The Awakening of John David: Higher Functioning & Schizophrenic Equals: Mystical. The Best Ever First-Person Account!

The Awakening of John David: Higher Functioning & Schizophrenic Equals: Mystical. The Best Ever First-Person Account!

by Donald Carroll

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BN ID: 2940155972532
Publisher: Donald Carroll
Publication date: 02/07/2019
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Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Donald Carroll is a native Californian who also spent time in the Philippines, Hawaii, Northern Virginia, Mexico, and now Thailand. As an aspiring rock guitar virtuoso in his youth (all the way to Atlantic Records) he joined the U.S. Navy in 1988, where he spent some time working in a Top-Secret environment as a data processing technician, at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. He spent the next ten years studying mysticism, psychology, and magick, and he became a member of such renown magical orders as the Hermetic Society of the Golden Dawn, Aleister Crowley’s infamous A. A., the Rosicrucian Order, and he was even invited to join Ordo Templi Orientis. During this time, while his use of drugs and alcohol kept pace, he also experienced numerous out-of-body experiences, incidents of waking within dreams, sleep paralysis, and other more psychic-based achievements using meditation, and yoga. Towards the end of his twenties, he left these studies behind him, but he can still demonstrate a gift that he has with tarot cards today. By 1997, Donald Carroll was in college being trained as an information technology professional. He was swept up quickly within the trade, and he enjoyed numerous opportunities that then abounded in the Silicon Valley. Within three of years of his entry into the new and booming field of information technology, Donald walked into an opportunity to teach at a technical college. And, over the next five years, he worked both as a senior computer network engineer, while he was also the most popular instructor on campus during the time that he taught both day and night classes. Also, in 1997, at the age of twenty-eight, while Donald was just beginning his successful trek through the rise and fall of the “dot com” era, he succumbed to full-blown schizophrenia. During the first few years of this new and disturbing illness, Donald continued to work, and succeed, while at the same time he was being haunted and tormented by powerful hallucinations. These hallucinations included not only voices, but also other hallucinations involving the other senses - visual hallucinations, visions, and other hallucinations involving touch, taste, and even smell. During the first several years of his illness, Donald was under the impression that he was living with the voice of God, and that some greater purpose lay connected to this new and sometimes alarming condition – a mission that would eventually be revealed. Later, as the hallucinations became more torturous, he thought that perhaps he was possessed by a demon, a devil, a spirit, or even a ghost. After consulting numerous paranormal experts, shamans, and so-called psychic healers, Donald eventually sought help from a psychiatrist. It was only then that he began to become more educated and knowledgeable as regards his condition. Between 1997 and the present year of 2018, Donald Carroll has continued to suffer from severe and even treatment-resistant schizophrenia. The illness runs in his family, and after countless hospitalizations, treatments, and doctors, nothing has ever worked to relieve his symptoms. In 2010, Donald Carroll became permanently disabled, and he left the workforce altogether. But, despite his worsening condition, and many dances with suicide, as well as a host of other cognitive impairing symptoms and situations, he ultimately came to manage his symptoms and his life much better. Having suffered from severe schizophrenia for over twenty-one years, all the while without an effective treatment, today, Donald lives a highly functional and healthier lifestyle. He has been free from drugs for almost fifteen years, enjoys alcohol in moderation, and has quit smoking cigarettes. After 2010, Donald has continued to work from home as a freelance website designer and online marketer, after teaching himself these trades. In 2013, as a result of continued suffering from his worsening condition, he decided ultimately to write of his experiences, and of his life. More importantly, he wanted to describe these experiences of schizophrenia, in detail, and from a scientific point of view - in the hopes of helping others like him – who are also treatment-resistant and continue to suffer. His autobiography, “The Awakening of John David: Higher Functioning & Schizophrenic Equals: Mystical. The Best Ever First-Person Account!” was finally completed in December of 2018 and promises to be one of the best first-person accounts (or FPA’s) written by a severely schizophrenic (and higher-functioning) individual. He owes his inspiration also, in part, to Elyn Saks, whose work entitled, “The Center Cannot Hold: My Journey Through Madness,” sold half of a million copies worldwide, and helped to bring this grossly misunderstood brain disorder more into the light of understanding. In July of 2016, Donald was invited to contribute an article to “Inspire Us” magazine. The article he wrote entitled “Severely Schizophrenic and Successful? Yes, It’s Possible!” was instead picked up by the Oxford Journal and was published in September of 2016. Upon receipt of Donald Carroll’s article submission, The Oxford Journal had this to say: “Thank you for this piece. Very interesting and informative for our readers. Dr. Rowland sends the following note: "This is a beautiful first-person account (FPA). The story is interesting, educational, and powerful. This FPA is very well-written and attention-grabbing that I wanted to read more! On that note, I look forward to the author's autobiography.” Also, in July of 2016, a second article of his was published in You & Me Magazine, entitled “I was Jesus, Possessed, & Then Mentally Ill.” Finally, in January of 2019, he released “The Awakening of John David: Higher Functioning & Schizophrenic Equals: Mystical. The Best Ever First-Person Account!” in Kindle and paperback formats on the Amazon Publishing platform. Presently, Donald Carroll is married and living in Bangkok, Thailand. He earnestly now seeks an agent to help him get “The Awakening of John David: Higher Functioning & Schizophrenic Equals: Mystical. The Best Ever First-Person Account!” published beyond Amazon Publishing.

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