Bound By Her Ring

Bound By Her Ring

by Nicole Flockton

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Bound By Her Ring by Nicole Flockton

Luciano Morelli has perfected a plan to get revenge on his runaway wife; confronting her at the opening gala for her father's hotel. What he didn't plan on was the flaring of emotions the moment he sees her again.

Jasmine Anderson has no memories of her husband. Her only link to him is the wedding rings she wears. Luciano storms back into her life announcing he is her husband, demanding she join him on a business trip or see her father's livelihood crumble.

Passion reignites as they rediscover what first drew them together. But more than just memories are lost. Can their bond be rebuilt or will secrets infect their already shattered trust?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780857990181
Publisher: Escape Publishing
Publication date: 02/01/2013
Series: Bound Series , #1
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 149
File size: 713 KB

About the Author

On her very first school report, her teacher said "Nicole likes to tell her own stories." It wasn't until after the birth of her daughter and having fun on the community board of that she finally decided to take the plunge and write a book. Nicole joined the fabulous Romance Writers of Australia and eventually linked up with a great group of girls and formed 'WINKGirls'. The stories she writes are contemporary romances with either a medical setting or in the boardrooms of high powered businesses. Nicole enjoys taking two characters and creating unique situations for them. Apart from writing, Nicole is busy looking after her very own hero-her wonderfully supportive husband, and her two fabulous kids. She also enjoys watching sports and, of course, reading.

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Bound By Her Ring 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
AReaderLivesa1000Lives More than 1 year ago
Nicole welcomes you to the city of Perth in this intense novel of rekindling a whirlwind romance and marriage that was lost due to amnesia. Jasmine has lost any memory she has of the previous few months, yet she continues to wear her rings because their mere existence calms the uncertain storm of emotion that is raging inside her. Luciano (Lukas to Jasmine) has other intentions when he begins to seduce his WIFE again by having her escort him on a business trip to the city of Broome: Crush her like she did him when he found out the news.  "She won't be my wife for much longer and I'd appreciate you not interfering with my personal life." Cupid had different plans for these two. Lukas couldn't help but fall in love with his wife all over again while Jasmine couldn't pinpoint why she was instantly drawn to him. Lukas was a source of comfort, love and joy to Jasmine, she just wished she could remember how they got to this point. I must side with Jasmine in her frustration of everyone "leaving her to find her memory out for her own." I would be Googling myself or something. :) There was this one moment in all their rekindling that just stood out to me. He presented his wife with a gift during breakfast and the playful banter that ensued gave me hope for the two.  "You can rip it open you know," his dry tone telling her he was impatient for her to reveal his surprise. "I like to savour the moment, draw it out for as long as possible." "To torment the gift giver?" She smiled cheekily over at him. "When the gift giver is you, yes." The road to love in this book was not an easy one. As her memory revealed itself, both Lukas and Jasmine were hurt again. Would their love be enough to move forward and start a new life together? Jasmine and Lukas both had demons in their past, and with a very persistent father not wanting this marriage to exist - this trip to HEA would be anything but smooth sailing.  Details about the plot? NOT from this reviewer. But, here are a few things you will get from me: Nicole writes a wonderful story of second chance at a first love, and does it with such raw, real and intense characters. You do get your HEA, but not without a few well placed bumps.  Nicole is from Australia, and I have decided that I adore reading books by authors from other countries - the language and terminology is different, and I like to learn new words and phrases.  And finally - you have another book after this to look forward to, Bound By His Desire. (This one stars Nick, Lukas' business partner and this means I am sure we will get to catch up with our favorite Italian Stallion, Luc and his wife, Jasmine.)  Before I leave you to go and pick up this great romantic read by the uber awesome Aussie, Nicole, I want to leave you with my FAVORITE quote from this book. I adore grand gestures and this is why I find myself drawn to romances. Every girl needs John Cusack to stand outside of her window with a boombox on his shoulder confessing his love to her. And now that I have revealed my inner nerd to you, I must confess the one thing that can give a good romantic grand gesture a run for it's money, in my opinion, is a good NERDY conversation.  "Where is Doctor Who with his Tardis?" she muttered. "Probably morphing between one realm and another. We don't need him, Darryl is an excellent pilot. I only employ the best." How do you NOT fall in love with Luciano right at the mere mention of morphing between realms? :) 
MsRomanticReads More than 1 year ago
Rating 4.5/5 Bound by Her Ring was both a sensual and emotional read about second chances, forgiveness, and how outside influences can easily shred the love and trust between two people newly in love. I really liked the plot - a whirlwind romance, a tropical setting, a marriage, and then everything fell apart. I loved Jasmine and Lukas as a couple. Despite his agenda to get revenge for something she'd supposedly done, and Jasmine's memory loss, this couple had a sizzling chemistry, and they were both very likeable. Lukas could have easily been pegged as being a complete jerk, but his mask of indifference slipped too often and exposed his vulnerability at his core. Apparently, he had been lying to himself that he was capable of doing anything that would hurt her. Jasmine was confident, outspoken, and definitely not the meek woman that Lukas remembered. I liked that she sort of reinvented herself. There were many great moments where she was was portrayed as his equal; something he had no difficulty embracing. This billionaire CEO had found a woman who shared his strong business sense, and that was so refreshing. The story flowed and had a nice steady pacing. The "secret" was delivered in slow doses that worked very well with the struggle these two characters had to deal with; causing him to wonder if he could be wrong and causing her to question what she'd been told versus what she was feeling. While Lukas was convinced that her amnesia was just an act, his ideas of trying to get her to slip up showed off his romantic side. I truly believed, despite his thoughts to the contrary, that he loved her. The scenarios he set up gave them opportunities to see one another in a different light while jogging her memories. Of course their time together wasn't all flowers and chocolates. Jasmine spent a lot of time being on the defensive. As the reader, being privy to the truth that eluded Lukas, a lot of her reactions were heartbreaking (yes, I reached for tissues a few times). The couple of love scenes weren't graphic, nor did they detract from the story. They didn't feel thrown in to fill time and space. The story's climax really had me bawling and hurting for both of them. I loved that the title of this book played a huge role in highlighting the scope of their feelings and depth of their relationship, as evidenced in one particular scene. This new-to-me author has definitely gained a new fan, and I can't wait for the books of the side characters. I definitely recommend this book if you're a romantic sap like me. **I received a complimentary review copy from the author for the purpose of an honest review.**
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is my favorite Nicole Flockton book to date. I loved everything about this book. Nicole is moving forward with a another book in this series and I am very excited to read it. I loved the characters in this story. It was sexy, somewhat mysterious, beautiful and kept me on my toes - I really didn't know what to expect. I really loved this book.
DeliciousReads More than 1 year ago
A beautiful, evocative love story. This was my first amnesia story, but I love the author's previous work so I gave it a try. I'm glad I did! Bound by her ring is a sexy, evocative tale which Ms. Flockton takes her reader on a young woman's journey to find herself after suffering amnesia. I found myself falling for the hero and rooting for the heroine throughout the story, and when the secrets were revealed, I suffered along with the characters. Ms. Flockton weaves a beautiful story full of emotion. All in all, Bound by her Ring is a beautiful, satisfying love story.
KristinaKK More than 1 year ago
I picked up this book a couple of weeks ago, and loved it from the start. Nicole Flockton draws great characters and sets them up with some pretty substantial obstacles. I loved Jasmine's journey of learning to stand up for herself; and Luc was just yummy all around. The connection between these characters was apparent right from the start and it was amazing to see that connection become a full-fledged love story.
Marcy99 More than 1 year ago
Jasmine Anderson is recovering from amnesia after a car accident. The only link she has to her missing memories are her wedding rings. When she sees Luciano Morelli across a crowded room at a business function for her father's company, she feels an instant connection. Luciano wants revenge on his estranged wife. He'll make her fall for him again and then dump her like he thinks she did to him and hopefully hurt her the same way. He threatens to destroy her father's company if she doesn't accompany him on a trip, but he didn't plan on falling for Jasmine all over again. He's torn between believing she really does have amnesia and thinking she's just a great actress. I really liked these two characters. Jasmine was sweet, gentle and smart. She did her best with what she had and was totally lovable. Luciano was a hard man at times, but he was also reacting to information he'd been given by Jasmine's father, not necessarily the truth. Because I knew what motivated his reactions I could still like him. The 'real' Luciano was loving and protective. Overall, this was a wonderful, heart-wrenching read.