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Academic International Press
Medieval Russia: A Source Book, 850-1700 / Edition 1

Medieval Russia: A Source Book, 850-1700 / Edition 1

by Basil DmytryshynBasil Dmytryshyn


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ISBN-13: 2900875692189
Publisher: Academic International Press
Publication date: 01/01/2000
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 538
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

Table of Contents

Part I.Kievan Rus1
1.The Distribution of Medieval Slavs2
2.The Coming of the Varangians6
3.Byzantine-Kievan Relations9
4.Porphyrogenitus' Description of the Voyage Down the Dnieper River19
5.Olga's Vengeance22
6.Sviatoslav's Conquests26
7.The Acceptance of Christianity30
8.Ruskaia Pravda: The Short Version36
9.The Church Statute of Kiev41
10.Metropolitan Hilarion's Eulogy of Prince Vladimir and Prince Iaroslav45
11.The Struggle for Succession47
12.The Struggle with the Nomads56
13.The Testament of Vladimir Monomakh65
14.The Assassination of Prince Bogoliubskii and a Popular Revolt in Vladimir72
a).The Assassination of Prince Andre Bogoliubskii, 117473
b).An Uprising in Bogoliubovo and Vladimir in 117575
15.The Tale of the Host of Igor77
16.Daniel's Plea for Forgiveness93
17.A Discourse Concerning the Ruin of Rus Land97
18.A Biography of Prince Alexander Nevskii99
19.Galicia-Volyn in the Thirteenth Century105
20.A Treaty between Novgorod and the Hanseatic League, 1270114
21.Life in Medieval Novgorod119
Part II.Mongol Yoke145
22.Mongol Conquest of Northern Rus in 1237-1238146
23.Mongol Capture of Kiev in 1240151
24.John of Pian de Carpine's Journey to Mongolia in 1246153
25.The Court of Batu Khan in 1253168
26.Prince Daniel of Galicia's Relations with the Mongols171
27.Mongol Rule and the Orthodox Church174
a).The iarlyk [Charter] of Khan Mengu-Temir to Metropolitan Theognostos, August 1, 1267175
b).The iarlyk [Charter] of Khan Berdibek to Metropolitan Alexei, November, 1357176
28.The Anti-Mongol Uprising in Tver in 1327177
29.Moscow's First Successful Challenge of the Mongols, 1380179
30.A Letter from a Tatar Leader, Edigei, to Moscow's Grand Prince Vasilii I, 1409182
31.Ending of the Mongol Yoke in 1480184
Part III.Muscovy189
32.The Reign of Ivan Kalita of Moscow190
33.The Last Will of Ivan Kalita, or "Money Bag," ca. 1339195
34.A Brief Biography of Prince Dmitrii Donskoi198
36.A Journey from Moscow to Constantinople in 1389209
37.Nestor-Iskander's Tale of the Capture of Constantinople, 1453214
38.Restrictions on Peasant Movement in the 1460s221
39.Ivan III's Conquest of Novgorod in 1471222
40.Contarini's Impression of Muscovy in 1476237
41.The Sudebnik [Code of Law] of Ivan III, 1497243
42.Filofei's Concept of the "Third Rome"259
43.Herberstein's Observations of Muscovy261
44.Ivan the Terrible's Own Account of His Early Life276
46.Moscow and the Court of Ivan the Terrible in 1553289
47.First Privileges Granted by Ivan the Terrible to English Merchants, 1555294
48.A Letter from King Sigismund of Poland to Elizabeth I, 1559299
49.A Letter from Ivan the Terrible to Elizabeth I, 1570301
50.Ivan the Terrible's Punishment of Novgorod in 1570305
51.Muscovy at the End of the Sixteenth Century309
52.Possevino's Observations of Muscov and Its People325
53.Russian Conquest and Exploration of Siberia342
a).A Report from the Voevoda of Tobolsk to the Voevoda of Pelym Concerning Unrest Among the Natives, June 21, 1606343
b).A Petition from the Merchant Guselnikov to Tsar Michael Fedorovich Protesting Excessive Regulations of the Fur Trade in Siberia, 1639344
c).The Oath of Allegiance Which the Russians Administered to Bratsk Native Leaders, 1642-1645345
d).Instructions from the Voevoda of Iakutsk, Frantsbekov, to the Explorer Khabarov, Regarding His Expedition into the Land of the Daurs, 1649-1651346
e).Three Petitions to Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich from Iakut Natives Protesting Inequitable and Ruinous Iasak Impositions, 1659-1664350
f).Instructions from Voevoda of Iakutsk, Golenishchev-Kutuzov, to Prison Officials about Procedures for Guarding Prisoners, June 3, 1663352
g).The Sentences Imposed by the Voevoda of Iakutsk, Petr Zinovev, on the Participants in a Cossack Rebellion, July 14, 1690353
54.Bussow's Account of the Famine in Moscow, 1601-1604355
55.A Letter from the False Dmitrii to Boris Godunov, 1604357
56.Massa's Account of Events Surrounding the Death of the False Dmitrii in 1606359
57.Shuiskii's Decree against Runaway Peasants, March 9, 1607372
58.Conditions for Wladyslaw's Ascension to the Throne of Muscovy, 1610375
59.A French View of Seventeenth Century Moscow378
60.Olearius' Commentaries on Muscovy in the 1630s and 1640s399
61.The Code of Law of 1649425
62.The Popular Discontent in Seventeenth Century Russia433
a).The 1648 Turmoil in Moscow: A Contemporary Account433
b).The Insurrection at the Solovetskii Monastery, 1668-1676439
63.Provisions of Russian Protectorate over Ukraine in 1654442
a).A Petition of Ukrainian Cossacks to the Tsar Alexei with the Resolutions of the Tsar on Each Point, March 31, 1654442
b).The Charter of the Zaporozhie Host, April 6, 1654448
64.Kotoshikhin's Description of the Private Lives of the Boyars and of Other Ranks of Muscovite Society451
65.A Decree on Runaway Peasants, 1661460
66.Krizhanich's Observations on Russia's Potential Strengths and Weaknesses461
67.An English View of the Muscovite Tsar and of His Society470
a).A Contemporary English View of Tsar Alexei and His Surroundings470
b).A Seventeenth Century English View of the Russians475
68.Avvakum's Account of His Sufferings479
69.A Biography of Boyarina Morozova489
70.A Story of a Rich Merchant Sutulov and His Clever Wife Tatiana497
1.Rus Rulers 862-1125520
2.Rus Rulers, 1125-1613521
3.Russian Rulers, 1613-1917522
Chronological Table523
Selected Bibliography528
Slavic Tribes and Kievan Rus, Ninth and Tenth Centuries4
The Mongol-Tatar Invasions of the Thirteenth Century150
Northeastern Rus, Late Fourteenth Century229
Growth of the Moscovite State from the Fourteenth to Seventeenth Centuries320
Central Russia in the Thirteenth to Fifteenth Centuries538
Heartland of Muscovy

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