Born To Love

Born To Love

by John R Waiss
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Born To Love by John R Waiss

Many Christians today find it hard to accept that "homosexuality is wrong" based on the Bible or Church authority: it seems to contradict what they know to be obviously OK and normal. Others are convinced that gay-lesbian lifestyle is wrong, but have no answer for those who justify it with Scripture.

Born to Love is a clear, solid presentation of Catholic teaching on homosexuality and related topics. Fr. John Waiss' presentation is well grounded in John Paul II's personalist philosophy and Theology of the Body, making convincing arguments that are accessible to all. He focuses on the intrinsic good of the person and on the true meaning of sexuality as created by God. This is much more helpful than a list of "do's and don'ts."

Born to Love is written as a dialogue that gives it a personal, easy-going feeling and avoids treating homosexuality in a generic or abstract manner. The story is engaging, capturing the reader's interest while piquing his curiosity about what is coming next. Fr. Waiss' many years of pastoral experience gives the dialogue an authentic feel. Yet his great strength is the ability to present Church teaching positively, thoroughly, and methodically, while remaining completely faithful to Catholic doctrine. He does it with great compassion.

YOUNG PEOPLE will find in Born to Love insights on how to deal with friends and peers who may advocate the homosexual persuasion as valid and wholesome as any other. They will discover how they can be truly compassionate while sticking to the truth of their Faith, being true to themselves as well as to God.

PARENTS will find in Born to Love suggestions for improving their relationships with their children-no matter what age-relationships that will be the foundation of their future identity as persons. They will learn that improving all their relationships (including with God) is the best help they can offer, especially when faced with a loved-one who has embraced the gay-lesbian lifestyle. They will also learn that compromising their own beliefs and values not only hurts their relationship with God and others, but also makes their child's or relative's identity even more amorphous and tenuous.

SEMINARIANS and PRIESTS will experience in Born to Love a great pastoral approach that is based on a solid foundation of biblical anthropology. This is Theology of the Body practically applied.

TEACHERS and YOUTH MINISTERS will learn from Born to Love to understand the very personal nature of same-sex-attraction and how to lead the young people to follow their personal path to the fullness of life, love and relationships, based on embracing Church teaching and giving oneself as Christ did on the Cross, realizing that a happy life always involves sacrifice.

Born to Love analyzes the Bible's teaching on homosexuality in-depth, addressing common objections and misconstrued scriptural arguments. Fr. Waiss shows how the Church's teaching fits the unified teaching on sexuality in the Bible.

Born to Love also addresses questions such as: What aspects of homosexuality are personal choices? What aspects are not? What does the science say? Born to Love gives straightforward answers that go beyond common myths and stereotypes to get to its root-causes. The science is well documented.

How to approach political issues is also addressed, such as "gay-marriage" or gay adoption: Are these civil rights, as interracial marriage is? How should we support families through our civil laws and institutions?

The author takes the "love the sinner, hate the sin" approach to a new level, showing Christians how to help family, friends, and colleagues-whether or not they struggle with same-sex-attraction-to develop a healthy, personal identity by developing strong, non-erotic, and unselfish relationships.

-Fr. Benedict Groeschel, C.F.R.-priest, author, psychologist, and TV show host-writes the Foreword that introduces the book.

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Publication date: 08/26/2009
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Born To Love 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great Book
asinner4u More than 1 year ago
Very well written, and a great book for those who struggle with same sex attraction and those who dont.
col1a2 More than 1 year ago
Fr. John Waiss covers this topic in a very sensitive and respectful way. The book is worth a million bucks because it not only helps to understand better homosexuality but clearly explains many basic concepts related to identity, relationships, and self-gift. This book could be a great gift not only for those who struggle with homosexual inclinations, but also for those who for one reason or another have to deal with homosexuals whether they are friends, family, or colleagues. The book clearly identifies the root of the problem, and provides useful advice on how to help those affected by it. There is a solution, there is hope, and people can change... all they need is help and to want to change. I would highly recommend the book!