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Bedford/St. Martin's
Aesthetics: A Critical Anthology / Edition 2

Aesthetics: A Critical Anthology / Edition 2

by George Dickie
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    ISBN-13: 2900312003097
    Publisher: Bedford/St. Martin's
    Publication date: 02/28/1989
    Edition description: Second Edition
    Pages: 678
    Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 1.50(h) x 9.50(d)

    Table of Contents

    1. Traditional Theories of Art and Contemporary Critiques of These Theories
    Plato, "Poetic Inspiration," from The Ion
    Plato, "The Quarrel Between Philosophy and Poetry," from the Republic, Book X
    Aristotle, "The Nature of Poetic Imitation," from the Poetics
    Eva Schaper, "Plato and Aristotle on the Arts," from Prelude to Aesthetics
    Leo Tolstoy, "Art as the Communication of Feeling," from What Is Art?
    Stanley Bates, "Tolstoy Evaluated," from Tolstoy's Theory of Art
    Clive Bell, "Art as Significant Form," from Art
    Noël Carroll, Clive Bell's Aesthetic Hypothesis
    R. G. Collingwood, "Art as the Expression of Emotion," from The Principles of Art
    Alan Tormey, "Art and Expression: A Critique," from The Concept of Expression

    2. Contemporary Theories of Art and Contemporary Critiques of These Theories
    Maurice Mandelbaum, Family Resemblances and Generalization Concerning the Arts
    Morris Weitz, "Art as an Open Concept," from The Opening Mind
    Benjamin R. Tilghman, Reflections on Aesthetic Theory
    Arthur Danto, The Artistic Enfranchisement of Real Objects: The Artworld
    Anita Silvers, Once Upon a Time in the Artworld
    George Dickie, The New Institutional Theory of Art
    Robert Stecker, The End of an Institutional Definition of Art
    George Dickie, Reply to Stecker

    3. Traditional Theories of the Aesthetic and Contemporary Discussions of These

    Francis Hutcheson, "An Initial Theory of Taste," from An Inquiry into the Original of Our Ideas of Beauty and Virtue
    David Hume, "Of the Standard of Taste," from Four Dissertations
    Peter Kivy, Recent Scholarship and the British Tradition: A Logic of Taste—The First Fifty Years
    Mary Mothersill, Hume and the Paradox of Taste
    Immanuel Kant, "A Theory of Aesthetic Judgment," from the Critique of Judgment
    Ted Cohen and Paul Guyer, "Introduction to Kant's Aesthetics," from Essays on Kant's Aesthetics

    4. Contemporary Theories of the Aesthetic and Contemporary Critiques of These Theories
    Edward Bullough, "Psychical Distance" as a Factor in Art and as an Aesthetic Principle
    Jerome Stolnitz, "The Aesthetic Attitude," from Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art Criticism
    George Dickie, All Aesthetic Attitude Theories Fail: The Myth of the Aesthetic Attitude
    Frank N. Sibley, Aesthetic Concepts
    Ted Cohen, A Critique of Sibley's Position: Aesthetics/ Non-Aesthetics and the Concept of Taste
    Kendall L. Walton, Categories of Art

    5. Theories of the Individual Arts
    The Theory of Literature: Intention and Style in the Literary Work
    Monroe C. Beardsley, The Philosophy of Literature
    William K. Wimsatt, Jr. and Monroe C. Beardsley, The Intentional Fallacy
    Colin Lyas, Personal Qualities and the Intentional Fallacy
    Jenefer M. Robinson , Style and Personality in the Literary Work
    The Theory of Drama: Nietzsche and Tragedy
    Friedrich Nietzsche, "Apollinian and Dionysian Art," from The Birth of Tragedy; Attempt at a Self-Criticism
    Richard Schacht, "Nietzsche on Art," from The Birth of Tragedy
    The Theory of the Plastic Arts: Painting and Architecture
    E. H. Gombrich, "Truth and the Stereotype," from Art and Illusion
    Richard Wollheim, Reflections on Art and Illusion
    Nelson Goodman, How Buildings Mean
    The Theory of Film: Metaphysical Reflections
    Stanley Cavell, "Sights and Sounds," from The World Viewed
    Stanley Bates, Movies Viewed: Cavell on Medium and Motion Pictures
    Alexander Sesonske, Aesthetics of Film, or a Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Movies
    The Theory of Music: Expressiveness in Music
    Eduard Hanslick, "A Musical Theory of Sound and Motion," from On the Musically Beautiful
    Edward T. Cone, "Expressiveness in Music," from The Composer's Voice
    Renée Cox, Varieties of Musical Expressionism
    The Theory of Dance: What Is Going On in a Dance?
    Francis Sparshott, Why Philosophy Neglects the Dance
    Monroe C. Beardsley, What Is Going On in a Dance?
    Nöel Carroll and Sally Banes, Working and Dancing: A Response to Monroe Beardsley's "What Is Going On in a Dance?"

    Selected Bibliography
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