Bound, an Earth Walker's Handbook: Realm 666, New Canaan Edition

Bound, an Earth Walker's Handbook: Realm 666, New Canaan Edition


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Can Christians be spiritual and religious? Do they even know the difference between the two? Through a guide for guardian angels entering into basic training for service to "womankind," Bound, an Earth Walker's handbook overhauls Western Christianity with integrity and clarity.

Tackling subjects such as hypocrisy, racial prejudice, and misogyny, Bound cuts traditional religion back to its healthy roots: love, rigorous honesty, and fellowship. It then draws from contemporary sources, modern science, and an intriguing third-party perspective to graft openness, inclusiveness, and diversity, yielding an authentic way to be Christian today.

Written for the layperson by a layperson, readers will appreciate Charles S. Stone's use of fantasy, humor, and novelty to capture insights that evoke that gratifying sense of "aha!" about good and evil, humanity, and salvation—ultimately seeking to answer life's most basic questions: What is God? Who are we? How should we live?

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ISBN-13: 9781620325018
Publisher: Wipf & Stock Publishers
Publication date: 02/28/2013
Pages: 131
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.29(d)

About the Author

Charles Stone began his professional life as a West Point graduate leading a tank platoon in Desert Storm under the command of General Norman Schwarzkopf. Faced with his own mortality on the battlefields of Iraq, he began to closely examine his inherited religious faith, embarking on what became a twenty-year layman's study of religion, spirituality, and philosophy. He currently lives near Washington, DC, with his wife, Mary.

Table of Contents

Foreword Julia Overton vii

Preface xi

Abbreviations xiii

Section 1 Introduction 1

Section 2 Charging Charges 5

Section 3 Stumbling Blocks 22

Section 4 Wo

Section 5 Controvert 69

Section 6 Finite Realm 95

Section 7 Appendices 111

Appendix 1 Organizational Chart, 54th GSB 111

Appendix 2 Chain of Command, Delta Team, 5/57 GSG, 7th Holy Legion 112

Appendix 3 Mission Statement, Delta Team, 5/57 GSG 113

Appendix 4 Higher Organizational Mission Statements 114

Appendix 5 Standing Orders, Earth Walkers, 5/57 GSG 115

Appendix 6 Order of Battle, 6th Unholy Legion 115

Appendix 7 COTC Phases 116

Appendix 8 Charge Alarm Signal 118

Appendix 9 Calculating the Probability of Preservation 120

Appendix 10 AA Raphael's Spiritual Assessment Matrix (SPAM) 122

Appendix 11 Martial Prerequisites 123

Appendix 12 Media Prerequisites 124

Bibliography 129

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

"I have loved Bound since the day I first saw it in early manuscript form two years ago. Imaginative theologically, and charming as well as rigorous, Bound is the best example I have ever seen of riveting and holy fun. This is one book I can enthusiastically recommend to every Christian friend I have. Try it; you'll love it too."

—Phyllis Tickle, author of The Great Emergence

"Probably the most imaginative attempt ever to differentiate the spiritually counterfeit precepts put forth by so many of our religious institutions from actual spiritual truth. Stone's training manual for a highly select brigade of angels being sent to earth to save humans from their own religious foibles will keep readers laughing—all the while delivering an enlightening perspective on a 'bigger spiritual story' than is told in most churches. Don't miss this engaging read!"

—Margaret Placentra Johnston, author of Faith Beyond Belief: Stories of Good People Who Left Their Church Behind

"Bound offers a fresh take on an ancient faith. Intriguing, creative, and inventive!"

—Philip Gulley, author of The Evolution of Faith

"In the spirit of Lewis's The Screwtape Letters, Stone provides for believers today a fresh and insightful guide for succeeding in the all-too-real day-to-day struggles we all face in confronting the sin that lies within each of our hearts. . . . Those wishing to win the battle of the spirit would therefore do well to take on Bound as their own personal guidebook."

—Mark H. Mann, Professor of Theology, Point Loma Nazarene University

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