Boycott-Girlcott The Presidential Elections in 2016: The Rushin Revolution

Boycott-Girlcott The Presidential Elections in 2016: The Rushin Revolution

by Michael Mathiesen


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This book is calling for all American voters to NOT VOTE for either TRUMP or CLINTON - or Boycott the Presidential Elections of 2016. It is our firm opinion that the main reason that we get such crappy candidates from the two parties is because we participate in the fraud. We listen to what they say. We get them all the media attention of a Rock Star. We even give them our money to spend on their spammy ads.

What if we all decided to stay out of the elections this year? This would make a huge statement and by not voting you would be joining the largest segment of our political body - those who don't bother. More than 50% of the voting public never show up at the polls already. If we can make it more like 75% or more - this would prove that the majority of Americans do not approve of what they are doing in our name all over the world and all over the states.

They have destroyed our economy. They are stealing from us every day. They use troops to descend on every march for freedom. They use drones and spy agencies to spy on us. Isn't it about time we took our country back and stood up for Freedom and Democracy? If you say yes - then this book is for you. It's your first step to show the world that you really are mad as Hell and aren't going to take it any more.

Also included is a guaranteed and sure fire way to get complete Energy and Financial Independence for yourself and your family.

The Two-Party system is the biggest Fraud in world history. They think we're not intelligent enough to sort them out. But more and more Americans have come to realize that there really is no difference between the Clinton Gang and the Bush Gang. Both families want to put their children in power and both of them want to be billionaires. So, the give us a dynastic system like in the Roman Empire days and give a nod to the Congress so that we'll think that there is a Republic. In the Roman Empire days, that's how they did things and America is no different today. Except today, many more millions of people are being hood-winked and defrauded than they ever had in the Roman populations.

By boycotting the elections you will take the first step in rejuvenating this country and starting us down a path where new ideas will take hold. In this book, we give you the way forward after the boycott proves that anyone who takes office did so without the consent of the governed. A new form of government will begin to take shape - a real democracy that can be created over the Internet. We already us the Internet to choose the best restaurants by giving them reviews and we give our friends a vote of confidence on Facebook and on Twitter and all other social media. The Internet is primed and ready to be the place for real democracy. Let's begin the process now - before it's too late and before there are other more radical and desperate solutions are forced upon us.

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Publication date: 06/12/2015
Pages: 94
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