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Business Statistics: A First Course plus MyStatLab with Pearson eText -- Access Card Package / Edition 6

Business Statistics: A First Course plus MyStatLab with Pearson eText -- Access Card Package / Edition 6

by David M. LevineDavid M. Levine
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Business Statistics: A First Course teaches readers how statistics are used in each functional area of business.

The sixth edition has been updated to reflect the latest data and information, and now includes a new problem-solving framework to help guide students through the material.

0321937953 / 9780321937957 Business Statistics: A First Course plus MyStatLab with Pearson eText -- Access Card Package

Package consists of:

0132807262 / 9780132807265 Business Statistics

032192147X / 9780321921475 MyStatLab for Business Statistics -- Glue-In Access Card

0321929713 / 9780321929716 MyStatLab for Business Statistics Sticker

Product Details

ISBN-13: 2900321937956
Publisher: Pearson
Publication date: 06/11/2013
Edition description: Older Edition
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

1.1 Reading, Writing and Statistics?

1.2 Statistics: Fundamental for Business

1.3 Data and Variables

1.4 Basic Vocabulary of Statistics

1.5 Statistical Applications for Desktop Computing

1.6 How to Use This Book

2. Organizing and Visualizing Data

2.1 Data Collection

2.2 Organizing Categorical Data

2.3 Organizing Numerical Data

2.4 Visualizing Categorical Data

2.5 Visualizing Numerical Data

2.6 Visualizing Two Numerical Variables

2.7 Organizing Multidimensional Data

2.8 Misuses and Common Errors in Visualizing Data

3. Numerical Descriptive Measures

3.1 Central Tendency

3.2 Variation and Shape

3.3 Exploring Numerical Data

3.4 Numerical Descriptive Measures for a Population

3.5 The Covariance and the Coefficient of Correlation

3.6 Descriptive Statistics: Pitfalls and Ethical Issues

4. Basic Probability

4.1 Basic Probability Concepts

4.2 Conditional Probability

4.3 Bayes' Theorem

4.4 Counting Rules

4.5 Ethical Issues and Probability

5. Discrete Probability Distributions

5.1 The Probability Distribution for a Discrete Random Variable

5.2 Binomial Distribution

5.3 Poisson Distribution

6. The Normal Distribution

6.1 Continuous Probability Distributions

6.2 The Normal Distribution

6.3 Evaluating Normality

7. Sampling and Sampling Distributions

7.1 Types of Sampling Methods

7.2 Evaluating Survey Worthiness

7.3 Sampling Distributions

7.4 Sampling Distribution of the Mean

7.5 Sampling Distribution of the Proportion

8. Confidence Interval Estimation

8.1 Confidence Interval Estimate for the Mean (¿ Known)

8.2 Confidence Interval Estimate for the Mean (¿ Unknown)

8.3 Confidence Interval Estimate for the Proportion

8.4 Determining the Sample Size

8.5 Confidence Interval Estimation and Ethical Issues

9. Fundamentals of Hypothesis Testing: One-Sample Tests

9.1 Fundamentals of Hypothesis-Testing Methodology

9.2 t Test of Hypothesis for the Mean (¿ Unknown)

9.3 One-Tail Tests

9.4 Z Test of Hypothesis for the Proportion

9.5 Potential Hypothesis-Testing Pitfalls and Ethical Issues

10. Two-Sample Tests and One-Way ANOVA

10.1 Comparing the Means of Two Independent Populations

10.2 Comparing the Means of Two Related Populations

10.3 Comparing the Proportions of Two Independent Populations

10.4 F Test for the Ratio of Two Variances

10.5 One-Way Analysis of Variance

11. Chi-Square Tests

11.1 Chi-Square Test for the Difference Between Two Proportions

11.2 Chi-Square Test for Differences Among More Than Two Proportions

11.3 Chi-Square Test of Independence

12. Simple Linear Regression

12.1 Types of Regression Models

12.2 Determining the Simple Linear Regression Equation

12.3 Measures of Variation

12.4 Assumptions

12.5 Residual Analysis

12.6 Measuring Autocorrelation: The Durbin-Watson Statistic

12.7 Inferences About the Slope and Correlation Coefficient

12.8 Estimation of Mean Values and Prediction of Individual Values

12.9 Pitfalls in Regression

13. Multiple Regression

13.1 Developing a Multiple Regression Model

13.2 r2 , Adjusted r2 , and the Overall F Test

13.3 Residual Analysis for the Multiple Regression Model

13.4 Inferences Concerning the Population Regression Coefficients

13.5 Using Dummy Variables and Interaction Terms in Regression Models

14. Statistical Applications in Quality Management (Online Chapter)

14.1 The Theory of Control Charts

14.2 Control Chart for the Proportion: The p Chart

14.3 The Read Bead Experiment: Understanding Process Variability

14.4 Control Charts for the Range and the Mean

14.5 Total Quality Management

14.6 Six Sigma

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