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Book Publishing Blueprint: How To Self Publish & Market Your Books...Fast! by Kent Mauresmo, Anastasiya Petrova

"Simple & Effective E-Book Marketing Strategies For Professionals!" -

Do You Want To Discover The EASIEST to Publish and Market Your E-Books For Amazon Kindle?

Invest a few tax-deductible dollars in this easy-to-read eBook now!

We'll teach you super simple ethical marketing strategies that don't involve spam, gimmicks, or hype. Most importantly, none of the techniques taught in this book are against Amazons Terms of Service Agreement.

Purchase This Book Now To Discover:

-How to Create Engaging Book Titles. (Fiction/Non-Fiction)

-How to Make Cool E-Book Covers.

-E-Book Formatting Strategies. (Best Outsourcing Company.)

-How to create PDF Documents and Why You Need Them.

-How to Build an Online Presence Fast!

-YouTube: Create a Commercial The Easy Way.

-Why You Need a Website.

-Amazon Kindle: How to Easily Check For Formatting Errors.

-Amazon Kindle: Self-Publishing Strategy Guide.

-KDP Select ..Yes or No?

-Book Details: Description & Book Contributors.

-How To Target Your Book to Customers.

-Publishing Territories, Royalty's, and Pricing Guide.

-How to Create a Professional Author Central Profile.

-How to Use Your Website/Blog to Promote Your eBook Effectively.

Plus MORE..

-How to Start an Email List and How To Use It.

-How to Write Effective Blog Posts. (Fiction/Non-Fiction)

-How to Get Book Reviews That Stick. (Verified Reviews)

-The Truth About Book Reviews.

-How to Use "Listmania" To Gain Exposure.

Wait, There's MORE..

-How to Use All The Features of Book "Tags"

-Should You Create Multiple Pen-Names?

-How to Link Your Books Together. (The Correct Way)

-How to Make Intelligent Decisions About Future Projects.

-Press Release Websites That Work.

This eBook is filled with pictures which make it easy to read, understand, and put into action.

No technical knowledge is required to apply the steps in this book.

-Do You Need to Improve Sales By 10-12%?

-Do You Need to Learn How to Quickly Build an Online Presence?

-Do You Need to Get 100% Legit Book Reviews That Stick?

-Do You Need Help Using All The Features on Author Central?

-Do You Need This E-Book?


Invest a few tax-deductible dollars on this fast paced eBook now! We won't let you down.

If you still have questions after you read our book, feel free to contact us for a helping hand.

Scroll up and buy this book now!

-Kent Mauresmo

P.S. - This Book includes a link to download the full color PDF book for FREE.

P.P.S. - Limited time low price.

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