Brainwriting! Enrich Your Life Using Handwriting Analysis

Brainwriting! Enrich Your Life Using Handwriting Analysis

by Irene B. Levitt


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Brainwriting! Enrich Your Life Using Handwriting Analysis by Irene B. Levitt

When you write, your hand is merely the tool that holds the pen. The style of your writing emanates from your subconscious. When you pick up a pen to write, more than performing a simple physical function, you are communicating a message from your brain. You obey the guidance of your brain as it sends orders to the fingers that hold the pen. As you write, what appears on paper is much more than words. Brain Writing reveals hidden feelings, emotions, and sexual vitality.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780965672313
Publisher: Serena Publishing
Publication date: 01/28/2002

Table of Contents

An Adventure into the Subconscious11
Chapter 1Learning About People Through Symbols25
A Little Drawing Game28
The Circle29
The Square30
The Triangle34
The Squiggle35
Pairs of Symbols Reveal More39
Chapter 2Signatures45
Size of the Names47
Unusual Glitch48
Developing Your Signature50
The Life of the Party52
Chapter 3What t-Crossings Mean59
Your Technique Works65
Lowercase t-Crossings66
Chapter 4Physical Problems71
The Symbiotic Relationship of Reflexology and Handwriting Analysis The Body Reveals Illness via Handwriting73
Chapter 5Emotions and Feelings81
Writing that Slants Up on the Page81
Writing that Slants Down83
What the Slant Means86
How to Measure Slant86
Chapter 6Uncovering a Hidden Personality Trait101
Chapter 7Concentration109
Chapter 8Deceit and Honesty119
Chapter 9Sexual Vitality127
Erratic Pressure127
Light Pressure128
Heavy Pressure128
Zonal Areas129
Revelations of the Cursive g131
Chapter 10Printing139
Chapter 11Brainwriting! For Sales145
Three Key Elements to Look for First147
How to Measure Slant151
The Lowercase i's153
Decisive Versus Indecisive154
Confusion of Interests155
The Communication Letters156
Chapter 12The Personal Pronoun Capital I159
Frequently Asked Questions and Answers167
About the Author172

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