Asia after the Developmental State: Disembedding Autonomy

Asia after the Developmental State: Disembedding Autonomy


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ISBN-13: 9781316502198
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 02/21/2019
Series: Cambridge Studies in Comparative Public Policy
Pages: 515
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 1.02(d)

About the Author

Toby Carroll is Associate Professor in the Department of Asian and International Studies, City University of Hong Kong. He is the author of Delusions of Development: The World Bank and the post-Washington Consensus in Southeast Asia (2010) and co-editor of The Politics of Marketising Asia (with Darryl S. L. Jarvis, 2013) and Financialisation and Development in Asia (with Darryl S. L. Jarvis, 2015).

Darryl S. L. Jarvis is Professor of Global Studies in the Faculty of Liberal Studies and Social Sciences at the Education University of Hong Kong (formerly the Hong Kong Institute of Education). His publications include The Politics of Marketising Asia (with Toby Carroll, 2013), ASEAN Industries and the Challenge from China (with Anthony Welch, 2011), and International Business Risk: A Handbook for the Asia-Pacific Region (Cambridge, 2002), among others.

Table of Contents

1. Disembedding autonomy: Asia after the developmental state Toby Carroll and Darryl S. L. Jarvis; Part I. Conceptualizing State Transformation in Asia: Multipolarity, Neoliberalism and Contestation: 2. The origins of East Asia's developmental states and the pressures for change Richard Stubbs; 3. Globalization and development: the evolving idea of the developmental state Shigeko Hayashi; 4. Late capitalism and the shift from the 'development state' to the variegated market state Toby Carroll; 5. Capitalist development in the twenty-first century: states and global competitiveness Paul Cammack; 6. From Japan's 'Prussian path' to China's 'Singapore model': learning authoritarian developmentalism Mark Thompson; 7. What does China's rise mean for the developmental state paradigm? Mark Beeson; Part II. Cases of State Transformation in Contemporary Asia: 8. The state and development in Malaysia: race, class and markets Darryl S. L. Jarvis; 9. Survival of the weakest? The politics of independent regulatory agencies in Indonesia Jamie Davidson; 10. The Pandora's box of neoliberalism: housing reforms in China and South Korea Siu-yau Lee; 11. Health care and the state in China M. Ramesh and Azad Bali; 12. Wither the developmental state? Adaptive state entrepreneurship and social policy expansion in China Ka Ho Mok; 13. Public-private partnerships in the water sector in Southeast Asia: trends, issues and lessons Schuyler House and Wu Xun; 14. Higher education and the developmental state: the view from East and Southeast Asia Anthony Welch; 15. State, capital, and the politics of stratification: a comparative study of welfare regimes in marketizing Asia Jonathan London; 16. Modifying recipes: insights on Japanese electricity sector reform and lessons for China Scott Victor Valentine.

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