The Wrong Gentleman

The Wrong Gentleman

by Louise Bay

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BN ID: 2940161390320
Publisher: Louise Bay
Publication date: 02/17/2019
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 7,368
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About the Author

USA Today bestselling author, Louise Bay writes sexy, contemporary romance novels – the kind she likes to read. Her books include The Empire State Series, The Nights Series, King of Wall Street, Duke of Manhattan and The British Knight.

Ruined by romantic mini-series of the eighties, Louise loves all things romantic. There’s not enough of it in real life so she disappears into the fictional worlds in books and films.

Louise loves the rain, The West Wing, London, days when she doesn’t have to wear make-up, being on her own, being with friends, elephants and champagne.

She loves to hear from readers so get in touch!

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The Wrong Gentleman 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 45 reviews.
JacquieCM 26 days ago
Another riveting story from Louise Bay and another "gentleman" to fall in love with! Landon is former SAS, wealthy and successful, and doing a little covert fact-finding for a friend while posing as a junior crew member on a luxury yacht. He's not ready for a full-on romantic relationship, but he's totally satisfied by the impetuous chance encounter the night before he sets sail. The beauty that captivates him is Skylar, the chief steward on said yacht. She is independent and focused, determined to find a wealthy husband...or so she says. It's a ruse, a line to keep most men at arm's length. Their chemistry is off the charts hot, but their secrets and half-truths could destroy whatever is growing between them. Their story has a bit of intrigue and a lot of heat, something that Louise Bay hooks me with in every book. This is another incredible 5 star story!
Felicia71 28 days ago
Ahhh- what to when the one-night stand turns up in the most unexpected of places. That's what happens for both Landon Wolf and Skylar Anderson. Landon just sold his private security business for a lot of money and is looking forward to his downtime before starting a new job with MI6. When an old army (special forces) buddy calls him and asks him to conduct surveillance for a very bad man. The job would mean he would work as a Jr deckhand on a yacht for a few months while others gather additional information. The night before the job is set to start Landon meets up with another friend his girlfriend and the girlfriends best friend Skylar. Skylar is beautiful and so very sexy everything he looks for and he is lucky enough that she is interested as well. Thinking that he will never see Skylar again he walks onto the yacht and not only is she there she just happens to be the Chief Steward of the cruise who just happens to catch the bad mans eye. Now forced to confront feelings he is not used to having along with trying to protecting her; he is even more scared of how will Skylar react if she finds out he has not been completely truthful. Skylar doesnt believe in love or any type of passion in any aspect in her life. She is doing everything she can to make sure she can take care of herself and she doesnt need or wants a man in her life. Especially after what she experienced with her own family. Then she meets Landon who looks to be everything she has tried hard to not want all rolled up in one sexy British package. Now if she can trust her instincts and him she may be willing to make a go of this, that's unless she founds out the real reason Landon is on her ship. I first have to say I love Louise Bay and her stories. When he met Landon and Skylar oh so briefly in the Ruthless Gentleman I had no idea they would end up together - I just knew I wanted a book for them both. So to say I was happy when I started reading The Wrong Gentleman would be an understatement. The story told with dual POV's is a classic will they are wont they love story with a little danger and a lot of romance thrown in. It was great getting to know Landon and Skylar better and I definitely couldn't wait to see how it would end. Now if we can just get August's book then I know I will be thrilled.
MaimeosAngelsEL 28 days ago
Louise Bay you have done it again. I fell for both Landon and Skylar , there was just something about this couple that drew me to them and their story; not to mention the secondary characters have me intrigued. The story was well written, engaging and it was great to see the growth of both the main characters as the book evolved. There is just so much to love about Ms. Bay’s stories, the characters, the depth and layers that she weaves keep me riveted from the first to the last page.   I loved how protective, hot and alpha Landon was and Skylar’s focus and determination to be independent was an admirable trait. Such is the skill and depth of Louise Bay’s writing she transported me in my mind so that I felt I too was on the yacht cruising the Mediterranean. The chemistry between Landon and Skylar is off the charts and I loved how strong their bond was once it formed. It was also fabulous to catch up and see what is happening with Hayden and Avery.
JWright57 29 days ago
This book ticked all my boxes, swoon worthy hero, strong heroine and a story that will pulled on all my emotions, all in all a brilliant read. Landon Wolf has just sold his extremely lucrative security business and is looking forward to some much needed time off and some relaxation, well all that went out the window when he received a call from a friend asking him to provide surveillance on a guest on a luxury yacht. Well I guess becoming a deck hand for a few months could have some advantages namely the gorgeous blonde head steward but Landon never mixes business with pleasure........ Skylar Anderson has built a career working on yacht charters and this one is meant to be taking her closer to her goal but will her feelings for Landon get in the way will Skylar break her golden rule of never mixing business with pleasure... Two people both working by the same rules, both needing financial comfort and independence meet in the dream setting of the South of France can they both play by the rules they have set themselves or will love and lust see them breaking all the rules...... The chemistry is sizzling and Landon is the perfect swoon worthy hero with the perfect British accent and he managed to turn me into one hot mess. It took me some time to warm up to Skylar but once I did I was rooting for a HEA for this adorable couple. A romance that has a few twists and turns along the way mixed with just the right amount of intrigue made this a brilliant read. (
thehautebookworm 27 days ago
Two intriguing characters, each having secrets and scars of their own. Determined for their own reasons to keep love at bay. But what happens when that “one” steps in your path? This is a captivating story of two characters trying to circumnavigate their relationship and the risks that come with it. Add in the investigation of an international arms dealer and this story has it all; suspense, humor, and some super steamy scenes. Definitely a must read! August has a heartbreaking past that leaves her determined to create an independent future for herself. Her scars ensure she will never count on anyone, but herself. “Love was bull*%&@. Something people made up to sell greeting cards and wedding venues. I wasn’t interested. I liked certainty, and I could provide that for myself.” “I could see a tequila in my future. I didn’t need a man. Alcohol could keep me warm at night and had the added bonus that it didn’t leave the toilet seat up.” A job as chef stewardess on a super yacht was the perfect job. An instant home and huge tips helped build her future, one with no attachments. Celebrating the last night before a new cruise August meets Landon and indulges in one night of very hot, steamy unity. A night she thinks is strictly a hit it quit it. The cruise takes on new dimensions when Landon boards the yacht as the new junior deckhand. Landon just sold his company and can now live a life of luxury. Unsure of his future direction, his friend talks him into going undercover to help the CIA with an arms dealer investigation. Who knew that decision would put him into the arms of August? Literally and figuratively. Like August, Landon has his own secrets. Getting involved with anyone was a risk, one Landon can’t afford. The yacht provides close quarters, seeing each other is unavoidable and the chemistry is too hot to deny. “His touch had felt comforting and protective. Strong. Safe. I’d never felt that way from a man’s touch before.” The perks are sensual for sure. The more they are together the more they discover about each other. Walls are chipped away as the trust builds. Will wanting something they think they shouldn’t have be too much? What happens when she finally trusts, only to learn it was all a lie? “She thought I’d been the one to change things for her, but she’d changed me completely and now, she’d never know.”
Anonymous 27 days ago
Wow, what is there not to love about this book! I thought I fell in love with Hayden in Ruthless Gentleman, but Landon just took over his top spot -- dominate, sweet, sexy and swoony all wrapped up in the perfect plot. He's an all-or- nothing, 100%-in kind of guy that makes for a perfect book boyfriend. Fell in love from the moment I started reading it and didn't want it to end. Another 5-star winner!
ReadMeRomance 27 days ago
The Wrong Gentleman is another wonderful five-star read by Louise Bay. This book is a standalone but features recurring appearances by Hayden Wolf and Avery Walker from The Ruthless Gentleman. Hayden and Landon are British brothers and this book features Landon, who is working undercover security in the South of France. He meets Skylar Anderson prior to reporting to work on a luxury yacht and they have a night filled with passion. She is chief stewardess, a job previously held by Avery, and learns the next day that she and Landon will be working together on the same luxury yacht. They agree to remain professional, but have an undeniable connection that neither can shake. I immediately liked Landon; he is smart, skilled, savvy, established, protective, and totally smitten with Skylar. As most men are in the military, he is also humble, honest and noble, and of course handsome with a perfect physique. He needs to focus on his assignment, but instead, for the first time in his life, finds himself filled with foreign romantic feelings for his beautiful co-worker. I love how they form a slow friendship, have mutual respect for one another, and how they get to know each other and let down their guard little by little. Louise writes so engagingly that I truly felt for each character and understood what they were going through. Her descriptions are very vivid and you feel as if you are there with them on their journey. I loved and admired Skylar so much as she was independent, hardworking, a good friend, loyal, and a bit broken from a tragic past. She is cautious towards men and doesn’t believe in true love, so she focuses on just settling for someone who could meet her ambiguous checklist. I love how Landon recognizes this and is ever so patient and kind towards her. Through his actions, he reiterates over and over how special she is, how he is interested in her and only her, and how he will be there for her. The only thing he can’t be with her is honest, and it is the one thing that she needs the most. There is a part towards the end of the book where he had to do something inconceivable to protect her, and I just wanted to smack him! Even though her heart was breaking, Skylar once again rose to the occasion with class and dignity and moved forward. At the end of the book, everything is revealed and Landon rights his wrongs with the woman he loves. I really admired her and how she took time to think things through and decided to trust in her feelings to be with the man she loves. This book was full of passion, angst, a bit of mystery, family, traveling to exotic destinations, and finding your soulmate. As with all of Louise’s books, this is a MUST READ. You will be breathless with anticipation turning page after page to find out what happens next and for Landon and Skylar. The last chapter is my favorite!
NaeNobbs23 28 days ago
"I want to turn every bad memory you ever had into a good one." Oh my goodness, Landon is absolutely SWOON-WORTHY! Such a fantastic, fun read. The Wrong Gentleman has believable characters, enchanting locations, and sexiness all in one phenomenal delicious book! It is beautifully written, I could picture the locations and smell the salt water as if I were there. I loved Skylar from the get go, learning of her backstory made me want to hug her and love her even more! This one from the Queen of British men- Louise Bay- absolutely captivated me.
Grendel2019 28 days ago
Back to suspense and romance on the Mediterranean! The Wrong Gentleman by Louise Bay revisits life among the yachting elite of the Med yacht season (read The Ruthless Gentleman if you haven’t). This time we get the story of Landon and Skylar. After a one-night stand, Skylar, the American head stewardess on a yacht, finds her fling, Landon, is now part of the yacht’s crew. What Skylar doesn’t know is that the newest deckhand has secrets he is hiding. Landon, who is a mix of James Bond with a side of Jason Bourne thrown in, has embedded himself in the crew in order to gather information about the comings and goings of the yacht’s wealthy owner. Skyler, who is unaware of Landon’s mission and his true identity, is determined to build stability in her life after a tough childhood and she isn’t going to let any man, especially a dishonest man, into her heart. Quickly, things heat up between Skylar and Landon (hot, hot scenes are plentiful). But the question remains, will his deception and her fears keep them apart? My recommendation, read The Wrong Gentleman to find out if Landon is Skylar’s Mr. Right!
CrystalsBookWorld 28 days ago
First of all, I have to say that every time i read about Landon, I would get butterflies in my stomach! I mean this guy oozes ALPHA! He is 100% hot blooded man! So yes he has become my favorite hero for February so far! Now talking about Skylar, she was like a bucket of cold water at first. I thought I was never going to be able to connect to her. I did not have her same ideas of an ideal life when it was all about the money. But her walls start to come down and you find the real Skylar. She is the one you love! The Wrong Gentleman starts off sexy and will end sexy. The quirkiness these characters have will have you smiling ear to ear. I seriously adores this story and will have this book in my thoughts for days to come!
moonfox1234 28 days ago
I really enjoyed this entertaining read. It offers a complex, well written storyline grabbed and held my interest easily. The characters were layered, well developed and shared chemistry that was hot and tangible. The plot has drama, mystery, intensity, action, passion and plenty of heat. I liked both Landon and Skylar. I thought Landon was charming and a real renaissance man. I truly felt for Skyler. She was smart and strong but very wounded. A really good romance.
bbarneybooks28 28 days ago
Louise Bay knows how to create sinfully sexy British alpha males, and in The Ruthless Gentleman, she introduces readers to Hayden Wolf, and while I’ll admit that he had his moments when I wanted to slap him senseless for some of his actions and behavior when it came to what he wanted and needed from Avery, I did like the fact that he is more than the arrogant and ruthless CEO who Avery takes him for when she becomes his chief stewardess on his two month voyage in the Mediterranean. Avery Walker is a likable heroine because all of her focus is on helping her family. She’s a by the book employee because she knows what matters and does her best to walk that line because the repercussions could be disastrous. Avery has never had a problem following the no fraternization rule established by her employer when it comes to the guests she serves, but there is just something about the mysterious CEO that makes her want to break the rules and have something for just herself. Louise Bay plays up the sexual tension between her hero and heroine, making it seem like it’s not a matter of if but when they’ll give into their desire for each other, and because their attraction is palpable, readers bide their time, waiting for these two to figure out just what it will take to be together in more than just a sexual way. I really enjoyed the unique setting of the story and the beauty that surrounds the sights the characters see/visit while on the yacht as well as when it’s docked. The close quarters aid in the build-up of sexual tension between Hayden and Avery, making them both question whether or not the risk of giving into temptation would be worth the fallout that it may cause both of them. There are quite a few plot lines that take place in The Ruthless Gentleman and it was interesting to see how they all played out and tied together; there were parts that I didn’t feel were fleshed out enough, which made it a bit difficult to completely buy into everything happening, but for the most part, the mystery, the steam, and the emotions involved are clearly illustrated and expanded on as Avery and Hayden’s journey continues. 4 Poison Apples
CMcCain 28 days ago
Louise does it again. Her writing is one that brings you into the world of the characters. I love how she ties previous characters into her new books. This book is about two characters we met as sub-characters in The Ruthless Gentleman (which I own a copy and have it as an Audible book and have listen/read multiple times) But back to this book. The female character is Skylar. She does not need a man and makes it known to her friend, August. Skylar went through stuff at a young age that no one should ever go through. She has built walls around her and she doesn't want them to crumble down. She is the chief stewardess for a super yacht. Skylar meets Landon at bar with her friend, August, and her boyfriend. Landon is the male character in this book. He just sold his company and has nothing to do right now. His friend has asked him to help by boarding a yacht. Skylar breaks her one rule and has a one night stand with Landon. She thought he was boarding August's boyfriend's yacht to work. The first run in was funny. The book gets intense from there. Can Landon break Skylar's walls down? Will Skylar keep to her ways and not let anyone in? You will have to read the story to find out. Another 5 star out of the park book by Louise.
Anonymous 28 days ago
I’m a big fan of this author and this book didn’t disappoint. I didn’t love Skyler at the beginning, but she grew on me as the story unfolded. I did loved Skyler and Logan as a couple, it was a fantastic story of a "one night stand" that turned into more. i received an advanced copy for my honest opinion.
BookReview4you 28 days ago
The Wrong Gentleman by Louise Bay is the story of Skylar Anderson and Landon Wolf. Landon is ex military who is now working on building his business and has not time for a committed relationship...nor does he want one. Skylar is working to stay focused on her career and not looking back to her terrible past life. Not trusting of most men due to her past, she doesn't focus on relationships. When she gives in to a one night stand then walks away she has no ideal that he will pop up again in her life. But Landon has taken an undercover job on the yacht that Skylar works let the games begin. Really enjoyed their Ms. Bay's writing.
ruhruh1979 28 days ago
Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a new yacht trip... Louise Bay's newest release, The Wrong Gentleman, has readers meet Skylar and Landon. Skylar is embarking on another season of working on a yacht and finds herself face to face with Landon, the man she shared the most incredible one night stand she's ever had in her life. Landon is working undercover as a deckhand on the same yacht much to Skylar's dismay. Skylar doesn't need a man, and doesn't want a man. She wants her 3 basic needs met and is perfectly capable of providing for herself. Skylar does her best to keep Landon from her until they decide on a mutual arrangement, but a girl can only fight the magnetic personality and amazing good looks for so long. No need to wonder if they are meant to be, because Louise Bay is always giving her readers the perfectly woven story. I did expect more to come from Landon's story being undercover, but as always Louise is focused on the characters themselves driving the story. So while I think that there's that loose thread just left to be picked at, it doesn't unravel this book. A visit from characters from The Ruthless Gentleman are welcome additions that tie the 2 standalones together. While the title of this book is The Wrong Gentleman, there's nothing wrong with reading this one.
Gyrithe 28 days ago
Back at sea again.. So nice to be back in this universe. Back in the yacht world, that Louise is so good describing. It's like she paints a picture , so you feel like you are there. Skylar has this list of how a man should be, for her to want a relationship at all, she knows no man could ever live up to this. It's impossible. But Landon comes pretty close. He comes so close that she breaks one of her rules, and spend one night with him. And as we all know, that is never enough. Landon, ex-Special Forces ex- business owner. In between jobs, and dont knows what to do next in life, takes this small job to help out. He just has to keep an eye out for this guy on a yacht. But little does he know, somebody els is also on that ship. somebody who he cant keep his eyes of, somebody that takes up more and more of his time. Louises books have become my go to palet cleansers in between all the other genres that i love to read. I need her books to keep me sane, and in touch with the good and beautiful lovestorys that makes life a good place to be in. And when your go to auther keeps delivering one good book after the other, then you cant stay away.
ProfessorRomance 28 days ago
Louise Bay has this way about her male heroes. They seem very much in control of their lives...until they aren’t. And this control typically becomes the hands of an unassuming heroine. It doesn’t matter if you’re reading British royalty or billionaire businessmen or men who’ve just sold their security business for millions of dollars. With the right woman, these men simply change and become better: “She thought I’d been the one to change things for her, but she’d changed me completely. And she’d never know.” This is very true of her most recent offering, The Wrong Gentleman. I was very excited to get my hands on an early copy of this book as I love to see an alpha man brought to his knees. This new book does not disappoint with that. Landon, Bay’s H, is handsome, capable, focused, incredibly skilled at spying and bedding women, and he’s emotionally unavailable. He does not engage in relationships, so his permanency with women is non-existent. He likes them for one thing and one thing only. You can guess what that is: “I hated the idea of a part-time girlfriend or wife. I didn’t do things by halves.” His life is his work, and there is nothing that he allows to interfere. Obviously, being closed to relationships with women leaves an opportunity for a woman to enter his life and change him. C’mon. This is a Louise Bay novel, so it is destined to happen. Enter Skylar. Now, similar to Landon, Skylar is also not interested in relationships with men. However, unlike Landon’s work, her past informs her present and future: “I wouldn’t end up like my mother. I didn’t want her life or her death.” Skylar is strong, beautiful, talented with her job as the head steward on a yacht, and dedicated to her friends. However, like Landon, there are parts of her that are emotionally stunted. Herein lies the deliciousness of a Louise Bay novel. These two will meet, they will feel an instantaneous attraction, and they will eventually realize that they cannot live without each other. However, to get to that moment, they will struggle. In The Wrong Gentleman, I found myself wanting to reach into the book and smack Skylar upside her head. Her past is horrible, but I thought she was too stubborn for too long. Her emotional walls are solidly in place, and it takes most of the book for Landon to tear them down (along with his own walls). Even when her emotional walls are destroyed/lowered, Landon’s choices and secrets destroy her and cause those walls to grow even stronger than before. Though I struggled with her earlier in the book, this moment in the book tore my heart out. This is Bay’s genius. Her characters are written in such a way that you cannot help but feel their pain and their eventual happiness. And this is very true of The Wrong Gentleman. By the end of this book, you will love Landon and Skylar. Through their challenges and their love and their separation and their eventual HEA, you will fall in love with them. They show us all that our past does not need to make decisions for our present and future. Landon: “I couldn’t imagine a time when I wouldn’t feel the same way. It was as if she were a part of me, and without her, there would be some element missing. I wanted to stay connected with her---physically, mentally, emotionally---forever.” Skylar: “Landon Wolf was the last man I’d ever expected to end up with, but he was the only man I would ever love. The only man who’d showed me he could be trusted. I knew as long as I was with him,
Sara_Sue 28 days ago
I can’t be the only one that has a weakness for the British male? Right? I mean, I can’t be the only one hearing Landon’s British accent whispered in my ear via Zachary Webber’s voice! Y’all are totally hearing it now! You have to be!! Anyways, Landon is my favorite kind of male character. With the Special Forces behind him and currently building up a security business, he’s fierce and determined. He’s also not looking for anything serious... perhaps just a person to warm his bed for a night. There’s definitely something about this man! He’s sweet and kind, fun and flirty, and did I mention his British accent?!? I loved Skylar for him. Skylar may start out as a summer fling but she brings so much more meaning to his life. She was fun and flirty, caring and she intrigued him. The heat level these two brought about was insane. They were off the charts! Couldn’t stay away from each other. I was going to combust just reading them! Louise Bay wrote a story that really pulled me in, consumed my heart and mind from start to finish. I swear, her characters and plot gets better with every story! The Wrong Gentleman is definitely one to grab right away... there’s a bit of mystery, of intrigue and even some added in suspense. I received an ARC of this book with the hope that I would leave an Unbiased Opinion. I was not required to leave a review, positive or otherwise, and my opinions are just that... my opinions.
Satcey 28 days ago
Such a good read. I couldn’t put it down!! A one night stand, which doesn’t stay a one night stand. I loved reading about life aboard a luxury yacht, the characters were relatable and I found the story gripping. I can’t fault Louise Bay’s books, they’re enjoyable, easy reads and can’t wait for the next one.
Donatelli 28 days ago
3.5 Stars The Wrong Gentleman is the first book I have read by Louise Bay. This hot international romance hit all my must-haves for a page-turning, slow-burning, sizzling romance book. The book is well written, and the characters are entirely developed and grow throughout the book. The author takes us from Ohio to the South of France and then to one of my favorite cities in the world London. I enjoyed the storyline and loved the whole idea of the rich yachting microcosm where people seem to get whatever they want, but I would have appreciated a little bit more of this in the book. Some twists come at the end, and I did like that, but I just wanted more of the undercover theme, the danger, and the suspense this plot-line could have delivered. The book in written in a dual point of view going between the two main characters Skylar and Landon. And although I do like internal dialogue from characters, at times it was a bit overdone. I would have enjoyed more interaction between Landon and Skylar. Landon is retired special forces and has a successful security business, which he just sold, so he is taking some time off to relax when a friend asks him to do some undercover work on a luxury yacht. And, did I mention he is broodingly HOT and British? Which of course makes him all the hotter. Can you imagine how the audio of this book will sound? Landon doesn't do relationships…ever, so when he meets the hot blond, Skylar, he goes for the one night stand. Skyler has had a difficult life, and definitely has trust issues when it comes to men, but not in the usual way. She is solely focusing on maintaining her independence and moving forward with her career as a head steward in the luxury yacht circuit. At the beginning of the book, I liked the way the author portrayed Skylar to be superficial and a bit of a gold digger, but we soon found out there was so much more to her character. Skylar and Landon are two very lonely people and believe they are happy. They have some darkness in their pasts and have built up walls to keep them from ever getting hurt. It was fun watching those walls crumble. So what could one little indulgence hurt?? This story is about when a one night stand is just not enough. Landon and Skylar’s story was an enjoyable read, and I do look forward to reading more from Louise Bay. ***ARC kindly provided by the author/publisher, this is my honest review.***
Katiemahansen 28 days ago
I couldn't get enough of this book once I picked it up. I loved every single thing about this book. I thoroughly enjoyed the character development between Skylar and Landon. I really enjoyed reading their story and I highly recommend that you read it for yourself as well. I definitely know that you will enjoy it.
AJ33 28 days ago
What happens when an alfa male come into contact with a beautiful woman? The usual I suspect. However, Skylar Andersen has seen some pretty boys before, and she is not falling for the act. Skylar is out to find her dreams on her terms. What can change her mind? Landon Wolf has been a special agent specialist for his country, has owned his security business and has never fallen for a woman that is until he meets his match at a bar. It’s a fun, flirty read getting us primed for more interesting characters down the line.
Melissa Shipe 28 days ago
I’m a big fan of this author and this book didn’t disappoint. I didn’t love Skyler at the beginning, but she grew on me as the story unfolded. I did loved Skyler and Logan as a couple, it was a fantastic story of a "one night stand" that turned into more.
PamLCT 28 days ago
Louise Bay does it again with a follow-up yachtie story. This one is filled with love, intrigue, reluctant hero's and heroine's and lots of luxury. And let's not forget the hotness factor that this author can always bring, and bring it well! I devoured this one. These stories make me want to be part of a yachting crew myself, even if I do have motion sickness! We follow Skylar from the last story, and Landon, on a new private yacht adventure in the Mediterranean. Landon is a an ex-army security specialist on a mission, but a one-night stand turns into a huge surprise when he take his next special mission. I loved the surprise I got toward the middle of the book. I don't think I was paying attention at first to know who the hero is. We get to see another glimpse of Hayden and Avery from 'A Ruthless Gentleman' and they are still as cute as they were in the first book. Landon and Skylar have their fair share of troubles to work through, both are relationship phobic and have sworn off love. But there's always that one person who changes your mind about what could be. I loved this couple, I loved the story and I loved the ending. Another great romance to add to my library.