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The Challenge of Discipleship: A Critical Study of the Sermon on the Mount as Scripture

The Challenge of Discipleship: A Critical Study of the Sermon on the Mount as Scripture

by Daniel Patte

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Editorial Reviews

Christina Grenholm
Daniel Patte shows respect for every interpretation, be it those of 'ordinary people' or those of scholars, and clarifies underlying presuppositions of each option. In a fascinating and new way, he relates critical insights to matters of faith, ultimately to help Christians affirm their credo as truly theirs.
David B. Howell
Ministers or teachers who want to know the basic contours of current scholarship will find various approaches succinctly and fairly summarized by Patte... The value in Patte's study is found in the way he makes explicit the interpretive choices that lead to different, but plausible, formulations of the Sermon's teaching. In doing so, he challenges us to be responsible ethically for our readings... I enthusiastically commend this book.
David W. Odell-Scott
The authority of any particular interpretation of a text, Patte says, may be considered only in the open discussion with peers who take into account not only the historic, linguistic, and theological meanings of a text, but also its significance when applied to a life situation. Such an inquiry is no simple matter, but then that is the challenge of discipleship.
Fred W. Burnett
Readers of any sacred text will be challenged by Patte's ecumenical call for believers to engage in ethically responsible interpretations of their own scripture.
Jack L. Seymour
Breaks new ground in teaching and studying the Bible. Bringing multiple voices (interpretations into conversation honors the diversity of the people of God and empowers readers to engage directly issues of faith, meaning, and discipleship. I highly recommend this book.
Laurence L. Welborn
Extracts and condenses five representative readings from the morass of modern scholarship, making possible a vigorous dialogue between alternative interpretations. Patte's new 'scripture criticism' will inform the emerging debate about the authority of scripture in the third millenium.
Sandra M. Schneiders
Daniel Patte invites the reader to engage a question of ultimate importance in New Testament scholarship, namely, the reciprocal influence of textual meaning and the reader through the meditation of praxis. This question and Patte's answers are significant now only for engagement with the text of the Sermon of the Mount but with New Testament texts in general.
Timothy B. Cargal
Should be read and discussed in both seminary and church classrooms.
Warren Carter
... a rich, optimistic, and challenging study in both its discussion of the [Sermon on the Mount] and in its commitment to faith-interpretations.

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