by J C Beaver


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Brady meets Jocinia, the love of his life. Nine years age difference stands in the way of making a life happen between them. Brady is the man every woman dreams about, but never finds. He is the knight in shining armour, but with death, destruction and deception lurking at every turn. When the day came, would he save his own life, or would he die to save the one he loved? Not even Brady knew what the end would bring. Follow Brady through the maze of time that takes him and the one he loves down darkened paths on the search for the love they both want more than life. Follow them as they uncover deep deception, supernatural works in a town filled with people unwilling to change without a force greater than them making it happen. Follow Jo, as she grows up, loosing everything, to find what her heart knows is best for her. Follow her best friend as she unfolds the darkness in her life with Jo's help. Help them catch the 'dark one' out to destroy them all.
This book has a contest for the people who buy this book and unravel the mystery of the following questions.
1. Who purchased the first store bought clothes Jo every received?
2. What page did you find the answer on?
3. Who killed Teaea's father?
4. What page did you find the answer on?
5. What kind of bird did Jo find, and what did it represent in this story?

Send all anwers to the email address in the back of the book. The first TEN (10) folks with ALL the correct answers, will receive the second book: David - free and postage paid. Contest ends December 1, 2015. All answers must be emailed, and received by Nov. 15, 2015.

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ISBN-13: 9781499587470
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 10/25/2014
Pages: 172
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.37(d)

About the Author

Being a Christian that loves the Lord Jesus, I have seen people take us for granted, look on us as if we are aliens who don't know what they are going through. Christian's haven't always been christians. All soul's are dark until they come into the light. A lot of Christian's think they can't be indwelt with darkness. The truth of the matter is, light and darkness dwell within the hearts of all human beings according to the Word of God. When you come into the light, darkness can still dwell in the dark rooms of your heart where you don't want to let go of habits, sins, strongholds. Until the Light is allowed into those rooms, you will never change into the image God provides for you. Your nature has to be trained in the LIFE of God. Jesus is the LIFE we need to become like. The Word is our instruction book. The Holy Spirit is our teacher. We, as Christians, need to take a page from God's play book and apply it daily to our lives. We need the mind of Christ to demonstrate who God is in us and who we are in Christ. Writing helps me express what goes on in the hearts of average people in an average world looking for an above average life. It is available. I never searched for Christ, He found me at the end of my rope and helped me climb to the top of the rope and make a leap of faith into His open arms. Brady is the man of a woman's dreams, but Jesus is the answer to all a woman dreams about. We must choose and when we choose the right road, life becomes an adventure where ALL things are possible. Life with Jesus is an adventure. Many people don't realize the Instruction Book he left us is filled with murder, prostitution, demon possession, lying, cheating, mystery, dreams, floods, fires, occultism, pestilence, pleasure, pain, blood, power, prophecy, religion, relationships, rewards, signs of the times, symbols, sorcery, sorrow, thrones, tribulation, holy and unholy works. Don't you think it is time, you took the time to find the TRUTH? Life will go on whether you take the time to be still or not. Brady is an adventure in a small town, with a small people, who had an agenda to stay alive at all cost. What does it cost to stay alive and have eternal life? Ask and you shall know.

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