nursery of Little Cannibals
A Vagabond Spider
The Male Grass Spider
The Crab Spider That Lurks around the Nectaries of Flowers
A Front View of a Mature Male Spider
The Daddy-Long-Legs or Harvestman
Chapter 2. The Insect World
Straight-Winged Insects
The King Grasshopper
A Baby Grasshopper
A Young Grasshopper’s Skeleton
The Grasshopper is Good to Eat
A Grasshopper’s Ear Is under Its Wing
The Grasshopper’s Hearing Organ
The Short-Winged Green Locust
The Katydid
The Narrow-Winged Katydid
A Young Katydid
The Cricket on the Hearth
The Ground Cricket
The Stone or Camel Cricket
A Monster of the Underworld: The Mole Cricket
The Cockroach
A Demon Fly Killer: The Praying Mantis
The Order of the Bugs
The Squash Bug
A Strange-Shaped Bug
A Queer, Unworldly Monster
The Thread-Legged Bug
The Assassin Bug
An Assassination
The Cicada
The Ambush Bug
A Bug That Is Always Walking Around
The Tarnished Plant Bug
The Lantern Fly Bug
The Beetles
The June Beetle
The June Beetle Larva
One of the June Bugs or May Beetles
One of the Twig-Pruners
The Predaceous Ground Beetle
The Clover Leaf Weevil
The Spotted Vine Chafer in Flight
One of the Blister or Cantharides Beetles
A Hippopotamus among the Insects
One of the Longicorn Beetles
An American Scarab
The Twelve-Spotted Cucumber Beetle
One of the Sawyers
Two-Winged Insects
The Crane Fly
An Insect Hawk: One of the Robber Flies
A Robber Fly
Another View of the Robber Fly
One of the Large Robber Flies
One of the Worst of the Robber Flies
The Culex Mosquito
One of the Harmless Anopheles Mosquitos
One of the Bee Flies
Another of the Bee Flies
Large Syrphid Fly
Not a House Fly
The Horse Fly
A Green-Headed Horse Fly
Feathered Insects
Larva of the Swallow-Tail Butterfly of the Spice-Bush
Fore Part of a Brown Butterfly
Yellow Butterfly
A Baby of the Skipper Butterfly
A Butterfly’s Mummy Case
A Moth
Not Good to Eat
A Hairy Spectacle
An Unknown Caterpillar
A Caterpillar Devoured by a Fungus
Nerve-Winged Insects
The Dragon-Fly
The Dragon-Fly and Its Victim
Dragon-Fly Nymph Masked
Dragon-Fly Nymph Unmasked
An Abandoned Dragon Case
The Damsel Fly
The Lace-winged Fly and the Aphis Lion
The Winged Ant Lion
The Scorpion Fly
A Soldier Termite
The Stinging Insects
The Portrait of a Bald-Faced Hornet
The Queen Hornet
The Yellow Jacket
One of the Social Wasps
A Mud Dauber Wasp
The Food of a Mud Dauber’s Baby
The Fig Insect on Which Depends a Great Plant Industry
The Cow Killer or Velvet Ant--A Wingless Wasp
The Worker Bumble-Bee
The Pollen Plates of the Bumble-Bee
The Bumble-Bee at Work
The Telltale Milkweed Pollen
The Poor Male Bumble-Bee
Solitary Leaf-Cutting Bee
The Stinger of the Leaf-Cutting Bee
A Common Red Ant
A Black Ant
Ant Gathering Nectar from Leaf Nectaries of the Chinese Wood-Oil Tree
The Ichneumon Fly: Enemy of the Spider
Chapter 3. The World of Myriapods and a Single Land Crustacean
A Millipede, One of the Vegetarian Myriapods
A Centipede, One of the Carniverous Myriapods
Two Pill Bugs


The pictures in this book are portraits of creatures which are as much the real inhabitants of the world as we are (continued…)

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