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Nanotech Pioneers: Where Are They Taking Us? / Edition 1

Nanotech Pioneers: Where Are They Taking Us? / Edition 1

by Steven A. Edwards
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The nanometer scale is where physicists, chemists, biologists, materials scientists and engineers met to create a new technology - nanotechnology. Scarcely imagined a few decades ago, it will certainly dominate the 21st century and affect our lives in ways not yet fully predictable. By definition, nanotech is far too small to be visible to the human eye, and so its effects may well catch us by surprise. Although nanotech still has a science-fiction aura, there are actually consumer products already available which employ nanotech - sun-screen, paint, tennis balls, non-staining fabrics, and some recently approved drugs.

The variety of new products and technologies that will spin out of nanoscience is limited only by the imagination of the scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs drawn to this new field - the Nanotech Pioneers. Steve Edwards presents nanotechnology and its leading makers in an easily understandable fashion, suited for all readers regardless of academic background, but with enough facts and details to separate the hype from the real nanotech that is just around the next corner: superior materials - stronger, lighter, harder, better, smart drugs that specifically target infected or malicious cells, life-like prosthetics, such as limb, joint or organ replacements, even artificial eyes, brain/computer interfaces, new computer architectures with immense capacities and abilities, new kinds of power sources that lessen our fossil fuel dependence. With this book, Steven Edwards brings nanotechnology closer to the science-interested general public as well as scientists, students, organizations, journalists, politicians, and entrepreneurs.

About theAuthor:
Steve Edwards worked as a research scientist at La Jolla Cancer Research Foundation

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ISBN-13: 2903527312909
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 03/20/2006
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 257
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 1.50(h) x 9.50(d)

About the Author

Steve A. Edwards obtained his Ph.D. in Biology from the University of California in San Diego in 1980, then spent four years as an NIH postdoctoral fellow at Salk Institute at La Jolla, as well as holding a position of assistant professor at the biochemistry department of Meharry Medical College, Nashville. Since 1994, he has been a free-lance writer and from 1997 onwards, he has been a free-lance medical technology analyst for Business Communications Company, Inc., Norwalk. From 1998 on, he has taken on several editorial positions with BCC, serving as Contributing Editor for Medical Materials Update, Managing Editor of Applied Genetics News and Drug Discover/Technology News, and as editor for Nano-Bio Convergence News, Cell Therapy News, and Biomolecular Diagnostics News. From 2002 to date, he has also been Vice President (Technologies) at Phaelixe, Inc.
He received the American Heart Association New Investigator Award (1991-1993) and the NHLBI Minority School Faculty Development Award (1992-1994).

Table of Contents

Foreword     IX
Acknowledgments     XIII
The Promise of Nanotechnology     1
Defining Nanotechnology     2
Top-Down versus Bottom-Up Manufacturing     3
What is in Soot? The Different Forms of Carbon     5
An Alternative Nature     8
Money Makes the World Go 'Round     8
Who Knows About Nano?     10
The Promise of Nano     11
Skeptics     13
Contemporaneous History     14
The Visionaries     15
Richard Feynman     15
K. Eric Drexler     18
Ralph Merkle     21
Ray Kurzweil     24
Criticism of the Drexlerian Vision     26
James Von Ehr     27
Ernst Ruska and Gerd Binnig     30
Mike Roco     35
On the Road to Nano-     41
Lithography     41
Molecular Biology     43
Supramolecular Chemistry     48
Nanotools     53
The Electron Microscope     53
Scanning Probe Microscopes: STM, AFM and Variants Thereof     57
AngstroVision     59
Nanomanipulators     60
Nanoparticlesand Other Nanomaterials     63
Discovering the Buckyball     64
Carbon Nanotubes     70
Dendrimers     78
Quantum Dots     84
Learning from Old Mother Nature     91
The Gecko's Foot     92
The Eye of the Starfish: The Optical Network of the Sponge     94
The Abalone's Shell     97
Diatoms: The Original Silicon Chips     99
Natural Nanotubes     101
Synthetic Nerve Membranes     102
Co-Opting Biology     105
Nanoelectronics     107
Spintronics     107
Nanotube Memory Chips: NRAM     114
Nanowires     115
Thin Films of Glowing Polymers     117
Nanorobotics     122
Nanotech-Enabled Biomedicine     125
Delivering Drugs     128
Medical Imaging: X-Ray Tubes     132
Making the World Safe for MRI (Plus some other Stuff)     134
Nanoshells for Therapy     139
Pumps     140
The Strange Case Of Nanobacteria     141
Medical Diagnostics     143
Moving Water Around, a Little at a Time     145
Nanoscale Antenna Controls DNA      146
Artificial Joints     146
Artificial Organs     149
Artificial Cells     159
Re-Inventing Biology     161
Financing Nanotech Dreams     163
Charlie Harris, Venture Capitalist     163
Implementing the National Nanotech Initiative     169
Mega-Sized Projects that Could Use Tiny Technology: Three Somewhat Grandiose Challenges     179
Energy: Independence from Fossil Fuels     180
The Space Elevator     187
Building a Quantum Computer     191
Fear of Nano: Dangers and Ethical Challenges     197
The Grey Goo Scenario     200
The Green Goo Scenario     202
Environmental Catastrophe due to Inhaleable or Ingestible Nanoparticles     204
Nanotech Will End Shortage-Based Economics     207
People Will Live for Ever, Leading to Overpopulation     207
Only Rich People Will Live For Ever     211
Nanotechnology Will Turn Us Into Cyborgs     213
Nanotechnology Could Create Weapons of Mass Destruction     217
Nanotech Will Create Machines that are Smarter than Human Beings     220
Nanotech Will Hasten the Arrival of the Singularity     222
Regulating Nanotech      227
Final Thoughts on The Destination     231
Index     235

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