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With the double album BooPac, Louisiana rap veteran Boosie Badazz was clearly aiming to make his All Eyez on Me. The title to that iconic release is mentioned on the third song, "God Wants Me to Ball," and Boosie directly references 2Pac on "Wrong Role Model" and "Trust Nobody." Like Shakur before him, Boosie writes extensively about his troubled, turbulent life, with references to his prison sentences, his ongoing battle with diabetes, and his treatment and recovery from kidney cancer. Other lyrical topics include his experiences taking and selling drugs, relationship issues, and betrayal by friends and family. He's far more introspective and confessional than most of his peers, aiming to make music for people to relate to rather than just tracks for clubs or the radio. With production by Mouse on Tha Track, Timmydahitman, Matthew Applewhite, and several others, the tracks range from straightforward trap bangers to lighter, occasionally gospel-infused tracks with uplifting piano melodies. While tracks such as "Real Shooter" and "Liar" are vicious and aggressive, there are plenty of hopeful, encouraging ones such as the Anthony Hamilton-featuring "I Hope You Make It" and the maternal appreciation ode "Me & Mama." On songs like "Everything" and "Heartless Hearts," Boosie expresses his devastation at the tragic events of his life, as well as the resulting hopelessness and depression. Over slow, glacial beats, "I Testify" takes a look at America's problems, mentioning the Flint, Michigan water crisis, racial inequality, overweight children, and other issues. The juxtapositions of hard attitude and soft music can be jarring at times, but this is clearly music created to provoke emotions and make an impact on the listener rather than just fade into the background.

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Release Date: 12/15/2017
Label: Atlantic
UPC: 0075678658938
catalogNumber: 565507
Rank: 26287


Disc 1

  1. Don Dada
  2. Real Shooter
  3. God Wants Me to Ball
  4. Webbie I Remember
  5. Cocaine Fever
  6. Liar
  7. I Hope You Make It
  8. Me & Mama
  9. I'm That N***a Now
  10. Me, Myself & I
  11. Different Cloth
  12. My Pain Runs Deep

Disc 2

  1. Everything
  2. Heartless Hearts
  3. You Don't Know Me Like That
  4. Get Ya Mind Right
  5. Real Friends
  6. Let Me Know
  7. Motherless Child
  8. I Testify
  9. Semi on Me
  10. Wrong Role Model
  11. Get Me Outta Here
  12. Trust Nobody

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Boosie Badazz   Primary Artist

Technical Credits

Anthony Hamilton   Composer
Webbie   Composer
Turk & Mel   Executive Producer
John Wright   Composer
Torrence Hatch   Composer
Brandon McDonald   Producer
Brian Walcott   Composer
Rob Gold   Art Manager
Corey Dennard   Producer
Alexandra "Ali B." Bianchi   Marketing
Antonio Walker   Producer
A. Samir Urbina   Producer
Matthew Applewhite   Producer
Timothy Link   Producer
Mykel Cook   Producer
Gene Hixon   Producer
Kevian "Kd Designz" Dodd   Art Direction
Jeremy Biddle   Composer
Edward Sharpe-Raymond   Producer
Cornell Davis   Producer
Everybody Know Stroud   Producer

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