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Law and Society / Edition 9

Law and Society / Edition 9

by Steven Vago

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ISBN-10: 0132318857

ISBN-13: 9780132318853

Pub. Date: 01/31/2008

Publisher: Prentice Hall

This informative, highly readable and comprehensive book offers a balanced, current and comprehensive overview of the legal system and administrative, criminal and civil law in cross-cultural context. The book considers the most recent theories and research findings, and emphasizes developing trends. It focuses on the evolution of modern legal systems, current


This informative, highly readable and comprehensive book offers a balanced, current and comprehensive overview of the legal system and administrative, criminal and civil law in cross-cultural context. The book considers the most recent theories and research findings, and emphasizes developing trends. It focuses on the evolution of modern legal systems, current intellectual movements in law, interplay between law and social change and the main concerns and issues in the profession and practice of law. This is the only book that considers multicultural and cross-cultural issues in a contemporary context with an interdisciplinary emphasis. Extensive new material includes detailed and up-to-date discussions on the transformation of legal systems in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union and some of the unintended consequences which promoted organized crime; critical race theory; community policing in Japan; trends in sentencing guidelines; and a variety of new developments in alternative dispute resolution and in the death penalty controversy. For anyone with an interest in law and society.

Product Details

Prentice Hall
Publication date:
MySearchLab Series for Sociology Series
Edition description:
Older Edition
Product dimensions:
5.90(w) x 9.50(h) x 1.24(d)

Table of Contents

Preface     xiii
Introduction     1
Overview     2
Definitions of Law     8
Types of Law     11
Major Legal Systems     12
Romano-Germanic System     13
Common-Law System     13
Socialist Legal System     13
Islamic Legal System     17
Functions of Law     19
Social Control     19
Dispute Settlement     20
Social Change     21
Dysfunctions of Law     22
Paradigms of Society     23
The Consensus Perspective     24
The Conflict Perspective     25
Options for Sociologists     27
Summary     28
Suggested Further Readings     30
References     32
Theoretical Perspectives     39
Evolution of Legal Systems     40
Primitive Legal Systems     42
Transitional Legal Systems     43
Modern Legal Systems     45
Theories of Law and Society     46
The European Pioneers     47
Classical Sociological Theorists     50
Sociolegal Theorists     55
ContemporaryLaw and Society Theorists     59
Current Intellectual Movements in Law     63
The Functionalist Approach     63
Conflict and Marxist Approaches     66
Critical Legal Studies Movement     68
Feminist Legal Theory     69
Critical Race Theory     73
Summary     75
Suggested Further Readings     77
References     80
The Organization of Law     89
Courts     89
Dispute Categories     90
The Organization of Courts     92
Participants in Court Processes     94
The Flow of Litigation     113
Criminal Cases     113
Civil Proceedings     120
Legislatures     120
Conflict-Management Functions     121
Integrative Functions     121
The Organization of Legislatures     122
Participants in the Legislative Process     123
Administrative Agencies     128
The Organization of Administrative Agencies     130
The Administrative Process     132
Law Enforcement Agencies     135
The Organization of Law Enforcement Agencies     139
Police Discretion      143
Summary     146
Suggested Further Readings     148
References     151
Lawmaking     163
Perspectives on Lawmaking     163
Legislation     166
Administrative Lawmaking     168
Administrative Rulemaking     168
Administrative Adjudication     170
Judicial Lawmaking     170
Lawmaking by Precedents     172
The Interpretation of Statutes     173
The Interpretation of Constitutions     174
Influences on the Lawmaking Process     175
Interest Groups     175
Public Opinion     178
Lawmaking and Social Science     181
Sources of Impetus for Law     184
Detached Scholarly Diagnosis     184
A Voice from the Wilderness     186
Protest Activity     187
Social Movements     188
Public-Interest Groups     189
The Mass Media     191
Summary     194
Suggested Further Readings     195
References     197
Law and Social Control     203
Informal Social Controls     204
Formal Social Controls     207
Criminal Sanctions     208
Discord over the Death Penalty     213
Civil Commitment     224
Crimes Without Victims     227
Drug Addiction     228
Prostitution     234
Gambling     236
White-Collar Crime     241
Social Control of Dissent     246
Administrative Law and Social Control     251
Licensing     252
Inspection     253
Threat of Publicity     254
Summary     255
Suggested Further Readings     257
References     261
Law and Dispute Resolution     271
A Note on Terminology     271
Methods of Dispute Resolution     273
Primary Resolution Processes     275
Hybrid Resolution Processes     280
Demands for Court Services in Dispute Resolution     284
Variations in Litigation Rates     289
Prerequisites for the Use of Courts in Dispute Resolution     296
A Typology of Litigants     298
Disputes Between Individuals     299
Disputes Between Individuals and Organizations     305
Law as a Method of Dispute Resolution in Academe     307
The Courts as Collection Agencies     311
Disputes Between Organizations     314
Public-Interest Law Firms in Environmental Disputes     316
Summary     318
Suggested Further Readings     320
References     322
Law and Social Change     331
Reciprocity Between Law and Social Change     332
Social Changes as Causes of Legal Changes     334
Law as an Instrument of Social Change     337
The Efficacy of Law as an Instrument of Social Change     341
Advantages of Law in Creating Social Change     342
Legitimate Authority     343
The Binding Force of Law     345
Sanctions     346
Limitations of Law in Creating Social Change     348
Law as a Policy Instrument     350
Morality and Values     351
Resistance to Change     354
Social Factors     355
Psychological Factors     357
Cultural Factors     360
Economic Factors     361
Summary     362
Suggested Further Readings     363
References     364
The Legal Profession      370
Background     370
The Professionalization of Lawyers     371
The Evolution of the American Legal Profession     375
The Profession Today     381
Where the Lawyers Are     385
Private Practice     385
Government     390
Private Employment     391
Judiciary     392
Lawyers and Money     393
Competition for Business     401
Legal Services for the Poor and the Not So Poor     406
Law Schools     410
Socialization into the Profession     418
Bar Admission     422
Bar Associations as Interest Groups     425
Professional Discipline     428
Summary     432
Suggested Further Readings     434
References     437
Researching Law in Society     447
Methods of Inquiry     447
Historical Methods     449
Observational Methods     451
Experimental Methods     453
Survey Methods     456
The Impact of Sociology on Social Policy     458
Contributions of Sociology to Policy Recommendations     459
Contributions of Sociology to Enacted Policy     463
Evaluation Research and Impact Studies     465
Summary     470
Suggested Further Readings     472
References     473
Index     479

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