Book of Will and World- A Foundation of Moral Universalism

Book of Will and World- A Foundation of Moral Universalism

by Anup Rej


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Good and evil/ right and wrong have been important issues in all cultures and societies during all ages. The perceptions of moral norms differ greatly depending on the environment, economic security, knowledge and information available to the citizens and the overall state of security of life of people. With social evolution the moral behavior also changes its character. The issue of moral has become more precarious during recent social changes brought by the modern consumer culture and the global communication age. The book analyses the history of social evolution and its impact on the perceptions of moral values across the globe. The main enactors in the moral arena are often the people with vested interests in economic and political power. They exploit human psychology of fear for the unknown and the natural instincts to seek security against threats from competing groups. The book reflects on these mechanisms from the perspective of science - especially biology and psychology - and arrives at a complex arena of human behavior full of contradictions and conflicts. The analysis should stimulate free thinking and inspire people to take a fresh look at the understanding of moral questions beyond the prevalent framework of economic and political interests in which values take shape. This constitutes the first part of the book where the author suggests his own way out of the maze. In the second part moral questions are projected through a spiritual perspective, which cannot be subjected to rational arguments. The book is unique in many ways which span from Kantian and Nietzschean moral world to mysticism as the foundation of moral universalism.

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ISBN-13: 9788293370048
Publisher: Books of Existence
Publication date: 06/01/2014
Pages: 192
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