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Boys Boys Boys

Boys Boys Boys

by J. Tomas
Boys Boys Boys

Boys Boys Boys

by J. Tomas


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From high school crushes to best friends, secret admirers to out-and-proud teens, the stories in this collection of gay young adult romance by author J. Tomas bring to life all the amazing-and frightening-aspects of falling in love for the first time. Whether you're sixteen and looking for tales about queer boys your own age, or you're older and want to reminisce about the "good old days," there's something in this book for everyone.

Caught-When Mike catches JV teammate Robby stealing, he doesn't know what to think. Has Mike's perception of his friend been wrong all these years? Is the ChapStick a cry for help or a way of getting Mike's attention?

First Kiss-Noah has a fierce crush on a hot jock whose locker is down the hall. When Melissa Bradshaw, only the most popular girl in school, suddenly shows an interest in Noah, he suspects he's being set up for a cruel joke.

Gimme Pride-At 15, Chip is out and proud. When he sees fellow student Bobby at a local Pride event, Chip hopes it means what he thinks it means. But Chip learns not all gay teens are as comfortable flaunting their sexuality as he is.

His Biggest Fan-When I hear my BFF Ross's favorite band is coming to town, I decide to treat him to the concert. Show him a good time, show him how I really feel. But with the lead singer gyrating his hips onstage, will Ross even notice I'm there?

Just a Little Note-Bryan's in love with his friend Jesse. So is Emily, who enlists Bryan's help in writing a note to win Jesse over. When Jesse tells him about the note, how can Bryan keep his own feelings quiet?

My Online Secret Admirer-Mike finds a fellow student's blog...and learns someone in class has a crush on him. With the help of his friends, he tries to figure out who the mysterious blogger might be. Could it be one of them? If so, which one?

The Man Next Door-A new elderly neighbor wtih a German accent riles up prejudice in young Jake. But soon he learns Jews weren't the only ones who suffered during the Holocaust as he learns what it meant to be Jewish-or gay-in Nazi Germany.

Trouble at School-A quick kiss in the hall lands Jordan in trouble. He doesn't know which is worst-the school's punishment, or his father's reaction to the fact his son was caught kissing another boy.

Who's Watching Whom?-While Logan babysits his brother Dylan, his mother forbids him from inviting his boyfriend Chad over. Logan's only consolation is his cell phone, connecting him to Chad. Now, if Dylan will just leave him alone...

Worth the Wait-If everybody's doing it, shouldn't you? Sometimes respecting someone's decision-even one you don't like-says more about love than words could.

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ISBN-13: 9781470129071
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/12/2012
Pages: 226
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.48(d)

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