Born 1 Die 2 . Born 2 Die 1

Born 1 Die 2 . Born 2 Die 1

by Frank W. Mitchell, Joanne B. Mitchell


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About the Authors: Frank and Joanne Mitchell are new writers. This now published work has been anticipated for some years. Frank and his wife Joanne lives in South Florida with their 4 children and grandchildren.
After accepting Jesus Christ in 1983, Frank has been studying God's Word. Over the years, little by little he began to learn more and more about God's Word. As he studied, he began to learn how much he didn't know and how much it was to learn. It was like discovering a New Frontier. Realizing that he had been given an unending desire and urgency to see people born again by accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and worshiping Him, he had an urgency to present to others an opportunity to see what he saw (The Love of God) in a simplistic form.
It wasn't until 2013 that he finally began to put his thoughts and feelings down on paper in the form of this book, BORN 1 DIE 2.BORN 2 DIE 1. He believes that he is being used as a vessel to deliver God's message of Salvation to anyone that is not saved and maybe a little clearer understanding to those who are saved.
Frank led an adult Bible study in 2011 at the church where he and his wife Joanne regularly worships. He and Joanne have been Middle School Bible table leaders since 2012 until presently. Frank has been a volunteer campus coach for First Priority of South Florida since 2013 until presently. He works with public schools in the South Florida area .In 2015 he has become involved with Fellowship of Christian Athletes.
Joanne's experience as a believer was at a much younger age when her parents allowed a missionary whose name was Ms. Bergman to have a Bible study in their home where Joanne eventually made a decision to accept Jesus Christ at the age of 13. Joanne has been extremely instrumental in looking up and checking scriptures for this book.
Frank and Joanne believes that everyone should be presented with an opportunity to decide if they prefer to be Born 1 Die 2 or Born 2 Die 1. This means that when you come out of your mother's womb, you are born one time. If you are never Born again by accepting Christ you will die once when you die a physical death and you will already be spiritually dead, Die 2. You are born once and you will die twice. If you are Born again by accepting Christ, you will die a physical death but you will not be dead spiritually. You will be born twice and you will only die once, if you make that choice. "And as it is appointed unto man once to die and after this, the judgment" (KJ, Hebrew 9.27).

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ISBN-13: 9781498459402
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication date: 01/21/2016
Pages: 238
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