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Handbook of Zoonoses: Bacteria / Edition 2

Handbook of Zoonoses: Bacteria / Edition 2

by George W. Beran, James H. Steele
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ISBN-13: 9780849332050
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 08/22/1994
Edition description: REV
Pages: 560
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 1.40(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction. Concepts in Bacterial, Rickettsial, Chlamydial, and Mycotic Zoonoses (G.W. Beran and J.H. Steele). Part I: Bacterial Zoonoses: Brucellosis (H.E. Metcalf, D.W. Luchsinger, and W.C. Ray). Tuberculosis, Tuberculoidoses, and Other Mycobacterial Infections (C.O. Thoen and D.E. Williams). Anthrax (H.W. Whitford and M.E. Hugh-Jones). Erysipelothrix Infections (R.L. Wood and J.H. Steele). Plague (J.D. Poland, T.J. Quan, and A.M. Barnes). Tularemia (C.E. Hopla and A.K. Hopla). Nonfoodborne Clostridial Diseases (D.A. Miller). Glanders and Melioidosis (M.G. Groves and K.S. Harrington). Streptococcal Infections (D.K. Blackmore and S.G. Fenwick). Arcobacter Infections (I.V. Wesley). Leprosy (Hansen's Disease) (S.R. Pattyn). Part II: Bacterial Zoonoses Principally Transmitted by Animal Bites and Scratches: Zoonoses Caused by Organisms Classified with Pasteurellaceae (M. Bisgaard, W. Frederiksen, W. Mannheim, and R. Mutters). Capnocytophaga and Related Infections (D.M. Sasaki, A.R. Katz, and C.R. Middleton). Cat Scratch Disease Including Bacillary Angiomatosis-Bacillary Peliosis (L.A. Will). Rat Bite Fevers (Haverhill Fever, Sodoku) (L.A. Will). Part III: Spirochetal Zoonoses: Leptospirosis (M. Torten and R.B. Marshall). Lyme Borreliosis (D.T. Dennis and S.E. Lance). Borreliosis (R.B. LeFebvre and J.L. Greenier). Part IV: Foodborne Bacterial Zoonoses and Intoxications: Mammalian Salmonellosis (C.J. Wray). Avian Salmonellosis (G.H. Snoeyenbos). Campylobacteriosis (S.M. Shane). Listeriosis (E.H. Marth). Escherichia coli 0157:H7 as a Foodborne Pathogen (P. Gallien and M. Hartung). Yersinia enterocolitica Infection (G. Kapperud). Clostridium perfringens Gastroenteritis (D.A. Franco). Botulism (D.A. Franco). Staphylococcal Food Poisoning (D.W. Lambe, W. Kloos, and V. Lachica). Foodborne Diseases Associated with Seafoods (D.A. Franco). Part V: Chlamydial Zoonoses: Avian Chlamydiosis (J.E. Grimes). Mammalian Chlamydiosis (C.J. Maré). Part VI: Rickettsial Zoonoses: Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (J.S. Dumler). Q Fever (J. Williams and V. Sanchez). Ehrlichiosis (M. Ristic). Murine Typhus (J.A. Rawlings and K.A. Clark). Scrub Typhus (M.G. Groves). Part VII: Mycotic Zoonoses: Superficial Mycoses (A.C. Pier). Systemic Mycoses (L. Ajello and A. Padhye). Mycotoxicoses (G.D. Osweiler and A.C. Pier). Index.

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