Boys Like You

Boys Like You

by Juliana Stone
4.6 7


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Boys Like You 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Definitely worth your time. I finished it in a day! So beautiful, the storyline was not too fast or slow. And the perfect ending.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Sad but loved it young teens goes through this drinking and driving very emotional
Sandy5 More than 1 year ago
They’re like two peas in a pod. Monroe and Nathan, two teens with enough baggage on their shoulders they can hardly stand up. Monroe is sent to her grandmother’s house for a change of scenery, for perhaps her flimsy attitude will change over the summer. Then there’s Nathan, the burden that he carries he cannot run from. Everyday there are reminders of the trauma that Nathan wishes he could rewind but he cannot do time travel so he must face the facts. Monroe is candid and outspoken yet she’s not going to reveal her confidential secret that she’s carrying. She’s seen the therapists, she’s done what they’ve asked and the counseling sessions have long been over and still Monroe is sealed tight like a bottle. Preferring the comfort of herself, Monroe get’s fidgety when she’s around others as she doesn’t like the drama and the foolishness that can accompany that. Monroe is like a shield, she stood her ground and there was something about this character that I was drawn to. Was this hard-shell of a girl really soft inside? Her relationship with her grandmother made me believe that there was a softer side of Monroe; she just needed someone to help her emerge. This secret that she was keeping, I wondered just had awful it really was compared to how terrible she was making herself feel. Nathan, he was a mess and everyone sees it. The two of them hit it off but unable to vocalize their thoughts, the teens have barriers to overcome. I enjoyed this part of the story as the characters struggled within themselves and with each other on moving forward. The author paints for us an internal picture of the teens dancing around each other, not speaking openly to each other at first, their communications stalled until one of them makes a move. They have steps to take for the past is over and future is yet to be written. The story gets emotions and tense, the characters reaching out yet slowing retreating afraid of revealing too much. It’s a wonderful story about friendship, love and family.
csingh More than 1 year ago
I'm familiar with Juliana Stone's new adult and contemporary romance novels.  I like them...a's probably better to say I love them.  When I saw this contemporary young adult novel with her name on it I thought, "Oh how cool!  I've got to read this!"  Juliana did not disappoint. This book was beautiful and yet made me cry. I I loved Nathan and Monroe.  Their respective tragedies were circumstances that were just heartbreaking accidents.  Except the regrets left both of them incapable of dealing and what brought them together.  I love how even though Monroe was so set on keeping everyone out and away, she was still able to recognize the hurt and pain in Nathan. I also loved how I had to work and wait for the details of the tragedy in Monroe's life, although I wasn't that patient and understanding while I read. The chemistry between the two was off the charts amazing.  I loved the witty dialogue they had and the fact the book was told from both their points of view. The interactions between the two of them and other secondary characters added another layer of depth to the story for me.  I particularly loved Monroe's grandmother.  That's one amazing woman! Overwhelmingly it was all the emotions I felt that made me fall for this book.  I'm not ashamed to admit I had to stop reading to get tissues.  There was just something about how bravely Nathan and Monroe faced their fears together that really touched me.  I am hoping for  sequel to this book.  I'd like to see how Nathan and Monroe are later on down the road. Of course, it goes without saying I hope Juliana Stone continues to write more young adult.  She's certainly proven she's got the writing chops for it!
Sarah_UK1 More than 1 year ago
3.5 stars (Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to SOURCEBOOKS Fire and Netgalley.) Monroe and Nathan are both hiding secrets, deadly secrets. Can they help each other to work their way through their problems over the summer? And maybe find love on the way? This was an okay story, but it took a while to get good. I liked Monroe and Nathan, although it took me a while. I didn’t really like either of them to start with, but when they started baring their souls I finally started to like them. The storyline was okay, but again, it took a while to get going. I found the first half of the book pretty boring, and even the mystery over who Malcom was and what happened to him couldn’t keep me interested. When Monroe confessed all though, I finally understood what she was going through, and began to like her. The romance also took a while to find its feet, but once we got there I did like it. The ending was good, and I was glad that we got a happy ending. It was just a shame that this book took so long to get interesting! Overall; okay story, but took a long while to get interesting, 7 out of 10
Cupcakegirly More than 1 year ago
Such a pleasant surprise! Told from alternating POVs, Boys Like You is one of those stories that sucks you in, tugs on your heartstrings and doesn't let go until you've turned the final page. In fact, I was so immersed in Monroe and Nate's story that when I came to the Acknowledgements, I was a little disappointed ONLY because I wasn't ready to let these characters go yet. (There may have been tears.) Both Monroe and Nate have experienced life changing tragedies, ones that could easily destroy them if they allowed it. But they're surrounded by people who love and care for them, people who refuse to let what has happened define them for the rest of their lives. (Gram Blackwell was a favorite of mine!) Is there pain and sadness? Sure. But what's cool about this story is that this isn't a walk through the darkest part of Monroe and Nate's lives, they've already been through that. We get to see some of the bleakness but this story is what happens in the aftermath. It's the, "What happens now? How do I heal?" part. And Juliana Stone has done it so well! When you've felt nothing but an empty void for so long, it can be hard to navigate feelings and desires, especially when it involves a person who somehow understands exactly how you're feeling. And the relationship that develops between Monroe and Nate is funny, tender and bittersweet. Are they perfect? Of course not. But their journey is an honest one filled with forgiveness, healing and hope. Read it.
Lisa-LostInLiterature More than 1 year ago
This story was so much more than I expected. Monroe is battling with overwhelming guilt revolving around an incident that happened in the immediate past. Though at first we don’t know what happened, we are given little hints and slight insight into what the tragedy was. She meets Nathan, who at first comes off as overly confident and somewhat annoying, but she soon warms up to him and realizes that he too is suffering from some guilt surrounding an incident himself. They soon find they have a strong bond, both suffering from unbearable guilt. It wasn’t simply about the romance between the two, but so much more than that. Both broken and flawed, Monroe & Nate must learn to move on from their own shady pasts and find out how to live life again. The alternating points of view was an added bonus. It was great getting to see Monroe’s side of things, as well as Nate’s. The two sides gave us much more of the story, bringing on all the feels along with it. And this story definitely had all the feels. I was laughing, then a chapter later sobbing. There were times when such anger was pouring out of me, only to be overtaken by grief a second later. And before I knew it, I was giggling again. All over the spectrum as far as emotions go. The romance between Monroe and Nate was such an innocent and sweet one. They were both fighting the connection, yet acknowledging it was present. Both had issues they were battling, making them question themselves, the decisions they made in the past, and their current worth. This was the almost torturous slow burn type of romance I love so much in books with flawed characters. Where they’re so hesitant to love and give themselves. They constantly pull away and feel the need to flee. Yet it’s inevitable that they will have to give in to the feelings at some point. One of my very favorite types of romances. This was a powerful story about finding answers, accepting prior mistakes, forgiving others as well as forgiving yourself, and looking forward to bettering your life in the future. Strong family bonds were present, which was a nice change from so many books these days. And as always, I love seeing friendship as a strong story element. This is my first Juliana Stone book, but I’ll definitely be looking forward to reading more of her work in the future.