The Son & His Hope

The Son & His Hope

by Pepper Winters

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Publisher: Pepper Winters
Publication date: 02/12/2019
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The Son & His Hope 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
LHallett 4 days ago
All I'm saying is like father, like son. Both of them smashed my heart to smithereens whilst making me fall totally and utterly in love with them On paper, when you look at the basis of this story, it could so easily be one of those over emotional, angst-filled-for-the-sake-of-it, too-much-repetitive-back-and-forth books. Instead the amazing penmanship, world-building and character development of the author makes this a book that will stay with you a long time after you finish the last page. This book took me some time to read, both because it is long AND because sometimes I just couldn't see for the tears. If it made Pepper Winters half as emotional to write this, as it made me feel reading it, I'm surprised she ever managed to complete the book. To experience the full impact of this story, the one that eviscerates your heart, you really need to have read The Ribbon Duet first. That way you will understand Jacob's family and why, even as a child, he was so broken by life. You will forgive that he makes you want to shake him until he listens, whilst at the same time your heart bleeds for his self-inflicted pain. This book, like it's predecessor, made me cry so much I had to step away at times, just to gather the pieces of my shattered soul together and forge the strength to read some more. Like it's predecessor it will also stay with me in a way very few other books have. As will Jacob and Hope, who have carved a little space inside my heart and will rest there alongside Ren and Della. If I was going to be critical I might say that the 17 year old Hope didn't feel 17, she felt much older. However her back story had been crafted in such a way that it felt entirely possible that she would be more mature and eloquent than many girls of her age. Her whole life had been spent in the company of adults, with few interactions with other children. Oh and the push and pull between Jacob and Hope, the passion, the pain and the fury. It held me spellbound, it held me in the moment there with them. These two feel like so much more than words on paper, they are living, breathing, sweating, crying, loving people with such spirit that they must surely exist someplace somewhere. Lace and a silver locket will now sit alongside blue ribbon as one of those images that triggers a thousand thoughts, feelings and memories. Despite the struggle and hard work of getting to the end of the story (both for the characters AND me) it was such a worthwhile journey in the end. It was so perfect even in all it's brokenness and pain. I'm now going to have a long lie down in a very dark room whilst I recover.
iScreamBooksBlog 4 days ago
"I wanted to curse and kiss her all at once. This damn girl. This aggravating, irritating, troublesome girl." While this story can be read as a standalone, I highly recommend that you do yourself the favor of reading the whole series. It's amazing and life-changing. I've read many books since the first book, The Boy and His Ribbon but I still can't stop thinking about it. I think this series would make an epic movie, I can already see it in my mind. The author managed to pull every emotion from me. She made me feel so deeply, and it didn't stop at the last page. There are so many beautiful moments that I will treasure forever. This collection definitely deserves a place of honor on my bookshelf. Jacob is beyond broken. He was born into a home filled with love. He felt it, he remembers it, he mourns it. He loved so hard that the loss he suffered caused him to close himself off, protecting himself from future loss. He saw the happiness love brings and the pain that follows. So, he's decided that's not a road he wants to travel. He'd rather sacrifice one to avoid the other. Sounds like a plan, right? My heart broke for the boy he was then and the man he became later. I wanted to spank him and hug him at different times, but I loved him from beginning to end. I felt his pain and understood his disillusionment, but I yearned so hard for him to let himself feel again. I anxiously waited for the time that Hope would come into his life and shake it up. Hope is my hero. She gave and gave and gave, offering support and friendship and love. Jacob was a jerk. And though she offered, I can honestly tell you that he didn't take and take and take from her. He tried to avoid her, but she wouldn't let him. He tried to hate her, and would never admit that he didn't. She pushed and he evaded. He pushed her away and she kept coming back. Until she didn't... What would it take for him to risk his heart? That's something you will have to learn for yourself. It's a journey that will have you questioning your sanity and your sobriety. It's hard and soft, bitter and sweet, devastating and beautiful. It's... everything.
Sandy-thereadingcafe 4 days ago
THE SON AND HIS HOPE is the third instalment in Pepper Winters’ contemporary, adult THE RIBBON DUET. This is rancher Jacob Wild, and actress/script writer Hope Murphy’s story line. THE SON AND HIS HOPE can be read as a stand alone but I recommend reading the series in order as it picks up four years following the events of book two-THE GIRL AND HER REN. NOTE: If you have not read The Ribbon Duet, there may be some spoilers in my review Told from dual first person perspectives (Jacob and Hope) with a few introspective paragraphs from Della Wild, THE SON AND HIS HOPE follows approximately thirteen years in the life of Jacob Wild and Hope Murphy. At age fourteen, four years following the death the his beloved father, Jacob Wild would meet ten year old Hope Murphy at the world premiere of his parent’s story. Throughout the course of the next thirteen years Jacob struggles with what was, what is and what will never be, in an effort to live but barely to thrive. Angry, bitter, and broken Jacob is unable to get close to the people he loves including the woman that stole his heart, years before. As Hope continues to see through the dark and damaged persona of our story line hero, it is Hope’s heart that will inevitably be broken by the man that she loves. THE SON AND HIS HOPE is an emotional, tragic and dramatic story line of conflict, struggle, acceptance and love. Jacob Wild is unable to move forward; time remains fixed for a young man lost in a world of hurt and hate, hatred he directs at an innocent young woman whose only sin is to fall in love with a broken young man. Pepper Winters writes a beautiful, poignant and tormented tale of love, loss, grief and denial; a story about two people caught in a vortex of heartache and pain wherein words spoken in anger are more powerful and hurtful than the physical
BbLynn 4 days ago
Once again I am sucked into the beautifully broken worlds that Pepper Winters delivers with her flawless talents for storytelling. My love for this authors previous works had me going into this book with the willingness to drown myself in all of the angst, torment, heartbreak and joy that I knew would come but never being able to guess how it ends. To say that this book wrecked me, made all of my emotions come out to play and then slowly put me back together, is simply not saying enough. I could not wait to read Jacob’s story and having done so now, I am in awe. It was everything I wanted to read and everything I didn’t. In a sense, it gave me closure to some characters that have stayed with me long after I finished their books. With all that Jacob has gone through, his heart can take no more. Seeing a love so perfectly right- yet perfectly devastating, has killed the notion of that for him forever. Hope is just that.......hope. She represents all that Jacob has closed himself off to but she also is the key to a future he never thought could exist. I believe this book was written to heal a tiny piece in the hearts of all the readers who have been with the Wild’s since book one, and what a perfect gift it was. All three books will stay with me for years to come and will be on the top of my list whenever I am asked for recommendations. You keep writing them Pepper and I’ll keep on reading. Congratulations on a job beautifully done!
MaryJoMI 4 days ago
What does it mean to be the son from an extraordinary love? How do you face the world when the one you love the most is taken from you? Jacob is a complex character. Losing his Dad, he lives a promise to take care of his Mom and see her happy. Yet, for Jacob, loving leads to loss so he works very hard to push people away, compartmentalizing himself away from the world. Hope knows her own loss and has so many unanswered questions about death and dying. Meeting Jacob is eye-opening for her since he suffered a similar loss. She works to be Jacob’s friend but Jacob doesn’t make this easy. I road this roller-coaster with Jacob and Hope as they navigated treacherous waters on their life’s journey. Is there a chance Hope can tame Wild One? Or will Jacob continue to drown in his own sorrow and be perpetually alone? A truly fitting story for one born out of all-consuming love into a tumultuous world. I voluntarily read an ARC of this book and this is my honest review.
Jeanette Oglesby 11 hours ago
OMG! I FLOVED this book, the characters, their story, and most of all the journey that this book took me on. I normally stay away from books with any mention of Hollywood in it because it is just not my thing, but I am SO glad that I gave this one a chance. There was just a little bit of Hollywood in, but not enough to turn me away. Now even though that this is part of a series, this book can be read as a standalone. I haven't read the other 2 books and I had no problem reading this one. This book was so freaking good, that I will be going back to read the ones before this one. Jacob and Hope stole my heart from the very beginning. Jacob is so broken that you just can't help, but to love him and want to fix him as much as Hope does. Hope is almost as broken as he is, but she sees he is more broken than she is. All she wants is a friend, but that is the last thing that Jacob wants. Their story broke my heart, shredded it, slowly put it almost back together, only to rip it out again to stomp on it, run it over and then hand it back to me like there was no hope or need for it. Their emotional journey made me cry, smile, laugh, and really frustrated the hell out of me at times, but in the end made it all worth every minute of the journey. This is a TOTAL MUST READ OF THE YEAR kind of book. Happy Reading Everyone!!!
queenzany 16 hours ago
Pepper Winters quite frankly wrote the book of the century! She completely annihilated my heart at times. Shattering it into a million pieces, with this powerful punch of emotional turmoil that just on edge. Catipululpitng and heightening everyone of my senses. Waiting for the wool to pull out from under me and bam!!!! OMG!!!!!!!! It happened!!! OMFG!!!! The Floodgates pour for this beautiful word, for the fragments that decimated me and for the loves that just spanned over time! Just fated, destined and oh, so poetically executed!!! Like a prized piece of art!! The Son & His Hope is a soul-stirring, devastatingly beautifully love story!
bbarneybooks28 22 hours ago
I don’t think I’ve ever cried while reading a book like I did during my time spent with Ren and Della. And, if there ever was a story out there that epitomized just how powerful an author’s words and storytelling are it’s Pepper Winters’ Ribbon Duet. I can’t even begin to describe the feelings that surfaced as I read about Ren and Della’s journey, and even though I knew what was coming when I reached the end of The Girl & Her Ren, fracturing my heart even more than it already was, I wouldn’t have changed a single part of my reading experience, even if it left me emotionally drained and more than a little broken. I can wholeheartedly say that I’m still not over the world and characters that Pepper Winters created and I know that there are many readers who feel the exact same way, so when I learned that Winters was writing Jacob’s story - Ren & Della’s son - I knew I needed to steel myself, once again, for a tale rich in heartbreak, in overwhelming emotions, in the idea of love and loss and of life and death because if I did, despite the amount of tears I shed, I knew that the lessons taught through the characters’ experiences would, once again, stay with me, changing my perception of what it means to fully live and the reasons why some people choose the more difficult path because it’s during that time that they truly find out who they are and what they need, despite feelings to the contrary. Like father, like son - that was my first thought as I witnessed Jacob Wild’s stubbornness and his inability to see beyond what happened to his mother and father and the love they shared. Because of his past, Jacob lives a solitary life, unwilling to allow anyone to penetrate his highly guarded walls, not allowing his heart to be tattered and scarred anymore then it already has been. And while it’s easy to understand why he chooses to live the way he does, which will, no doubt, have readers empathizing with everything he’s had to face, it also will leave readers beyond frustrated, pleading with Jacob to recognize what he’s going to lose if he doesn’t find the strength to move forward…find the hope he needs to give his heart to the one person who will handle it with the delicate care that he needs and deserves. As soon as Pepper Winters introduced readers to Hope Murphy, I knew that she would be a game changer for Jacob - the one who would make him want to change…make him want to give his heart to…make him want to go against everything he had cemented in his mind when it came to loving another person. But things are never that simple, especially for someone who has dealt with what Jacob has, so I knew that it wouldn’t be easy for Hope to truly penetrate Jacob’s heart…that he would still be held back by his fear, forcing them both to endure excruciating heartache and the exact pain that Jacob had fought so hard to never feel again.
AJ33 1 days ago
While this book is a complete stand-alone, my suggestion is to read The Ribbon Duet first to get the most from this experience. Yes, reading this novel is an experience. If you are familiar with Pepper Winters work, you know that your emotions will be all over the place. Ms. Winters has a way of writing that sucks you into her world. A world in which her characters come alive, and you are watching from the sidelines unable to do anything but experience what she has created for us, her lucky readers. Jacob Ren Wild's story, the one in which he is trying to survive without his beloved father to help guide him through life. One in which he suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Pepper Winters’ has outlined the book into three parts. The first part is always the introduction. Here we learn about Jacob as a young boy when his parent’s story becomes a motion picture movie. Where Jacob meets Hope, the young girl who changes his life by becoming his non-friend, they have one thing in common, they both have suffered the loss of a parent. The next part covers his early twenties, and more traumatic events occur more heartbreak and suffering, onto the last part where he travels to try and find his solace and peace. From the beginning of the duet to now this love story is unlike any other ever told, it’s unique, soulful, hopeful, and tragic. Well Done, highly recommended.
Betul90 1 days ago
"I see your fear. I see your anger. I see how you want to run but don't. I see you love but wish you didn't. I see how deeply you feel, Jacob, all the while begging you were heartless." I just love that Pepper takes the time to tell a story regardless of how long it will be. I am usually not that big of a fan of long books, but if the plot and characters are intriguing enough I will wish it didn't end at all. Pepper Winters is an author who really knows how to engage and entices a reader to keep on reading. I especially am a big fan of characters who knew each other from childhood to grow up and fall in love. Just like with his parents, Ren and Della, Jacob's life isn't easy as well. He grew up in a loving environment with the best people around him, but he learned about heartbreak pretty early on. This has impacted him so much that he doesn't let anyone come close to him. "A single night is nothing. You're worth a millennium of nights." However, there is this stubborn and headstrong girl, Hope, who will do anything to break down his walls. She really has the patience of a saint, because Jacob definitely wasn't the easiest person to deal with. But there is just something she sees in him, and she will not give up until he sees it as well. Honestly, my heart broke when I saw how Jacob treated the people closest to him. I got mad at him many times, and I just wanted him to snap out of it. But I realized further down the story that he really couldn't help himself. I was just glad that Hope didn't give up on him and stood by him during his most difficult times, even though he didn't want her around. "Her vulnerability almost ruined me. Her love so pure. Her care so bright. It closed a coffin around my already dead soul and threw away the key." I loved being reunited with characters from the Ribbon Duet, even though it was very bittersweet at times. This book had me on the edge of my seat at times. The heartbreak resulted in me crying my eyes out. I was on an emotional roller coaster, and I didn't know how it would end. It was a wild ride. I cried, laughed, swooned, smiled, got angry and sad while reading this book. I was happy that the author told Hope and Jacob's story regardless how heartbreaking it was sometimes. I absolutely Pepper's writing style and amazing story-telling abilities. It really grabbed and didn't let go of me until the end.
mjlovestoread 3 days ago
Once again, I am smiling through my tears. Once again, Pepper Winters has me in awe of her storytelling. And once again, I am firmly in love with a book that is more than exquisite. It is beyond wonderful. What The Boy and His Hope is, is a look at how the power of love, the power of forgiveness and the power of acceptance can ultimately heal even the most hardened of hearts. I just about survived The Ribbon Duet, exclaiming with unbridled glee at how masterful Winters told Ren and Della’s story. And now with this last in this series, I am truly gobsmacked at how the emotion bubbled over once more. I loved that this book picked up right where we left off in the Ribbon Duet, at the premiere of Ren and Della’s life story in The Boy and His Ribbon. Getting that first glimpse of when Jacob Wild meets Hope Murphy and becoming prepared for the ten year push and pull that would ultimately ensue. Watching Jacob’s reluctance at being loved even when his heart was as big as the sun. I honestly thought Ren Wild was hard to understand. But that is nothing in comparison to Jacob. Wild One is the perfect nickname for him since he lives his life a bit recklessly, is oh so willing to test the limits all the while maintaining his distance from anyone who might just want to save him. And then there is Hope. Little Lace. The girl who has suffered as great a loss as Jacob but still finds it in her heart to love. The way she tries her damndest to break through Jacob’s walls was as excruciating for me as it was for her. I applaud her spirit and her never say die attitude and I appreciated that she truly believed it was not in vain. But my goodness, I don’t know if I would have survived the lack of communication, the lack of respect and the lack of simply decency that Jacob managed to dish out through the years. But Hope is special: the kind of heroine that shines through the darkest of days and is truly a remarkable person, despite her youth. I just adore her. And I was as delighted as Della was that there might just be someone to shed some of that light in her restless son’s world. This book is a true test in perseverance. Everyone involved in this book had their limits tested as their battle to continue to allow Jacob to be who he needed to be even without the proclamation of love, wore down their spirit. Even Jacob himself in keeping promises to his beloved father had to find a selfless way to honor him even as he pushed those closest to him away. And he is selfless. Even when I wanted to shake some sense in him at his gruff nature, I knew he had a good heart. His way with animals, the way he tirelessly takes care of the farm and making sure Della is content. Jacob Wild is tough as nails but the vulnerability he embodies is incredibly attractive and I fell for him hard. Pepper Winters meticulously guides us through a journey that is filled with exceptional moments both happy and sad and I couldn’t look away if I tried! Despite every part of me being tied up in knots, I experienced true bliss that I was fortunate enough to read such magnificent words even when painful. Because on the other side of that pain was the glorious feeling of satisfaction that love can truly conquer all. My heart and soul thank you. 5++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ stars! Final note: it would be beneficial to read The Ribbon Duet first to get the whole story and to understand they whys of Jacob's actions. You will thank me later.
Anonymous 4 days ago
CRISSYM 4 days ago
The Son & His Hope can be read as a standalone and it's just my opinion but I believe that readers would benefit from reading the first two books in this series first. I think it best to start from the beginning with the parents to fully understand how their love and a loss affected their son because the result of it plays a MAJOR part in this story. Jacob (Wild One) hides every thing from every one. Hope has questions and wants answers. He hides his truths while she slowly uncovers them. They've both lost someone close to them yet, they've dealt with that loss in very different ways. This author knows how to write a story that can destroy you with just a few sentences and she did it in this story. It took moments and less than a paragraph to have me crying more than once so have tissues handy. This story isn't a light read and it doesn't make you laugh out loud but it is heartfelt and devastating. It feels a bit depressing at times (just my opinion) and yet, it has it's steamy and loving moments. I absolutely loved Ren and Della's story. Theirs will always be my favorite, but Jacob's story is one that shouldn't be missed. It's one worth reading.
shabbyarora 5 days ago
Live Wild. Love Freely. Be Blessed. The saga of hopeless, forbidden love which started in Ren & Della duet, seems to climax in this book. Pepper has gone further in portrayal of Agony of Unrequited Affections by detailing a story between Jacob Ren Wild and Hope Jacinta Murphy in all the colours of anger, angst, grief, rejection and desolation. Despite being penned with a backdrop of lush, fertile Cherry Hills farm, there's penury in the hearts of all the characters. The void left by Ren is a gaping hole in the farm, it's swallowing all involved and getting wider and deeper by the day. Sorrow so profound and thick like a blanket, it's almost suffocating, but for the presence of Hope, literally and figuratively. “You’re ruining everything.” “Maybe.” She sucked in a breath with a blood-heating hitch. “Or maybe I’m fixing everything.” Pepper is a master of evoking emotions so indelible and inerasable, the remorse just rubbed off on my heart like ink from the paper transfers on the hands of the reader. Despondency and latent frustration is the mood of the story. Pepper skillfully delves into grief of left behind relatives who are struggling with Death of a loved one. This subject matter would have gone completely dark black in the hands of any less accomplished author, but I guess Pepper balances the darkness of loneliness and lightness of being, expertly. She being an introvert feels more and that transfers in her stories a lot in the form of ponderings and monologues. She lives close to nature, so her sentiments are magnified and vivid. She colours sadness inky black, the smile and vivaciousness of Hope is evident in striped pink pajamas and sunshine yellow. Della's acceptance is calm and placid like the endless blue skies and rolling green hills. "She was shy beneath strength. Quiet beneath conversation. And when she’d hugged me? God, she’d shown me pain had multiple levels. A hug from family could sear and sting. But a hug from her? It drew blood." The story is so vast, the growth of characters gets ample space and time. Hope and Jacob meet when they are kids, on the sets of Ren and his Ribbon movie and then the premiere. Ren's instant dislike doesn't deter the effervescent and persistent Hope. Much like her name, she's a glimmer and living, breathing flame that scatters the mourning shadows from Jacobs life. Jacob seems like a lost cause almost throughout the story. Carrying a chip on his shoulders the size of Everest, he's snarky, stubborn, depressed and volatile. "Wild as his surname baptised him. Savage as the loneliness in his heart." Grief had swollen up like a balloon and filled his heart in all the nooks and crannies so much so that there was not a shred of space for love and he is very comfortable in the grief and self-pity. It's an uphill task requiring endless patience, steadfast loyalty and unshakeable belief in the power of love. All this is in the makeup of Hope. Hats off to this chit of a girl who falls for Jacob at first sight and never gives up or walks away. Literally going to the ends of the earth to salvage his broken shipwrecked soul. Such a strong girl-woman, she amazed me with her tenacity and rocklike steadfastne “Wake up and apologise. Wake up and be brave. Wake up and accept life in all its gifts and glories, all its sadness and suffering.” Pepper has stretched the beauty and soulfulness of Ren & Della series to this book too. Very well written, poetical and philosophical. Very intense, at times ther