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Bowl of Saki: 5-year Memory Minder

Bowl of Saki: 5-year Memory Minder


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A daily guide and journal containing wisdom and enlightenment from the inspired words of Hazrat Inayat Khan.

The Bowl of Saki is a daily non-sectarian inspirational message from Hazrat Inayat Khan, a spiritual leader from India who brought a timeless message of Love, Harmony and Beauty to the Western world in the early 1900's - a message which helps us to become more acutely aware of the precious spark of divinity within ourselves and within all of creation.

The Bowl of Saki does not promote a particular religion, doctrine, or set of beliefs. Our primary reason for being is to foster direct, original experience of what is named as, in the languages of diverse spiritual traditions, the Real, the basic state, original nature, Buddha nature, the oneness of being, illumination, enlightenment, nondual awareness, unconditioned mind, Rigpa, the ground of being, God-consciousness, and many other names. From this primal experience a natural happiness arises, as well as a desire to be of benefit.

Based on a tradition of oral teachings and an emphasis on direct experience. The Bowl of Saki is known for the inclusivity of teachings and practices from many traditions, and for the use of musical meditations that evoke a sense of peace and communion.

The Bowl of Saki approach to spiritual growth encourages rigorous self-inquiry, contemplative practice, and the living of a full, balanced life that is present to both the joys and the suffering of the world.

The Bowl of Saki seeks to avoid becoming an in-group or spiritual club, remaining open to all who share its purposes and ideals. There is no obligation on the side of the reader except for sincerity. In addition, the Bowl of Saki is designed to direct experience rather than acceptance of required dogma, and avoids whenever possible the use of in-language or jargon. In these ways the reader is protected from cults, or becoming a victim of one.

With space on each page for entries for five years, re-visit your thoughts and memories over the years as you return to each page to record the current day's events.

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