Box Set

Box Set

by WipersWipers


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The three-disc Wipers box, released by Greg Sage through his own Zeno label, is a rare instance where everyone is left happy, longtime convert and recently curious alike. Not only does it contain the Wipers' earliest and most revered major works remastered in their entirety, it also jam-packs 23 bonus tracks of alternate takes and mixes, outtakes, and live tracks. Sage also provides band photos and extensive liner notes. The bonuses are a feast for dedicated fans who have owned the straight-ahead new wave of Is This Real?, the epic chug of Youth of America, and the tightly coiled brilliance of Over the Edge since their first pressings. The previously orphaned material especially won't sound much different in quality to fresh ears than the choice album material, and -- most importantly -- listeners mustn't feel as if they're paying extra for them. Thanks to Sage's lack of greed, you'd be spending more money by picking up used copies of the three releases this bases itself on. And if that's not enough perspective, the bonus tracks are actually worth the price alone -- no kidding. If you have any interest whatsoever, you really can't afford to not pick it up. Your collection should have as much space for this band as it does Hüsker Dü, the Minutemen, and Mission of Burma. These three discs comprise some of the most articulate, urgent, intense, and proficient rock & roll made in the name of alienation.

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Release Date: 01/20/2017
Label: Zeno Records
UPC: 0619981062220
catalogNumber: 5
Rank: 21656


Disc 1

  1. Return of the Rat
  2. Mystery
  3. Up Front
  4. Let's Go Away
  5. Is This Real?
  6. Tragedy
  7. D-7
  8. Potential Suicide
  9. Don't Know What I Am
  10. Window Shop for Love
  11. Wait a Minute
  12. Born With a Curse
  13. Rebel With a Cause
  14. Misfit
  15. Mystery
  16. Tragedy
  17. Let's Go Away
  18. Is This Real?
  19. Alien Boy
  20. Image of Man
  21. Telepathic Love
  22. Voices in the Rain

Disc 2

  1. No Fair
  2. Youth of America
  3. Taking Too Long
  4. Can This Be
  5. Pushing the Extreme
  6. When It's Over
  7. Scared Stiff
  8. Pushing the Extreme
  9. No Fair
  10. When It's Over
  11. Youth of America

Disc 3

  1. Over the Edge
  2. Doom Town
  3. So Young
  4. Messenger
  5. Romeo
  6. Now Is the Time
  7. What Is
  8. No One Wants an Alien
  9. The Lonely One
  10. No Generation Gap
  11. This Time
  12. Mistaken Id
  13. No Solution
  14. Doom Town
  15. The Lonely One
  16. Now Is the Time
  17. Romeo
  18. Our Past Life

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