Botany: An Introduction To Plant Biology / Edition 4

Botany: An Introduction To Plant Biology / Edition 4

by James D. Mauseth
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Jones & Bartlett Learning


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Botany: An Introduction To Plant Biology / Edition 4

Newly updated, Botany: An Introduction to Plant Biology, Fourth Edition provides an current, thorough overview of the fundamentals of botany. The topics and chapters are organized in a sequence that is easy to follow, beginning with the most familiar -- structure -- and proceeding to the less familiar -- metabolism -- then finishing with those topics that are probably the least familiar to most beginning students -- genetics, evolution, the diversity of organisms, and ecology.

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ISBN-13: 9780763753450
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
Publication date: 09/01/2008
Edition description: 4E
Pages: 672
Product dimensions: 9.40(w) x 11.10(h) x 1.20(d)

Table of Contents

1Introduction to Plants and Botany1
2Introduction to the Principles of Chemistry18
Part 1Plant Structure
3Cell Structure54
4Growth and Division of the Cell90
5Tissues and the Primary Growth of Stems114
8Structure of Woody Plants209
9Flowers and Reproduction244
Part 2Plant Physiology and Development
10Energy Metabolism: Photosynthesis280
11Energy Metabolism: Respiration315
12Transport Processes341
13Soils and Mineral Nutrition373
14Development and Morphogenesis399
15Genes and the Genetic Basis of Metabolism and Development433
Part 3Genetics and Evolution
17Population Genetics and Evolution502
18Classification and Systematics528
19Kingdom Monera: Prokaryotes552
20Kingdom Myceteae: Fungi582
21Algae and the Origin of Eukaryotic Cells617
22Nonvascular Plants: Mosses, Liverworts, and Hornworts655
23Vascular Plants Without Seeds682
24Seed Plants I: Gymnosperms720
25Seed Plants II: Angiosperms751
Part 4Ecology
26Populations and Ecosystems786

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