Braless in the Buick

Braless in the Buick

by Jenna Leigh



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Braless in the Buick by Jenna Leigh

Allie Stephenson is starting over. After years of trying to make her marriage work, she's single and settling down in the suburbs with her son, M. J. Unfortunately for her, other forces have decided that it is just the right time for a man to slip into her life, home, and heart.

When Jake Donally moves into the neighborhood, the ladies all take notice. So far, he's kept a low profile. However, that all changes when Allie breaks his Bonsai, and the wall he built around his heart, come tumbling down. Unfortunately, Jake is not all that he seems, and he's been looking for a chance to get to know Allie much better.

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ISBN-13: 9781897261606
Publisher: Champagne Books
Publication date: 05/28/2006
Pages: 176
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.41(d)

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"Don't forget his paper."

"It's ok. You can just leave it for one day. The world won't end if they don't get their papers!" Allie tried to run her fingers through her hair, but they became hopelessly ensnared in the tangled curls. She'd forgotten to brush her hair. She must look like a wild woman.

Her son started to cry. "But it's my job, I'm not a baby."

"I know that!" She took the paper and flung it without even looking. She heard a crash, then after a slight pause, cursing and rapid footsteps beating a path to the door. "Well, hell." She sighed in disgust.

"Who did that?" someone yelled, and she turned to stare at the angry man on the front porch. His size alone made her nervous, not to mention his glare.

"Mr.... uh." Her mind went blank ... "Oh, right! Mr. Donally, I did it. I didn't mean to break your flowerpot."

He kept coming, and she couldn't help but notice that while he still wore a frown, he was one of the best looking men she'd seen in a long time.

She must have disturbed him while he was shaving because he still had a little of the foam on his chin. And he didn't have his shirt buttoned up all the way. Well, hello, nurse!

His thick, black hair was cut about an inch long, showing off his chiseled features to perfection. He had a tall, rangy physique with just enough muscle to keep from looking like a string bean. She didn't care for muscular men, but definition was very nice. He had that--in spades.

A six-pack of abs rippled down into a pair of soft, faded jeans that he must have worn a thousand times. Those were some lucky jeans. Then she noticed his eyes, bright and blue. They were targeting her like a pair of laser beams.

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