Boundaries of Time

Boundaries of Time

by Allen Hartley


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The companions must complete their ascension to grand masters before Jakathorb overpowers them.

Moraxthia's twins, along with Alzada hold the keys to the future of the dimensional universe.

Thoth's brother, Set has taken Jakathorb as his apprentice.

The secrets between Moraxthia and Alzada threaten the unity of the companions. How will the companions succeed with the death of Thoth?

This work is a continuation of the second book, Mists of Dawn. It was written under the assumption the reader is familiar with the second book. Even without this prerequisite, the reader should be able to follow the story.

The third book deals with the application of both faces of the runes. Many shy away from, or ignore that there is always a dual or opposite in all things. Without this dual, there is imbalance. The runes can be used to attack or defend, create or destroy, conceal or reveal, heal or afflict... There are many levels and secrets they hold.

The secrets and true meanings of the runes were whispered from master to apprentice - whispered secrets. When Christianity was forced upon our ancestors with the mandate of "convert or die", those with the knowledge of the runes, and other wise ones, were brutally exterminated. Anyone caught using or inscribing the runes were usually executed in a gruesome manner.

The exceptions of course, were the monks and scribes who recorded the traditions of the indigenous people. The church intended to conquer and control these people, but first, they had to identify the leaders, customs, and beliefs of the people.

The masters that were still alive hid and obscured their secret knowledge. Using the rune Plastur one can intuitively discover the lost meanings of the runes.

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About the Author

Allen Hartley has always been fascinated with ancient cultures and societies. He has spent decades researching the subject matter and continues to gravitate back to his favorites; the early societies of the Northern Celts, Nordics, and Egyptians. For the past nine years, Allen has focused on the Runic scripts of these societies. In particular, their formations, vibrations, meanings, and usage.

Allen has dual degrees in technology and engineering, spending more than eighteen years in research and development, system and network design, programming, integration and deployment, disaster recovery, and production support. Changing mindsets and styles from technical writing to fictional writing has been a tremendous challenge for Allen.

With the technology bust, he left the field in 2002 to settle in North Idaho with his wife and son.
For the past decade, Allen has continued to pursue his research and ideas as a series of books began to evolve. While his current employment requires extensive travel, it allowed him to publish his first book, Secrets of the Soul in 2012. The second book, Mists of Dawn was published in 2013 and was a challenge due to his unpredictable schedule. The latest book, Boundaries of Time required an enormous amount of time researching the background material. Once again, his unpredictable schedule also posed a challenge in completing the book. Each time, his wife Vanessa has been a great source to help refine his ideas on the graphics, story, extra material, and of course as a reviewer of the book.

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