Before We Fell

Before We Fell

by Stacey Lynn

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BN ID: 2940161262252
Publisher: Stacey Lynn
Publication date: 04/09/2019
Series: Love In The Heartland
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 1,167
File size: 2 MB

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Before We Fell 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Anonymous 4 days ago
This is an emotional, heartfelt, steamy, with a little humor, and just an over all great book at 282 nook pages. I truly enjoyed this story, that at times I had a hard time putting it down! ****
BBBGirlsBlog 5 days ago
This is the first book I've read by Stacey Lynn. Noah makes a sympathetic hero straight from the start. Lauren is a strong heroine who has put her past in the rearview mirror. When they first meet, they can't stand each other, but the universe throws them together. I love how they interact with each other, and you can just tell that they are made for each other. Their personalities balance each other out, and you are rooting for them almost from the start. This was a very enjoyable read. Reviewed by: Clare M.
NadineBookaholic 6 days ago
This book had me going through tissues like there was no tomorrow!!!! Gut wrenching sobs overtook me at times where I had to put the book down and gather myself, but then there were times that this book was so hot I was grabbing a cold glass of water to cool off. To say my emotions ran the gambit would be an understatement. Noah's life is changed when his sister and brother-in-law are killed and he is given custody of his young niece, Riley. Riley was the only witness to her parents murder and it took it's toll on her, it changed the vibrant young eight year old to someone no one recognized any longer, she didn't talk to anyone and she didn't want to interact with anyone. It was so, so sad. But then she met her new school teacher in the new town that she and her Uncle Noah moved to and things changed. Lauren's heart broke when she heard about Riley's story and that was before she met her new student. There was a sweet connection between the two and it was definitely heartwarming to see that Riley could open up to someone even if her uncle wasn't to happy about it at the beginning. The chemistry between Lauren and Noah was smoking hot but the true heart of the story was Riley and how they made a life for her after everything had been taken away. While this book is the fourth book in the Love in the Heartland Series this book, as well as the others, can be read as a standalone. I highly recommend this book but please be warned you will need a box of tissues. Happy Reading!!! **I have voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of this book for my Blog, Nadine's Obsessed with Books**
gillek2 8 days ago
After the loss of his sister and brother in-law Noah finds himself as the guardian of his traumatized eight year old niece Riley. Wanting to do what is best for Riley he leaves his high profile career as a lawyer in the city to return to his hometown so that they can be near family. He is feeling out of his depth and not sure how to help Riley when Lauren enters their life. Lauren is not only Riley’s teacher, but she is their neighbor as well. Riley is not talking and has emotionally detached herself from other however Lauren is determined to help her heal even if initially her uncle is not onside. As a relationship develops not only between Lauren and Riley but Lauren and Noah as well, but when the truth is revealed from the past will it destroy the happiness they have found? This a beautiful and emotional story about love, family and healing that will break your heart and put it back together.
Anonymous 9 days ago
CeeCeeHouston 9 days ago
This book!! I laughed, I swooned and OMG, I cried. What started as a hot single Uncle story turned into quite an emotional and heartrending tale. Noah Wilkes has been left to raise his sister and brother-in-law’s daughter , Riley, in the aftermath of their murder. Noah was the happy-go-lucky guy who lived life to the fullest and had his share of throwaway companions. After moving back home with his young niece, he struggles to find balance but when he meets Riley’s teacher it’s lust at first sight, although he fights it to begin with. Lauren has been teaching for three years and is happy with her life. It may be kinda empty right now but she has hopes of finding the right man for her. Never in a million years would she have expected to fall for a pupil’s parent, or in this case, guardian. Noak Wilkes is all man and even though he was a bit of an a**h*le at first, he soon grows on her. Their relationship is slow growing, and a quiet, gentle kind of love, even with a burning chemistry. But, there’s a giant bump in the road just waiting to trip them up and when it does, it’s massive. It rends and tears and my heart just broke for them all, but mostly Lauren as she ended up bearing the brunt of it. It’s not often that the heroine in a story gets to air her feelings when the hero has done her an injustice, but thankfully Lauren got her moment to tell Noah exactly where he went wrong and how. Not gonna lie, I cried with her here. Did Noah see the error of his way? Or did her let the best thing in his life just walk away forever? Find out when you grab your copy of Before We Fell.
shobeteener 10 days ago
Noah has done everything and is doing everything he can for his niece Riley including giving up his high power job. When when I read what is causing her not to talk and communicate with others I was gutted. Her teacher, Lauren is the type of teacher that is fully invested in her students and wants to reach them on whatever level she can. I really admire Lauren. She does not back down from Noah. She has both Riley and Noah's best interest at heart. Though Noah and Lauren fight their chemistry at first it becomes too powerful not to give in. Just when life seems to be looking like there is a bright future for the three of them their world is blown apart by the one person that has practically ruined Lauren's life since childhood. A person that Lauren has no responsibility for. How is it fair that Lauren has to continuously pay for his actions. On the other-hand how is Noah supposed to overlook that the person who is so closely connected to Lauren destroyed Riley and Noah's life. How do you get beyond that. A warning alert: you'll want tissues close at hand when reading this book. At least I had to have them. This book is extremely well written.
BookBoyfriendAddict 11 days ago
Reviewed on behalf of The Book Boyfriend Addict. A complimentary copy was provided in exchange for an honest review. It didn’t matter that he was sexy. It didn’t matter that when I sat in his living room and spent hours talking to him, I’d felt completely pulled to him. He was completely off-limits. And I had to remember that. The first time Noah Wilkes walked into Lauren Frazier’s classroom she was taken with the handsome hot-shot, big city lawyer but his anger and his rudeness overshadowed any of his good qualities. It wasn’t until she witnessed his more vulnerable side when it came to his interactions with his niece Riley, who he had moved back to his small town to care for. Little by little, Lauren chipped away at Noah’s tough exterior and helped not only him, but Riley too. As they grow close and Lauren can finally see the future she’s always dreamed of, a shocking revelation threatens to tear them apart for good. In light of this devastating discovery, can they find their way back to the happiness they once shared or had their fate been sealed long before they’d ever even met? I knew there was something special about Lauren. Something different, something that made a man re-think his life and his past, and vow to be different. Stacey Lynn has a knack for delivering stories that’ll pull at your heartstrings and Before We Fell is no exception. From the tragic events that kick off the book to the heartbreaking twist, later on, it’ll give you all the feels. Noah was such a jerk when we first meet him but it didn’t take long to see the good man he kept hidden. Seeing him interact with his niece and his desire to do right by her was really sweet. I enjoyed seeing Lauren stand up to Noah and eventually work her way into his heart. They were very sweet together and I loved the little family they made with Riley. It wasn’t all smooth sailing though and even though I had figured out the twist well before it was revealed, I still read with bated breath as I anticipated the moment the other shoe would drop. And knowing what was going to happen did nothing to diminish the painful fallout. I will say, I understood Noah’s reaction to this turn of events, at least initially, but I was a little disappointed in him as more time passed. I enjoyed how everything ultimately turned out but I would have loved more of a grovel from Noah! Lauren definitely deserved that. In any event, this was still an enjoyable read that hits right in the feels! Noah was a force all on his own, magnetic, drawing me to him in confusing ways from the moment he stomped down the hallway of my school.
CrystalsBookWorld 11 days ago
Stacey Lynn fractured my heart with Before We Fell. I am still unwinding from this emotional story. Noah was a certified a*hole alpha male. Until Riley came into his life....well lets say he only soften a bit for her. From chapter one, the tears were already flowing. I already knew this was going to be a book that I would not be able to stop reading until I reached the end. Stacey Lynn pulls your heart strings with events that will have you wishing that never happened. But this is where Lauren steps in and blows me away! She stands up to Noah even at the lowest that he has ever been. That took courage. That took caring. That took a whole lot of understanding. Riley will break your heart. It will be hard to put back together and I am not sure I left unscathed. Before We Fell is a must read folks! If you need a story that will bring out many emotions, THIS IS IT!
Marlene976 11 days ago
This book, story, the characters all of it was exceptional. The pain, the love, the patience, forgiveness and that darling Riley! So many beautiful and touching moments and the words were so eloquent, and flowed so well, here is sample of that writing "Beauty and perfection could be seen in the messes and the dirt you just had to see it, appreciate each moment as it came" WOW that sentence says so much about this story. For me, reading this book was the highlight of year.
Anonymous 11 days ago
mamalovestoread22 11 days ago
In the blink of an eye Noah Wilkes's entire life came crashing down around him, he went from being a big city lawyer to an instant parent of his niece. He had no idea where to even begin, court room dilemmas he can handle, but daily routines and caring for a child was completely overwhelming. So he left his job and the big city behind, and moved a little closer to home and his parents, hoping his mother could help steer him in the right direction. But he never expected it to steer him a little closer to love... and to a woman that would change his life for the better. Before We Fell is a heartbreakingly beautiful tale of new beginnings, healing, and unconditional love. Within the pages of this perfectly penned novel you will meet a handsome lawyer turned new father, his lovable niece, and the woman who wanders into their lives and pieces their dim and broken world back together. As I read this story my heart broke for this family, especially Riley, that poor little girl lost so much. But little by little I saw her go from being closed off, to a happy, well adjusted, vibrant little girl, and boy did that do my heart good, and bring a few happy tears too. There was so much to love about this one, the angst filled story line brought feels, there were moments of pure joy that made me smile, and of course steamy times to curl the toes. I just cannot say enough good things about this one, definitely one of Ms. Lynn's best to date!! Highly recommend! I requested an advanced copy of this title from the publisher, and I am voluntarily leaving my honest opinion.
Kelly_BTCBlog 12 days ago
This story is emotional. It’s heartbreaking and full of pain and suffering. But it’s also passionate and tender, with dreamy and inspiring moments of love and happiness. This book makes you FEEL. Period. Although Before We Fell is part of the Love in the Heartland series, it can be read as a standalone. Stacey Lynn has become a go-to author for me. Her stories are beautifully layered with complexity that makes the story lines unique and captivating. Before We Fell is just another example of the author’s striking narrative of a truly poignant romance. I found myself crying over multiple parts of this story. Not the proverbial tears upon reading such an impacting story, but real tears over the heartache and stunning revelations that transpire throughout the book. There was not a single moment that went by while reading that I was not completely and utterly enthralled with the characters. As much as the journey taken by Noah, Lauren, and Riley is extremely traumatic and devastating, it also shows how strong and fiercely loyal these people can be when faced with indescribable despair and grief. Trust and faith are pushed to the limits, but honesty and forgiveness are the only things needed to truly mend fractured hearts. I don’t want to go into exact specifics of this story, as I think it’s one you just need to dive head first into and discover the powerful and touching dynamic yourself. Before We Fell is an unbelievable must-read, and one of my favorite books of 2019! 5 Stars!