Books Need Words(The Conversation Piece)

Books Need Words(The Conversation Piece)

by Tracey TraceLegacy Abrams


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ISBN-13: 9780967322612
Publisher: EtherThought LLC.
Publication date: 02/28/2005

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Books Need Words(The Conversation Piece) 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Daze Back The Vibrant Moment is my favorite poem out of all the poems in the book. The other poetry is great but Daze Back is my love. Everytime I read it I feel the vibrance referred to in the title. This poem is the musical word version of Chuck Mangione's Feel So Good. I would bet that this poem on an elevator could really soothe the soul with just its words. For Black History '06, I even read it to my children to show them the beauty of our African American heritage. They enjoyed it. I believe they really connected with the story via the rhyme and comedy. Afterward, my 13 year old son took it to school and read it during the classes Black History Poetry reading. He said that the other kids were mesmerized by the author's work. Considering that a lot of his classmates brought 2PAC's poetry, he said his teacher was impressed with his selection. Mr. Abrams' Books Need Word is definitely Kid friendly and Adult approved.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have been waiting for SUCH a long time to see a young writer from my generation emerge from the masses with the type of substance, creativity, clarity, and just down-right bold truth that I see in this new author! I was browsing through the poetry content and ran across this book (The almost abstract art on the cover grabbed me first, then I was hit w/ the title!) I'm a close follower of modern, 'urban', poets and spoken word artists because I¿ve read a lot of traditional poetry and I¿m always on the lookout for great poets of ¿my¿ time. Although there are some diamonds out there, unfortunately there is a lot more 'rough'. I see a lot of writers/spoken word poets/rappers that have only one-sided viewpoints and lack the ability to be relevant because they're too focused on being shocking or fashionably controversial. I was FLOORED by 'Books Need Words'! It truly delivered on the title! This is NOT an author that is afraid to be an actual INDIVIDUAL and write in a truly unique voice and writing style (very technical, I see where his mathematical background comes into play in the writing). One minute he's light-hearted & you're laughing (Daze Back--/The corporate America...) one minute you're touched and intrigued (Penny Poem/the entire ¿Astro¿ section), and the next you're on the verge of being uncomfortable or angry - but you can't look away because the truth is too clear to dispute! (I¿ll let you decide which ones) I've never read a poet that gives you laughter, love, controversy, metaphysics, AND Haikus YA'LL!! They¿re like, HIP HOP HAIKUS!!! CRAZY! And all in one book!!! Why haven't I heard of this guy before??? I guess the real artists are always obscure. Please tell me there are more works forthcoming from Mr. Abrams! Sorry for my streamofconsciousness jibber-jabber, but Books Need Words is not one to miss! -- Peace, read or die.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I encountered my son and his wife reading these poetry verses. He spoke highly of Books Need Words' content. On a glance, it seem interesting. I was given the book as a holiday gift. I've been pecking away at it for about a 2 months now. The author has an old spirit but young expression. (I like and welcome it to my collection of reads.)
Guest More than 1 year ago
Books Need Words (The Conversation Piece) will be labeled a great piece of literature in the future. The topic selection of this book shows Tracey Abrams range as a poet. His stance on politics is insightful more than revolutionary. He has crafted a book of creative writings that have the ability to captivate the intelligent reader. Although this is a poetry book by classification, I have this desire to classify it as something else because of its many elements. There are few artists who would be willing to explore as vast a topic selection in poetry. I was blown away with the imagery he created in Mother Nature Sings a Love Story. It was truly beautiful. Afterwards, the author pulls the reader into a world of a Penny. The complexness of this Penny poem is just pure brilliance. Even the title of the Penny poem makes one think. (I won¿t tell you what it is) Impressive also is his woven story of Wall Street Economics with ¿Money¿ as its main character. (A must read) I have never seen such a thing in creative writing. His writings almost seem Sci-Fi. The author seems to be a linguist as well as a poet. If this is what poetry has to offer then there will be many supporters of this new buzzing art form. Tracey TraceLegacy Abrams has definitely made me fan of his poetry on the page.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Every now and then, I will buy a book on a whelm. I was scanning across B&N's page and I discovered this book. I decided to purchase this book because of its title 'Books Need Words.' The book is a poetry book that is very well/technically written. I was impressed by how the writer could dabble in both liberal and conservative view points. It is very philosophical but understandable. Sometimes, I found myself laughing, sometimes reminiscing, sometimes crying, and sometimes disagreeing. I say disagree in a good way because some of the poetry is debate poetry. The book's poetry is powerful, it will hold the reader. I would love to read more of the author's work.