Born and Raised in a Sect: You are Not Alone

Born and Raised in a Sect: You are Not Alone

by Lois Kendall PhD


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What is it like to grow up in a strict religion or sect? Why did my parents become involved in this group? Why do people stare at me? Born and Raised in a Sect answers many, often unspoken, questions and enables the reader to better grasp what the experience of a sect upbringing and recovery from it may be like.

Dr. Kendall is a leading researcher and a passionate advocate of those born and raised in sects. Her book enables the reader to grasp the enormity of the challenges facing this diverse group of people, including

• the risks and vulnerabilities associated with maltreatment and abuse

• the potential impact on child and adolescent development

• socialization and whether or not the child received state schooling

• how children and young people come to leave sects and what happens to them afterwards

• the practical and emotional challenges they may face, such as stigmatization, loss, trauma, and identity.

All of these issues are addressed, and much more. The voice of those born and raised in sects shines through in the pages of this book, especially through the use of quotes from research participants and autobiographies.

This book will be of interest to academics and those who support this population, such as loved ones, teachers, clinicians, clergy, or other professionals. Of course, those who might receive the most from reading Born and Raised in a Sect are those who themselves have had this experience. May the words of this book soothe your soul and sharpen your mind.

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ISBN-13: 9780995556201
Publisher: Progression Publishing
Publication date: 11/05/2016
Pages: 474
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About the Author

Dr. Kendall's research has looked at the effects of sect membership. She has spoken widely in the area of sects, cults, and new or strict religions. She lives close to London in England.

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