Boucher's World: Emergent

Boucher's World: Emergent

by Bea Cannon

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Boucher's World: Emergent by Bea Cannon

Boucher’s World, where every sentient being is endowed with psychic abilities.
But, having these abilities hasn’t been any help in getting them out of a Dome that covers their entire continent, effectively keeping them imprisoned.
It has been this way since shortly after Earthlings joined another race, the Elvwists, on the planet in the Epsilon Eridani star system a little over two thousand years ago. No one knows who put it there or why.
One day, a predult Human descendant of the original settlers, Jade Lowry, and her Cat partner, Tally, make a remarkable discovery: a door to the outside.
Have a pest company worker and her cat partner found the key to freedom?

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BN ID: 2940045069366
Publisher: Bea Cannon
Publication date: 11/05/2012
Series: Boucher's World , #1
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 944,726
File size: 431 KB

About the Author

Bea lives in Charlotte, NC. In addition to writing science fiction and fantasy (and a smidgen of horror) she enjoys a good read, working crossword puzzles, walking, drawing, and painting. She is a retired electronics technician and admits to having worked at a variety of other jobs during her life, including being a dishwasher, a busgirl, a house maid, a motel/hotel maid, working in a fast-food joint, a telephone operator, and a store clerk. There have been other, not-so-glamorous jobs, including picking cotton. She also daydreams a lot.

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Boucher's World: Emergent 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anmasm More than 1 year ago
Boucher's World: Emergent was a pleasant surprise. Firstly, it's a good story well-written and told, and clearly the first chapter in a much larger tale. Secondly, it's a softer type of sci-fi, and elements of the author's unhurried, agreeable style reminded me of works by Octavia Butler, Doris Lessing and, in some aspects, Orson Scott Card. At 122,000 words, Boucher's world is quite long for a book (IMO) most suited to the female young (and not so) adult market. That said, it "feels" and reads much shorter, and while it's not a page-turner in an action-packed, adrenalin-fueled sense, the flowing, easy prose and gradual build up and development of the characters, the relationships between them and of Boucher's World itself drew me in and kept me turning the pages and wanting to learn more. Without giving too much away, Emergent begins when the heroine Jade, a teenage pest-controller, and her "evolved" feline companion, Tally, find a doorway out of the mysterious dome that appeared some 2000 years previously, sealing both the recently-arrived human, and already-established alien, colonists on one continent of the planet. A small, mixed group of humans (all with certain psychic/telekinetic abilities), evolved pets (sentient cats and dogs) and eleven-foot Elvwist (alien colonists) are chosen to leave the dome, each group hoping to contact their homeworld; the humans using the communicators located in the abandoned colonist's ships, and the more advanced (but slowly becoming extinct) Elvwist, by telepathy. As I said above, it's sci-fi, but it's not, and instead of focussing on the "sci" part, the author concentrates on the "fi", creating vivid, vibrant characters and romantic relationships that grow with a story that just happens to be set in the 24th century on a terra-formed planet eleven light years from Earth. I do have one niggle: Emergent ends without answering any of the burning questions it puts to the reader. Who put the dome in place, and why? What's going on back on earth and on the Elvwist homeworlds? Why are the characters' extra sensory abilities evolving so quickly outside the dome? Why is Jade so important to the continuity of the Elvwist race? Again, as I said above, Boucher's World: Emergent appears to be the first chapter in a MUCH longer story that is well worth reading.