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Social Divisions / Edition 2

Social Divisions / Edition 2

by Geoff Payne

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ISBN-10: 1403944393

ISBN-13: 9781403944399

Pub. Date: 06/01/2006

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

The second edition of a highly regarded text


The second edition of a highly regarded text

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Palgrave Macmillan
Publication date:
Edition description:
Second Edition
Product dimensions:
6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.95(d)

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Table of Contents

List of Figures     xi
List of Tables     xii
Notes on Contributors     xiv
Preface     xvii
Introduction     1
An Introduction to 'Social Divisions'   Geoff Payne     3
What are 'social divisions'?     4
Social divisions as a way of thinking about society     7
Social divisions as 'social rules'     10
Social divisions in a post-modern world?     12
The complexity of social divisions     14
The plan of the book     16
Three Core Social Divisions     23
Class and Stratification   John Scott     25
Conceptualising class and stratification     27
Differentiating class, 'status' and 'authority'     29
Occupations and social stratification     31
Class societies     33
Mapping classes     35
Changing class relations     38
Class and life chances in contemporary society     39
Subordinate classes     49
The subordinate classes today     53
Intermediate classes     56
Advantaged classes     59
Conclusion     62
Gender   PamelaAbbott     65
Changes in gender relations?     67
Explaining gender divisions     70
Gender and power     72
Gender and education     75
Gender, 'work' and domestic labour     83
Gender and the labour market     86
Explanations of women's labour market participation     92
Gender, poverty and the family     95
Poverty and older women     97
Conclusion     99
Ethnicity   David Mason     102
Some conceptual ground-clearing     103
Ethnic differences in Britain: some problems of measurement     107
Minority ethnic groups in Britain     110
Employment, unemployment and poverty     112
Explaining ethnic disadvantage - discrimination     119
Ethnic inequalities in Britain: changing social divisions and identities     120
Understanding social divisions, difference and diversity     127
Other Major Social Divisions     131
Religion   Alan Aldridge     133
The persistence of religious divisions     133
Cultural bias and the law     139
The erosion of Catholic subculture     144
Cultural racism: the case of Islamophobia     146
'Religion' as a troublesome category     149
National Identity   David McCrone     155
Making Britain     159
Making British citizens     163
Citizens and the nation-state     165
Being British today     170
Elites   Philip Stanworth     173
The origins of elite theory     174
The development of elite theory     178
Education and elites in Britain     183
State elites     186
Concluding observations     190
Age and Old Age   John A. Vincent     194
Age and stratification: age groups, chronological age, age classes     197
The changing historical pattern of life-courses     199
The interconnection of age and social change     201
Changing demography     204
The social conditions of older people     205
Social policy issues: everybody needs pensions     209
Ageism and the cultural construction of old age     210
Age as a social division     213
Childhood   Stevi Jackson   Sue Scott     216
Childhood as socially constructed     217
Power and dependence     222
Risk, risk anxiety and the construction of childhood     226
Differences among children     230
Sexuality   Sue Scott   Stevi Jackson     233
Sexuality, gender and institutionalised heterosexuality     234
The critique of essentialism     236
The social construction of sexuality     238
A sexualised culture?     240
Heterosexuality as a gendered sexual practice     242
Heterosexuality as institution     245
Conclusion: sexual inequality and commodity culture     248
Disability   Mark Hyde     251
Competing definitions     252
Individualism     255
The social construction of disability     257
Experiencing disability: economic disadvantage     259
Experiencing disability: discriminatory social barriers     262
Structure, identity and action     264
Disability and social divisions     268
The Interplay of Social Divisions     273
Poverty   Lucinda Platt     275
What is poverty?     276
'Luxuries' and the bare 'necessities' of life     278
Measuring poverty      283
Temporal issues in poverty measurement     287
Material disadvantage and consumption     288
Poverty in Britain today     290
Differential risks of poverty: ethnicity; gender; children     297
Conclusion     302
Community   Graham Crow   Catherine Maclean     305
The nature of community     306
Communities and change     310
The dynamics of community living     313
Recent conceptual developments and trends     317
Conclusion     322
Health   Judy Payne   Geoff Payne   Matthew Bond     325
Defining health and illness     326
Asking the 'patient'     329
Explaining patterns of health     330
Health inequalities and their explanations     333
Health inequalities and other social divisions     337
Conclusion     343
Conclusions     345
Social Divisions as a Sociological Perspective   Geoff Payne     347
A definition of 'social divisions'     348
Definitions as differentiation     350
Social divisions and social cohesion     352
Social divisions as a distinctive theoretical perspective     354
Social divisions and sociology     356
Bibliography     360
Index     395

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