Bounty for Love

Bounty for Love

by AJ Wiliams, Lea-Ellen Born

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Alek Kairis is a man on a mission to keep those around him safe from the dangers of a lurking dirty cop. But, before he can protect everyone, Alek learns of a deep secret that could not just change his life, but change his ability to protect those around him.
Tess Michaels only wanted her brother’s safety; she did not realize that she too would be placed in danger. Yet, the danger that is following her is not the only threat she faces. When she learns the truth of who her son’s father is, not only will her life change, but so will her child’s.
Once the truth comes out, there is no going back for Alek or Tess. What’s worse is that their ever-growing attraction is a distraction that neither of them need. Can Tess and Alek work together, or will danger and secrets tear them apart forever?

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BN ID: 2940016708720
Publisher: AJ Wiliams
Publication date: 06/12/2013
Series: Bounty for Hire , #3
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 150 KB

About the Author

AJ grew up in a small southern town in Missouri. It was there that she discovered her love of writing. Having the ability to create a story from nothing into something, held her spell bound. She holds a bachelors degree, and will on occasion find it useful. Currently AJ lives in Kansas City Missouri with her husband and 2 small children and their small dog.

Her very first story was a poem about the sun ending and the moon beginning which she wrote when she was ten. Since that time her stories have taken on their very own life. Her first published book is Bounty for Hunter, which is a twist on the normal take of a male role. She writes stories that make you think about real life, the what if this happened to me scenario. There is a story in all of us is a favorite saying of AJ's.
AJ loves learning about new things, playing games with her family and listening to music. She loves romantic movies as well as science fiction. Well the fantasy and science fiction movies just might be her favorite but she will never tell.
At given time she can be found reading to her kids, instilling in them the importance of a good story. Yet do not worry she is also found by her kids, and husband at the computer at any given time typing away.

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Bounty for Love 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
DiiMI More than 1 year ago
A few too many drinks, a reckless encounter with a stranger and Jess’s life is forever changed. Fast forward about a year and Jess is desperate to save her brother from a crooked lawman. Alek has always been a protector, it’s in his nature. When Jess comes to Sloan's Bond and Bounty Agency for help, bullets fly, and Alek realizes he is seeing a beautiful ghost from his past, a stranger who has haunted his heart since that night at the bar. How could he be prepared for what Jess was forced to tell him? Will he be able to keep her safe, find her brother and deal with what he now knows? How does he convince her he wants to be there for her? I just loved this short novella! The total focus aimed the spotlight on the two main characters with just the right amount of light shed on those in secondary roles! The conflict and tension moved the story along at a fast pace that kept the subplot just below the surface, but ever-present and perfectly situated to round out the main event like a good opening act to the mainliner on stage! Bounty for Love by A. J. Wiliams is short, fast and engaging, and completely satisfying with well-developed characters, a good story and no wasted words or emotions! The world Ms. Wiliams has created sucked me in, held me tight and gave me strong characters I could root for throughout! 4.5 Stars!
cbiby More than 1 year ago
After the dust (and glass) settle at Sloan's Bonds and Bounty, it doesn't take long for Alek to realize that the woman he's protecting is the woman he had a hot moment with last year. To his dismay, it takes her a bit longer. When Tess drops a 2 month old bombshell on him, Alek is bound and determined to not only keep them safe, but also keep them in his life forever. A.J. Wiliams has struck gold again with the 3rd installment of her Bounty for Hire series. This book is the story of what happened to Alek and Tess after all hell broke loose in the 1st book. While Keylee went off to find Hunter, Alek took is upon himself to protect Tess from Detective Dixon. I loved Alek since the first book. As a character, he is very determined. Determined to protect his friends and now he's determined to protect his family. We haven't seen Tess much since the first book, but she is also a strong character. These two butted heads more than any other two characters I've read. Once Alek's knows the truth, he just steamrolls his way into Tess and her son's life. I loved the scene in her apartment and she tells him to pack some her the baby's things. Much like a man, he loses and takes everything. He is a force to be reckoned with. The aspect of Bounty for Love that I enjoyed the most is that is was the perfect transition book in the series. As a fan of the series, I was a little worried and hoped that the last book wouldn't be revisiting the same topic. This is why I absolutely loved the last 2 or 3 chapters of the book. It wrapped up Dixon and left the reader with a tiny cliffhanger leading into Jefferson's book. I also liked the fact that Bounty for Love focused more on the relationship between Tess and Alek. As a couple, they have an uphill battle to climb and I'm relieved that A.J. didn't have them jump into bed right away. She forced them to work on the relationship first. Each of the couples in the series have different circumstances surrounding them. Keylee and Hunter are thrown together under intense pressure and they find being together almost calming to them. Meanwhile Thomas and Wen from the 2nd book have known each other the longest so they already have a built-in history. With Alek and Tess, they have one night together that forever changes their lives. Although Tess has had time to adjust, Alek hasn't and it shows in his actions as he steamrolls himself into her life. He still gives Tess a little time to acclimate to him, but not a lot. I love the fact that each character and each couple is different. I cannot wait for Jefferson's story because I think it'll be the most explosive. And I'm hoping it is with Eva.
tralee More than 1 year ago
4.5 Stars His Bounty for Love Bounty for Love captures your attention from the very first page and has you hanging on until the very end. Alek did not expect the day he was about to have! bullets had been fired into the front of the Sloan's Bond and Bounty Agency, Keylee had left to go after their new clients brother and bring him back safely and he was protecting the woman named Tess until they sorted out what had just happened. Tess had nowhere else to go and when she was given Sloan's Bond and Bounty Agency and told only to speak to Alek or Keylee she knew this was her last hope to save her brother and prove his innocence. Tess never expected the dirty cop chasing her brother would also come after her. Alek job was suppose to be simple keep those he cared about safe and now he is suppose to do that knowing how dangerous the dirty cop chasing Hunter, Tess's brother is as Keylee fights to bring him home. The first time Alek gets a real look at Tess he realises he knows her, she is the woman he has been looking for, but why doesn't she recognise him. Tess is so confused and then suddenly while relaying what has happened to her friend over the phone she remembers who Alek is but she knows she still has to leave. When Alek returns to find she's gone he is furious but it doesn't take him long to find her and when he discovers the reason she ran he feels a twinge of guilt and tries to comfort her. Everything however is about to change because Alek is about to discover the truth behind her secret and now he is even more determined to keep her with him and Tess knows nothing will ever be the same again. *ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review Reviewing with Book Monster Reviews