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Parisian singer/songwriter Franck Rabeyrolles' one-man band project, the Double U (not to be confused with the '90s Bay Area experimental indie act of the same name), traffics in a blend of folky acoustic guitar and chilled-out electronic beats that will be entirely familiar to fans of José González or most acts on the European cult label Morr Music. His third full-length, Bosphorus, dials back considerably on the occasionally hip-hop-influenced beats of his debut, Life Behind a Window, and the glitchy soundscapes of its follow-up, A Bottle in a Sea, in favor of a more intimate, guitar-based setting that puts more emphasis on Rabeyrolles' voice and lyrics. Unfortunately, this doesn't always show off Rabeyrolles' strengths to their best advantage: though "Burnin" is under three minutes long, it's so melodically simplistic and lyrically repetitive that it sounds at least twice that length. More traditionally atmospheric bliss-outs like "Satisfaction" and genuinely lovely soundscapes like "The End," which features woody clarinet sounds and bell-like keyboard tones, are better examples of the Double U's skills, as is the stark, heartbroken opener "71" and the playful, sunny folk-pop of "Tr."

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Release Date: 02/20/2007
Label: Nocturne
UPC: 0826596007335
catalogNumber: 733

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