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Indigenous: Poems

Indigenous: Poems

by Jennifer Reeser


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ISBN-13: 9781773490236
Publisher: Able Muse Press
Publication date: 05/03/2019
Pages: 148
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.34(d)

Table of Contents

x Acknowledgments

I. The Ancients

5 Enigma

8 Not Stifled by the Ground

9 FNU: First Name Unknown

10 One Un-delayed Way

11 Apache Park

12 On a Portrait of Chief Joseph

14 The Chosen One

15 Nature Does Not Care

16 The Civil Execution of Joshua Martin

19 Cherokee Prayer

20 Three Seneca Chiefs to George Washington

21 Jacob Surber, Indian Spy

23 To Mahala

24 Why the Cherokee Abandoned Privilege

26 Great Grandmother Ora

II. Lore

29 Thunderbird

30 A Doll Lace Monk

32 Monk Returns to Speak of Mountains

33 The One That Got Away

36 My brother’s arrowheads

38 Veterans’ Victory Rite

40 “No, not the monkey, Mother, but the stag . . .”

41 To Treat the Child’s Disease

42 Black Flies and Berries

44 Chickasaw Plum

45 Between the Creek

46 Indian Angel

47 Perhaps My Patmos

49 Raised on Rogers

51 Cherokee Love Charm

54 Not Quite Gods

55 Spearfinger

58 To Lonely Lots

59 Made in America

III. Blazing the Trail

63 Sapphics for Sequoyah

64 I Have No Drum

65 The Griffin

67 I Have No Bow

68 No Beatrice Am I

69 Redfoot on the Trail of Tears

70 How Many Perished?

71 Five Fly Skyward

72 Tired Blood to Colonel Hawthorne

73 This Primitive Rain Dance

74 Angry Indian Lover

75 White Pocahontas

76 The Water Cannibals

78 Wounded Knee

80 Ka No Gi S Di Asks the Amorous Commander

81 To Melissa Honey Bee, Who Has Hidden My Feathers in a Dream

82 I Have No Horse

83 On a Plane Going East

84 Half-breed

85 The Jealous She-Raccoon among Garbage Cans

86 On an Antique Photograph of My Martin Aunts

87 Navajo and Cherokee

IV. Homeland

91 At Cahokia Indian Mounds

94 The Rivers of the Navajo

96 Weep with the Waters

98 Song of the Long-Hair Clan

99 In Tulsa

101 Supply Package for Sacred Stone Camp

103 A Sioux Protest

V. Prophesies

107 The Chosen One

108 The Arrowhead

109 They Won’t Remove Me

110 We Told You So

111 Red Jacket to the Seneca, on Religion

112 Rinse My Sins

113 A Wail from the Wild Potato Clan Arbor

114 The Flute My Father Gave

115 They Won’t Erase Me

116 How to Hide the Native

117 Cherokee Childbirth Chant

118 The Charts and Wheels

119 O Great Spirit

120 Benediction