Brainwave Movement and The Power of Crystal Point Technique: Positive Crystal Thoughts. Essential oil and energy points

Brainwave Movement and The Power of Crystal Point Technique: Positive Crystal Thoughts. Essential oil and energy points

by Cody "Flying Eagle" Templeton


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Brainwave Movement and the Power of Crystal Point Technique is a vibrational healing book and the first of its kind in a series of books. It is designed to help the reader embrace the healing power of brain waves, Crystal Generators and 100% Pure Essential Oils, by utilizing specific meridian energy points for vibrational healing and recovery.

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ISBN-13: 9781504351928
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 04/21/2016
Pages: 108
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Brainwave Movement and the Power of Crystal Point Technique

Positive Crystal Thoughts. Essential Oil and Energy Points

By Cody "Flying Eagle" Templeton

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2016 Cody "Flying Eagle" Templeton
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-5191-1



Crystal Point Technique © CPT is a contemporary method of natural vibrational medicine. "People of the Earth" depend on nature for balance.

Trust and confidence in a balanced life supports people of life. This support is world wide. Beyond the physical self, touched by beliefs and values of the mind body, created by and within the sexual body and pleasured or not pleasured by the emotional body.

What do these four (4) bodies of an individual have in common? Answer: Electromagnetic energy waves.

Electromagnetic energy waves flowing within each individual person is common and natural, flows best when in balance.

All humans operate best without restraint, blockages, stagnations, deficiency or insufficiency. Movement is constant and is needed for life to support human being. Electromagnetic energy is what our four bodies.]BL

How would I know if? or when? these statements are true?

Electro-magnetic energies (EME) are alive in nature. These energies will enter and enliven a physical body or earth body, mental body, emotional and spirit bodies and aid in supplying these bodies to develop and mature.

In time EME will exit the physical body. The vibrational frequencies enter another physical or earth body of a human being again. Internally EME is nurtured in and along the spine and brain. EME flow to andfrom, along pathways, channels or meridians of the physical, mental, sexual and emotional body.

Supplying and balancing the (EME)energy of body, mind, emotions and sexual essence and emotional is the beginning of our life on the planet.

Vibrational Natural Medicine

In eastern medicine, mayan medicine, native american indian, kahuna medicine andfolk medicine. All these cultures' have for centuries used prayer, chants, guided meditation as medicinal or healing energy. This energy is often referred to as "Nurturing or Healing Breath".

Scientific research today, at the writing of this book, now can categorically prove the existence and validity of EME (Electromagnetic energy).

While intending and utilizing a "Nurturing Breath.".

The action of "Nurturing Breath" is guiding vibrational frequencies (which can be measured), to and from the physical body, to support balance of life in the the body, mind, emotions and sexuality.

Today science is able to measure levels of energy with sensors, on computers and within special heat sensing cameras. The human measured through arterial pulse breath and physical or spiritual exam (Dowsing or Heat sensing) of body and mind, emotions and sexual essence.

Examination of stool, urine and other fluids may be used.

Consciousness level and speech, may be examined and assessed. Ask a Doctor for a diagnosis.

Interviews of clients about lifestyle, assist in measuring levels of life in a body.

EME is "vital energy" or "life Force" regulate and balance health and fitness.

Energy has no form, mass or body of its own.

EME uses a physical body. This energy is contained in every thing in life is the universe.

Subject to interpretation by an individual with language and symbolism.

I as a monk on a austere path of healing and protecting.

I have developed believe patterns.

Others on a path of healing, believe that interpretation may be the greatest challenge of understanding Crystal Point Technique© CPT and the power within Brainwave movement.

Now let's begin the art of living in balance.

The quality of living in balance means knowledge of what an individual wants. While reading this book, a good tip to know is a key in reaching a goal. The key requires energy to balance. The connection of thoughts to behaviors and beliefs to values. The outcome may be difficult without speech or other arts of communication.

Thoughts, emotions, feelings are carriers of EME in vibrational frequencies.

Science proves, our biology on the cellular level. Humans respond to stores based in the outcome of others and personal experience. Theses outcomes are stored on the cellular level as memory or mental programs, much like the programs stored in the computer, cell phone or iPad. Books to aide you on your practice are found on the list at the end of this book.



Once upon a time about sixty(60) years ago. Universities and Colleges were teaching people Newtonian methods of medicine. They called this medicine western medicine.

Western medicine was promoted and believed, to be the best medicine, the real medicine because it could be proven objectively, scientifically .

During this time and even today in the now, many questions about human anatomy and physiology need to be answered.

A male named "Otter" was little a newborn, the name given to him be ancestors and elders of the town of Santa Fe, New Mexico .

Although he could not speak, he could cry. Cry he did because he was a newborn baby, in the flesh and naked as a baby is.

Otter looked around at the signs of what came to be called a C-section. The cord connecting him to his food and water and oxygen supply then was cut and he was being hung upside down by his heels .

Otter the human being in present form was stimulated once again. He took a breath of life and cried in protest as he recalled the times before when he cried in protest to the sensations of war and battle. That was a past life. This time is now, instead of battle on a field, it was a struggle to live with life, it was dance with life. A new life has begun. This life will teach him to appreciate balance and harmony in ways of protect.

The electromagnetic energy (Spirit or Shen Chi) of Otter has, entered in a human form of a boy.

A beginning of a fresh cycle in life, in a precious male body completely conscious of secret worlds, now housed in flesh and nurtured with blood energy(type O Positive).

Otter breaths thin, dry, cold, clean "Rocky Mountain" fresh air given to Otters' life.

EME (Electromagnetic energy) entered Otter in the Crown Center located at the center and top of the Head, pass through the skin, EME entered the "Superior sagittal sinus".

The spirit of Goddess/God is Otters spirit, inseparably one. Quantum life contained in a physical, mental and emotional body are possibilities of creative life.

Qualities of Energy Centers The Crown Center

("Superior sagittal sinus")

The crown center energetics has color.

The color is violet, white and gold.

EME(Electromagnetic Energy) enters the Superior Sagittal Sinus and now is housed in the Diencephalon of the brain, which comprises the Thalamus, Hypothalamus, Epithalamus and Subthalamus.

The Diencephalon is considered to possibly be the refuge center for the Energy of Goddess/God.(Spirit, Jing Chi)

Enlightenment or self realization enter into "The Crown Center". The center of natural quantum consciousness. A connection to higher planes of existence.

The "Dropbox" ofpersonally accepted........ beliefs and values of the brain.

The sound vibration associated with this center is "OM". Otter vibrates with "OM".

Heavenly colors entered Otter. These colors are same as creator.

Energy becomes downloaded and programed in the Crown center of Otter, a boy, a manifested physical life form.

Possibility of God /Godess creative choice.

Otter is not a determined object. He is a possibility of spirit (EME) thereby awakens in beliefs and values of a newborn.

Otter now makes choices. Choices are a gift from God/Goddess, a right of conscious beings.

Connected to his cosmic conscious self, Otter has gift unlimited of possibilities. Otter is a quantum part of universal identity.

Awareness of "Now Time" opens the : Crown Center...... this conscious person named Otter allows awareness into the "Crown Center". The center related to the the planet Neptune and symbolized by the Thousand Petal Lotus Flower.

The Crown center is the experience of higher plains of conscious possibilities.

The Crown center provides assistance for Otter in choosing or creating objects in the physical plain of existence..... The "Now Time"...... is present time within changing times.

These objects are not determined things but are possibilities of desired outcome.

When the Crown center is healthy, Otter is aware of his spiritual self, aware of the higher "Psychic" experience. Otter knows God/Goddess which he is part of. Create by electromagnetic frequencies blending together in energy fields, blended with matter, which may be measured, determined and documented with objective, subjective scientific studies. He is evolved and is enlightened. Otters true self is realized.

Otter's mother a beautiful human. Known in physical body as Swan who carries the Future. Swan also has a crown center. Humans need love, compassionate energy and maintenance for balance and wellness while returning to fitness during pregnancy and postpartum period of time in life.

7th center Unbalanced Characteristics

When the Crown center is blockedfrom supplying energy to the brain and brainstem.......... or releasing a balanced flow of vibrational frequencies to the Diencephalon........ stress is produced anxiety is created...... disease begins.

Excess vibrational frequencies supplied to the Thalamus. (The Thalamus known as a relay and integration station, to and from the spinal cord, to the corpus callosum, cerebral cortex and other parts of the brain).

Signs and Symptoms of of imbalance : Headache, vertigo, insomnia, poor memory and epilepsy.

The Hypothalamus (Pituitary Gland), Epithalamus (Pineal gland) and the Subthalamus(subthalamic nucleus).

Signs and Symptoms of EME out of balance or lacking harmony which invite sickness are:

Excess vibrational frequencies: Create, over intellectualization, confusion, disease and disorders. Illnesses relating to a disassociation of the body found in spiritual summation. Many life threatening possibilities occur.

Deficient vibrational frequencies: supplied to the brain affect the anatomy as mentioned earlier and may produce, learning difficulties, mind sets become inflexible, beliefs or spiritual cynicism resulting in materialism with lowered vibrational values. Create the "Whatever" value.

The "Whatever" Value

This value is a principle of communication. Exposed and discovered by Otter when he as Newborn infant or somewhere along his evolution began and believed a set of false values placed over his healthy 7th Crown Center. Leading to abuse of his thinking values internally conflict begins. Negative values are stored and programed.

Some negative values are as follows:

1. Forced religious belief or other forms of rigid, mental, non-physical abuses placed or forced on a being such as Otter, often results in the physical body and/or mental body trauma defined as, stagnating the flow of spirit to the 7th Center.

A common principle which occurs in life.

2. You are not good enough. A "Belief" program.

Acceptance of this pre-supposition becomes a value.

Moves to and through life as the "Whatever" Value. Which needs a positive keyword to unlock or set the next positive thinking result.

Blind Obedience

3. Blind Obedience is obedience without understanding and affects "EME" levels to the 7th Crown Center in a negative way. In Crystal Point Technique© CPT, the use of a group of four points, posterior, anterior and bilateral are located around the Anterior Fontanel. These points are formed by the two cranial bones, the Frontal and Parietal Bones of the infant skull. These four points are known as the Sishencong point and are extra points.

Vibrational frequencies covering or clouding, true or positive beliefs and values of Otter are vibrating at the Anterior Fontanel. This is where the spirit enters or exits the physical body.

The extra point as named in Chinese Acupuncture in as Sishencong. This set of point are used in CPT to treat and balance the 7th center. The set of 4 points are located at the vertex, 1 cun (unit of measurement). (refer to pg. 121 of Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion, Caution: Forbidden, Do not use Needle or Moxa on this point, as a Crystal Point Technician)

The name Sishencong may be used in CPT to aide in location and regimen of the 7th Center.

Sishencong is a primary extra point set used in Acupuncture for treating the 7th center. The Crown Center.

The "Whatever" value, Blind Obedience, and the following trauma or abuse, use Sishencong for restoring the crown center to balance.

The 100% pure essential oil of Frankincense is used to administer to this set of extra points.

The Chant Is "Om Mani Padme Hung" the chant of compassion. A prayer of equal intent may be used.

Telling of lies to oneself

4. The telling of lies to oneself, blocks the harmony and flow of EME...... between internal and external communication of the desired outcome.

When thought waves are based from misinformation. Conflict formulates in the brain and brainwaves become unbalanced. Resulting in the disruption of positive brainwave signals and positive thoughts.

Otter learns to lie to himself, no this is not a book title. Here is an example: Otter born C-Sectionfelt not wanted, the lie of being told "he is such a bother". Forms his Reality...... a moving brainwave energy pattern is created...... the creating of lies and telling these...... created lies to Otters non-spiritual self (the material self)...... produces spiritual abuse which becomes a stored program in the brain and beyond, to the DNA within the cell molecule. Taking place and stored before Otter speaks his first word of language understanding.

Brainwaves create thoughts. Thought-waves. are transmitted from the 7th Crown center are Theta brainwaves. (Refer to appendix)

Thought waves are the wisdom stimulated by universal consciousness (Conscious Reality). Brainwaves flowing and moving in the 7th Crown Center create energy providing a key to expose the true reality. Helps to stop the lies. Self-esteem becomes restored to balance. Otter will know he is wanted by his mother and not "a bother".

Thought waves form belief and value programs.

These programs can be changed. Correct the desired information given and received changes the program(found in NLP).

Crystal Point Technique(CPT)

CPT balances the electromagnetic energy of the energy self (Spirit Self), produces vibrational frequencies which may restore to balance the 7th Crown center.

CPT harmonises and balances the 7th Crown center.

CPT Point used to resort the 7th Crown center is the extra point named Sishencong. (Chinese: Sishencong, to locate refer to page 243 in the Acupuncture and Moxibustion Manual, or refer to the Point Appendix in this book).

Brainwaves may achieve consistently, an environment for wellness and fitness.


Ok...... Find a comfortable quiet place...... Breathe in 100% pure Frankincense essential oil...... imagine...... positive healing thoughts. with in your mind...... creating positive healing energy...... breathe in...... allow these thoughts to move...... positive healing thoughts...... energy moves into your heart or chest center...... positive healing thoughts are possible and may be achieved in CPT session.

Healing is made possible by the power of brainwaves directing positive thought waves.

Repeating positive affirmations internally and energetically on the 7th Crown center produce desired outcome........... supported by the source........... of all healing......... Goddess/God the healing source........ stimulated by CPT Crown center point sishencong.

The power of Crystal Point Technique© CPT.



The following are some of associated signs/ symptoms which may determine by a Medical Doctor or a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. Disorders, disease, illness and trauma related to Otters Crown (7th) center. (The assessment following is not intended as Medical Diagnosis).

The Crown center sends signals of life support, naturally and is home to the Spirit of Otter.

The will of Otter which is the will of Otter in the infant, breath, is present.

Otters Breath (The 2nd life force) activates the spirit of life's energy force moving, flowing without obstruction, now manifested in physical body, transforms the nature of God/Goddess into human energy, human blood and human body fluids.


Excerpted from Brainwave Movement and the Power of Crystal Point Technique by Cody "Flying Eagle" Templeton. Copyright © 2016 Cody "Flying Eagle" Templeton. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Vibrational Medicine, 1,
Chapter 2 Fundamentals of CPT, 9,
Chapter 3 7th Crown Center Signs and Symptoms of disorders and imbalances, 25,
Chapter 4 Good Intention, 39,
Chapter 5 Follow up Personal Wellness Care:, 47,
Chapter 6 Maintaining Hydration, 61,

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