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(GDI) Gasoline Direct Injection Explained: A Gasoline Direct Injection Technology Series

(GDI) Gasoline Direct Injection Explained: A Gasoline Direct Injection Technology Series

by Mandy Concepcion


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(GDI) Gasoline Direct Injection Explained(A Gasoline Direct Injection Technology Series)By Mandy ConcepcionThis book, "(GDI) Gasoline Direct Injection Explained" covers the major points of this technology. It is a must first book for anyone interested in updating and understanding the finer points of this technology. All the major auto makers are now releasing new models with GDI injection. This technology is easy and faster to manufacture, now that the engineering has pretty much been polished. Gone are the carbon issues of the past. GDI has matured and is here to stay. This book will cover sensors and feedback programs that only GDI systems employ. There are some, but few similarities between GDI and PFI, which we'll cover here. The main differences are in the high pressures needed and the way injectors are triggered (not with 12 volts). Other issues that may render a GDI inoperative are the NOx systems, which is also covered in this book. We hope this book serves as a launching point for a complete and proper GDI Technology training regime. Enjoy.Table of contents(GDI) Gasoline Direct Injection Explained * GDI Advantages* GDI vs PFI Fuel Injection* GDI Spray Guided Combustion* GDI Wall Guided Combustion* GDI Injector Operation* GDI Injector Testing* GDI Injection Failures* GDI High Pressure Pump Construction* GDI High Pressure Pump Tests* GDI Pressure Sensor* GDI Pressure Sensor Testing* GDI Pressure Control Solenoid* GDI NOx Sensor Operation* GDI NOx Sensor Testing* GDI Erroneous NOx Codes* GDI Exhaust Temp Sensor* GDI Exhaust Temp Sensor Testing* GDI NOx Catalyst Operation* GDI NOx Catalyst Testing* GDI NOx Catalyst Regeneration

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