BOWWOW!: Book of Winston's Words of Wisdom

BOWWOW!: Book of Winston's Words of Wisdom


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Winston, a Scottish Terrier, lends a paw to help children identify and deal with their daily problems by sharing his own dilemmas. From scary aliens (turtles) to fishing for flies, Winston tells about the challenges he has faced. Through the love of his "peoples" Sugar and Babe, he learns about such issues as change, making mistakes, misunderstandings, poor self-image, telling the truth, and accepting differences, to name a few. Every story ends with a few "words of wisdom" shared by Winston himself. What are you waiting for? Children of all ages are invited to share the adventures of Winston as he chases sneaky squirrels and destructive deer. After all, he is the Top Dog in Charge of Apple Security!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781633736320
Publisher: Oghma Creative Media
Publication date: 09/22/2020
Series: Winston's Wisdom , #1
Pages: 114
Sales rank: 779,116
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.27(d)
Age Range: 5 - 12 Years

About the Author

Winston Wallace Apple was born in the Windy Ridge Kennel in Leonard, TX, where Neal, aka, Babe, picked him out as a surprise for Linda, aka, Sugar. His stories began on a camping trip where, as a puppy, he saw his first turtle and was clearly perplexed. This inspired Linda to begin writing stories from his point of view, and she posted them on her Facebook page. Winston became so popular that she pitched an idea about an early reader book to the President and Creative Director at Oghma Creative Media, Casey Cowan. Young Dragon Press Publisher Chrissy Willis worked closely with Linda and soon, BOWWOW: Book of Winston's Words of Wisdom, came into fruition.

Winston enjoys chasing destructive deer and sneaky squirrels. He loves tummy rubs and scratches behind his ears. He is currently barking new stories to Sugar because there is always something interesting the head of Apple Security needs to investigate.

Linda Apple (aka Sugar) is the author of seven books (nonfiction and fiction) as well as an inspirational/motivational speaker. She is published in sixteen of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books. Linda writes to inspire her readers of all ages. She has thirteen grandchildren, so it is easy to see why after being surprised with the gift of a cute Scottish Terrier puppy, her writing focused on inspiring children.

Her stories about Winston's experiences are based on actual occurrences, and she imagines what her perky pup might say about them if he had the chance. To her surprise when she posted these stories on her Facebook page, Winston was a big hit, and many asked for a Winston book. Thus, BOWWOW: Book of Winston's Words of Wisdom, was written.

Linda and Winston live in Northwest Arkansas with her husband Neal, aka Babe. She enjoys creating beauty through gardening and crafts and inspiring with her words, both written and spoken.

Dylan hale has been creating works of art ever since he was four years old. His passion for all things artistic has led him down some interesting paths in his career, including cake decorator, muralist, designing advisor, teacher, and most recently, an illustrator with Oghma Creative Media.
A native of Bentonville, Arkansas, Dylan is a cake decorator by trade. At fifteen, he began decorating desserts for friends and family and went on to work for some of the most well-known bakeries in Northwest Arkansas, as well as placing bronze in the 2018 Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show (known by some as the "Olympics of Cake Decorating").

While his enthusiasm for creating cakes is always present, his heart lies in the classroom with his students. Graduating with his BFA in Art Education from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, Dylan jumped headfirst into the teaching world. In Bentonville, he currently teaches graphic design to high schoolers and general art to 5th graders. While he prefers to be called "Mr. Hale" or "Mr. H," being split between two schools students sometimes forget his name and simply call him "Mr. Moustache."
As an artist, Dylan's work contains a wide range of styles and techniques, from intriguing drawings to twisted sculptures. Although he is comfortable with any media, his favorites are pen & ink, watercolors, and printmaking when he can.

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