Brain Wars: The Scientific Battle Over the Existence of the Mind and the Proof That Will Change the Way We Live Our Lives

Brain Wars: The Scientific Battle Over the Existence of the Mind and the Proof That Will Change the Way We Live Our Lives

by Mario Beauregard


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In Brain Wars, acclaimed neuroscientist Mario Beauregard reveals compelling new evidence set to provoke a major shift in our understanding of the mind-body debate: research showing that the mind and consciousness are transmitted and filtered through the brain—but are not generated by it.

Following his boundary-breaking neuroscience book The Spiritual Brain: A Neuroscientist’s Case for the Existence of the Soul, coauthored with Denyse O’Leary, Brain Wars makes a powerful and provocative case against the widely held view equating human beings to complex biological computers.

Like Jeffrey M. Schwartz, Beauregard believes that consciousness is more than simply a physical process that takes place in the brain. And here, he presents the evidence to prove it. Brain Wars will revolutionize the way we think about thinking forever.

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ISBN-13: 9780062071569
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 04/24/2012
Pages: 250
Product dimensions: 6.32(w) x 9.06(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Mario Beauregard, Ph.D., is an associate research professor at the Departments of Psychology and Radiology and the Neuroscience Research Center at the University of Montreal. He is the coauthor of The Spiritual Brain and more than one hundred publications in neuroscience, psychology, and psychiatry.

Table of Contents

Introduction: A "Computer Made of Meat?" Materialism and the Mind-Brain Problem 1

1 The Power of Belief to Cure or Kill: The Placebo/Nocebo Effect 17

2 Brain Control: Neurofeedback 43

3 Train Your Mind, Transform Your Brain: Neuroplasticity 65

4 Surfing the Psychosomatic Network: The Intimate Connection of Mind and Body 89

5 The Mind Force Within: Hypnosis 109

6 Beyond Space and Time: Psi 133

7 Mind Out of Body: Mind, Brain, and Near-Death Experiences 157

8 Embracing a Greater Self: Mystical Experiences 183

Conclusion: A Great Shift in Consciousness 207

Acknowledgments 215

Notes 217

Index 241

What People are Saying About This

Bruce Greyson

“Mario Beauregard shows convincingly that the materialistic philosophy of the 19th century is an impoverished framework incompatible with contemporary science, from physics to psychology. The concepts he develops in Brain Wars are required reading for scientific literacy in today’s world.”

Pim van Lommel

“Dr. Beauregard describes that our mind/consciousness has a fundamental and irreducible nature, and that it sometimes can be experienced independently from the body because it is not limited to our brain. Brain Wars clearly announces the end of physicalism, reductionism, materialism and objectivism in science.”

B. Alan Wallace

“In this ground-breaking work, neuroscientist Mario Beauregard cites a range of scientific studies challenging many widely held materialistic assumptions about the relation between the mind and brain.”

Dean Radin PhDCo-Editor-in-Chief

Brain Wars explains why the prevailing brain-mind paradigm is falling apart and why we are increasingly being forced to reconsider the nature of consciousness. The consequences of this paradigm shift are profound, and Mario Beauregard does a magnificent job in explaining why.”

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Brain Wars: The Scientific Battle Over the Existence of the Mind and the Proof That Will Change the Way We Live Our Lives 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Beverly_D More than 1 year ago
Are human beings truly nothing more than "computers made of meat," which cease to exist when the power's turned off?  This book takes a look at some of the evidence that consciousness exists in addition to and outside of the brain, and shows that the mind can do seemingly impossible things. Why/how placebos work, what has been documented to happen during OOB (Out of Body) and NDE's (Near Death Experiences). How "remote viewing" is a thing and has been used by the US government. And what does quantum physics have to do with it all? While I can't begin to explain all the points this book touches upon, I came away from it with a renewed belief that the brain and body are important tools, but are no more "us" than our favorite jeans are "us." A mind-expanding read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago