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The Book of Origins: Recovering the Original Divine Blue Print Essence

The Book of Origins: Recovering the Original Divine Blue Print Essence

by Ivonne Delaflor

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What if there was a place in the universe, or in another universe, where no evil forces, dark beliefs, negative thought projections, energy blockages, or control issues were present? Is there a place such as an intact field of light, benevolence, and love? In The Book of Origins, author Ivonne Delaflor presents lessons she received that propose a new vision of a universe, in which harmony is seen not as something to fight for, but as a natural ebb and flow of events through the choices we make. Throughout a period of five years, Delaflor received more than five thousand messages during conversations with her transpersonal masters. In this text, she does not interpret the lessons but rather shares them in order to help people form better relationships with their inner voices and make sense of their spiritual experiences. A clear and readable map for navigating the harmonic energy dimensions, The Book of Origins supports humanity within the inner ascension process as we evolve as species of consciousness in the here and now and beyond.

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ISBN-13: 9781450277457
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 03/15/2011
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Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 148
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About the Author

Ivonne Delaflor, also known as Swami Amenai, is founder and president of Delaflor Teachings International, founder of Mastery Life A.C., and co-founder of the Higher School for Conscious Evolution. Delalfor splits her time between Santa Barbara, California, and Cancun, Mexico, with her two children and her husband, Toby Alexander.

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The Book of Origins

Recovering the Original Divine Blue Print Essence
By Ivonne Delaflor

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2011 Ivonne Delaflor
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4502-7743-3

Chapter One


Let me enter in the name of God and bring you peace, that you may offer peace to me.

A Course in Miracles

Some years ago, before even knowing I was going to write this book, I began experiencing visions, while in meditation or just during regular activities, that took me into altered states of consciousness and the feeling of knowing that I was visiting a simultaneous reality in another place.

Through these visions, I came to see a golden door in the shape of a pyramid that opened up and allowed me to access, with reverence, a golden hall filled with doors that seemed to be made of holographic material. As I saw through one of the doors, there was in the middle of the room a type of book—or, more accurately, plates that were suspended in space and that had written on them what seemed to be very ancient wisdom, yet not from the past but from a future lived in absolute harmony. In the visions, the same whisper would always be heard: "These are the Golden Ekashic Field Plates from the universe AH, the Gekha!"

The plates were built of a material that seemed almost liquid, like melted gold. They bore certain encrypted phrases, symbols, and geometric forms that for some reason I was able to understand ... or interpret ... to the best of my abilities. The next pages are those words that came to manifest from reading the Gekha Plates from the universe AH.



1. Like the lotus, would I say to thee, the night has come shining as the most brilliant path.

2. For he/she who recognizes the magnificence of the mud, herein is the possibility of rebirthing the breath of life.

3. For in the beginning there was the love, and the love gave birth to the unmanifest.

4. Which generated the sacred longing for the manifest.

5. And the manifest gave birth to the breath,

6. and the breath was god,

7. and the god became the word.

8. And then the night came in to manifest as the unmanifest,

9. giving birth to the day, and so therein light emerged

10. as the perfect projected image of the love, the beginning, and the end:

11. the unmovable and unstoppable force of creation,

12. the ultimate purifier.

13. And the purifying force became fire, and fire gave birth to Earth, and Earth vibrated and showered all with the divine fountain of

14. immortality, giving birth to the gift: the human being.

15. And the HUman being vibrated as a love song, and so the HUman song became angelic and vibrated higher in intention and form.

16. Therein the air was created to sustain the divine image of the essence of creation,

17. and the essence gave birth to the ONE.

18. And the ONE gave birth for the first time to TWO, and mathematical spirit emanated.

19. And the TWO was feminine, and the feminine gave birth to the THREE, the masculine principle of THE LOVE OF THE ONE.

20. And there was light.

21. And a promise took place, giving birth to remembrance and the THREE in the ONE.

22. So when the time shall come in to manifest, all ONES WILL REMEMBER.

23. And the remembrance was filled with self-healing.

24. And the twelve suns were activated as remembrance triggers, and the readiness manifested.

25. And many were called, yet few were chosen.

26. And Earth gave birth to Tara, and Tara to Gaia, and vice versa.

27. And the promise received the descent of the violet world, the sacred descending of these remembrances.

28. And ascension took place.

29. And many were chosen for the work, yet in the game, polarities manifested from the unmanifest ... and the source will listened!

30. And so it gave birth to the power of choice. And it listened and honored the experiences.

31. And encoded it was that the memories forgotten would be remembered, and then history would rewrite itself

32. through the essence of the ONE LOVE,

33. the original frequency signature of the breath of creation.

34. And when the time would come, there would be the indigo luminaries returning

35. with the encoded seed to awaken all from the dream.

36. And the dream was the Maya, the realm of illusions.

37. But the chosen ones knew this. And so they forgot, only to remember.

38. And when they remembered, all was restored to its original place.

39. And the violet brothers came to incarnation.

40. And there was a fire, which united the lovers.

41. And the lovers rose in love.

42. And thousands could feel it. And thousands rose in this love, too.

43. And many restored the essence and seeds.

44. And the codes were unveiled for those who knew to honor them.

45. And the key was delivered to the sun of Manu, and Eira and Ek.

46. And the key was placed in safe hands: the hands of the masculine, the White Brother.

47. And the Divine Mother gave birth to the male again.

48. And the male surrendered.

49. And the suns shone brightly. And awakened all in their path, for 144,000 were called, and all were ready.

50. And those ready listened and paused and slowed down their inner rhythm.

51. And many ones were persecuted by those who forget, whose main attainments were the pleasures of Maya.

52. And God's will listened and respected the value of choices and honor.

53. And with this, values were born: the divine precepts that birthed from the divine trinity.

54. And so it was that commands were manifested.

55. Awakening was commanded.

56. And the gift of opportunity was given

57. to those who were called "awakened."

58. And the experience of forgiveness gave birth to a new door: the portal of Ascension.

59. Yet many of the ones chosen remain in the mistaken symbol of infinity, the number eight,

60. trapped in the belief of the law of polarities.

61. Yet the mother and father were listening, and with gentle arms removed the beliefs from the true seekers.

62. And the ONE sent HIS signs, the new signs for the new millennia,

63. and created the power of actualization.

64. Yet many who chose what is not remained honored by the ONE, who took those who chose what is in HIS/HER arms of transcendence.

65. And the possibilities expanded.

66. And Earth ascended, and the frequencies shifted along with the resonance of Earth.

67. And all took a breath, and death became friendly, a doorway to immortality.

68. And the Ascended Masters descended ... and spoke to the key, hidden in female form.

69. And they gave the fruits of their wisdom through the air and the spoken word.

70. And she listened and went through the veil of the past

71. and was initiated as a warrior herself without knowing, and endured what is called pain, the old paradigm of a sleepy civilization.

72. And a man was chosen to spread the word through massive realms.

73. And he fell in love with the warrior within,

74. through the support of the wisdom encoded within the golden key.

75. And the Lord ONE was pleased,

76. and HE listened by placing his call.

77. And those who were called would have to endure the letting go of the Maya, the illusion.

78. And there was a decree in the higher realms that the kind ones will support only the kind ones.

79. And the ONE whispered within the master's mind the message:

80. The only beings that will ascend will be those who respect the female and the true sacred male.

81. And seven days passed, and a new Earth awoke in the soul of humanity.

82. And the eternal gave strength to creation again.

83. And the TWO as the ONE gave offspring to the new civilization as the two universes entered in sacred marriage, AH and HU.

84. Yet first humanity was rebirthed, in ecstatic exuberant ways.

85. And the absolute harmonic universe witnessed this intent, and she unveiled for few her presence,

86. and the AH beings descended on Earth to support all humans.

87. And there were 144,000 assigned from the universe HU to make sure the teachings of AH would take place in the highest of ways.

88. And it was so.

89. And the perseverance gave birth to a higher proposal: the marriage of AH and HU,

90. whose unification gave birth to the sun of two galaxies.

91. And the kingdom was blessed by the peace of all rifts.

92. And this peace carried the frequency to awaken the universal DNA of the creator within all sentient beings,

93. harmonizing the polarities through the power of TWO becoming ONE.

94. And the new sacred texts were created.

95. And the old shall be no more.

96. And the future served as a gateway for many teachers to come into the present again.

97. And the NOW was awakened in actualization.

98. And the universal values were given to one who was pure of heart.

99. And many tried to access these for their egotistical purposes.

100. And the ONE honored them, too, as the polarities play was being held by them.

101. And then the billions received the golden precepts as a gift from the ONE.

102. And the ONE blessed this to be so.

103. And there was silence: the golden silence.

104. And agreements were created for the 144,000.

105. And there were groups assigned.

106. And the first group was the STANCE group,

107. those who walked in the past to clear the disharmonic frequencies that may create the illusion of a darkened future.

108. And the clearing began. And the sleepy warriors awakened.

109. And there were seven beings from AH, the universe of absolute harmonic frequencies,

110. holding the space for love-filled vibrations.

111. And Earth listened

112. and did her best to remain balanced.

113. Yet Earth had a fever; karmic clearing was occurring before the grand rebirth.

114. And the codes were given to those who could lead from the heart.

115. And there was a pause.

116. And the 144,000 began to gather without even knowing this.

117. And the labels of differentiation were lifted.

118. And five principles were to hold the coherent cohesiveness of these 144,000.

119. The principles were

120. support, consideration, sensibility, cocreativity, constructivism, and expansion.

121. And all the chosen ones were sent to the right environment to practice these.

122. And the year 2008 was the year of the sprouting.

123. The seeds were given in the hands of one of the 144,000 to spread them to the billions.

124. And this one was blessed, being trained in the world of the media. And he was the chosen one to spread the AH word and support the ONE in the THREE ... and the THREE to the ONE.

125. And the modern saints were called. The future began to take shape through the frequencies of visionaries.

126. And the leaders were called.

127. And the critics were told to depart.

128. And the men began rebirthing men ... and creating a nonviolent world.

129. And the female ceased the rift with male, as part as the higher agreements.

130. And Earth rejoiced, as the sun served as witness.

131. And the steps of great mastery were given to the humble warrior.

132. And the power of unveiling the labels was given to ONE of the SEVEN.

133. And the universes rejoiced in acknowledgment.

134. And the laws shifted ... the language changed.

135. Truth became the one language for humanity.

136. And the ONE sighed in grace.

137. And he gave to ONE of the SEVEN the Golden Values.

138. And the masters guided the 144,000

139. and removed the blindfolds from their eyes.

140. And the avatars descended from the future.

141. And the ancestors of the past did their work, too.

142. And differentiation was created.

143. And the avatars vowed in serenity, courage, and wisdom to support the ascension of humanity.

144. And it was done.

145. And the ONE shed a golden tear of gratitude,

146. and this bathed Earth and the children of humanity.

147. And goodness's essence was restored.

148. And the wind shifted course.

149. And the prophecies of darkness dissolved as all that remained was the light that is and will be in the Now and forever.

150. And the Golden Values were spread through the written word.

151. And the voice of the ONE could be heard beyond the form.

152. And there were 108 Golden Values that supported humanity in the thousands of years to come,

153. toward the new millennia,

154. and these gave strength to the ancestors of the future generations.

155. And the luminaries took Earth into evolving oneness.

156. And along came the universe.

157. And the Golden Values spoke like this:

158. ONE: "I am my brother and my sister. I AM all there is."

159. And this FIRST value spoke to humanity ... about cooperation and seeing the goodness in all.

160. And the true I AM presence awakened only by the kindness toward others.

161. Yet many tried to force these values as precepts of doing rather than being, and it didn't work this way, as the first value spoke of kindness within the I AM presence. 162. And the SECOND value spoke, and so it was that

163. value number TWO said, "I welcome the abundance that my work manifests."

164. And as these golden precepts were established and calibrated in the universal mind, all that was known as matter and antimatter was transmuted into pure, high-frequency energy.

165. And a gravity wave began to impact the universes ... and the third golden precept was given.

166. THIRD: "I support all sentient beings to manifest universal brilliance."

167. And as the ONE spoke of this, infinitesimal grace was bestowed upon Earth and Tara and Arimathea.

168. And the tools to support this precept descended into the minds of those who were assigned to make sure this precept would take place.

169. And these beings were called the Awakened Ones.

170. And they guided all to brilliance.

171. And the subatomic particles of matter manifested, gained power, and evolved from phantom species to guardian cells.

172. And these were awakened in the 144,000.

173. And the precepts were cemented in holy ground, the land of the pure of heart.

174. And the ONE saw it was good, and that there was willingness of brilliance, and HE gave the fourth golden precept, and this value spoke.

175. FOURTH: "I am the role model for all sentient beings."

176. And this fourth value carried divine responsibility, as it was activated with kindness and wisdom.

177. And as this precept descended, the marriage of the universes took place, and a hidden dimension was discovered; a hyperexpansion of awareness took place globally on Earth.

178. And the 144,000 were gathering and embodying these precepts.

179. And the ONE saw the effect this had in HIS children, and a new cosmology of love was created.

180. And a spectrum of gravitational waves gave birth to new portals of consciousness.

181. And those who were ready listened and observed the teachings in silent training.

182. And microwave cosmic frequencies radiated in those who were still choosing to sleep.

183. And the ONE took a breath in them and whispered the precepts.

184. And the opposite apparent forces collided in the Maya realm.

185. And the ONE was pleased with the awakening, as it was done in nonviolence.

186. And kinetic energy was shared with all, moving and creating now the angelic evolved human who could travel in a multidimensional way, and live in the precepts' observance across the universes.

187. And confinement was released from the collective memory ... and freedom for all emerged, as the ONE spoke of the FIFTH precept.


Excerpted from The Book of Origins by Ivonne Delaflor Copyright © 2011 by Ivonne Delaflor. Excerpted by permission of iUniverse, Inc.. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


PART I: The Sacred Messages....................1
PART II: The Ascended Masters Origins Restructuring Team....................25
PART III: Visualization Energy Medicine Twelve Gifts: From and For the Lightworkers....................45
PART IV: Eradicating Apocalypse Culture....................67
PART V: Inner-Child Christ Consciousness Remembrance Activation Meditations....................83
PART VI: The Call Toward Mystical Enlightenment Through the Seven Rays....................99
PART VII: The Sexual Portal of Light....................111

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