The Flight of The Soul Millionaire: For Radical Financial Advisers Who Dare to Soar
The Flight of The Soul Millionaire: For Radical Financial Advisers Who Dare to Soar

The Flight of The Soul Millionaire: For Radical Financial Advisers Who Dare to Soar

by David J Scarlett

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ISBN-13: 9781999732370
Publisher: Springtime Books
Publication date: 02/08/2019
Pages: 460
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.93(d)

About the Author

David J Scarlett is the founder of The Soul Millionaire leadership coaching programmes, and the creator of the revolutionary business concept, The Soul Millionaire Journey. Working with boutique firms in the financial planning community, David helps leaders and executives create iconic organisations, lead exceptional teams, live the lives they'd really love and ultimately make a greater difference in their world. David's first book, The Soul Millionaire, was an Amazon Best Seller and introduced a fresh perspective to the impact of business and money on our lives. The parable was based on David's life where, age 28, he was broke, homeless and desperate. David then turned his life around, repaid over £100,000 of debt, and became a respected fee-based financial planner and, eventually, an executive coach.

His story has influenced many entrepreneurs across the world. This new book takes the ageless principles underpinning his original book 'The Soul Millionaire' and maps them into any small to medium size business, transforming the way they think, impact others and accomplish surprising performance and results. Immerse yourself in the Journey. Just make sure you're ready for the transformation you're about to experience!

Table of Contents

Foreword, Preface, Introduction, You’re About to See What Transformation Looks Like, You Have a Story. And You’re The Hero, The Soul Millionaire Journey is Born, Stage 1 - Ignite! Your Purpose - The Awakening, Your Purpose - The Three Catalysts, People, Stage 2 - Engage! Preparation - Attitude & Mindset, Preparation - The Right Questions, Pioneering - Through Your Positioning, Pioneering - Through Your Product, Pioneering - Through Your Pricing, Stage 3 - Inspire! Possibility, Power, Stage 4 - Elevate! Prosperity - Through the Person You’re Becoming, Prosperity - Through Elevated Leadership, Posterity, Bibliography, About the Author

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