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Both Sides [Deluxe Edition]

Both Sides [Deluxe Edition]

by Phil CollinsPhil Collins

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Like Face Value before it, Both Sides could be characterized as a "divorce album," but marriage wasn't the only thing Phil Collins was leaving behind in 1993. He was two years removed from We Can't Dance, the 1991 album that turned out to be his last with Genesis, so at a personal and professional crossroads, Collins holed up in his home studio to write and record the songs that became Both Sides. Apart from the relatively chipper "We're Sons of Our Fathers" and "We Wait and We Wonder," a percolating number that feels like a retort to Peter Gabriel's Us, Both Sides is moody without being menacing; it never slides into the stark, skeletal territory that gave "In the Air Tonight" a sense of unease. Rather, Collins turns inward, reveling in a hushed melancholy that conveys heartbreak and loss while skirting the edge of desperation. Song titles tell the tale: there are "Both Sides of the Story," but you "Can't Turn Back the Years" and "Can't Find My Way," and you wind up as "Survivors." By abandoning his thirst for big pop hooks and swapping introspection for art rock, he winds up with an album that is quietly compelling: it lacks the big hits but it feels complete as an album. [The 2016 double-disc reissue contains "Take Me with You" (a song that Collins rightly claims should've been on the finished product), a heavy dose of live renditions that open up the songs, and a couple of unheard songs: "I've Been Trying," which simmers at a level commensurate with the rest of the record, and "Hero," which leans slightly toward the adult contemporary side of things.]

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Release Date: 01/29/2016
Label: Rhino
UPC: 0081227953966
catalogNumber: 550169
Rank: 194073


Disc 1

  1. Both Sides of the Story
  2. Can't Turn Back the Years
  3. Everyday
  4. I've Forgotten Everything
  5. We're Sons of Our Fathers
  6. Can't Find My Way
  7. Survivors
  8. We Fly So Close
  9. There's a Place for Us
  10. We Wait and We Wonder
  11. Please Come Out Tonight

Disc 2

  1. Take Me with You
  2. Both Sides of the Story
  3. Can't Turn Back the Years
  4. Survivors
  5. Everyday
  6. We Wait and We Wonder
  7. Can't Find My Way
  8. I've Been Trying
  9. Both Sides of the Story (Paris Unplugged)
  10. Hero

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