BRAND is a four letter word: Positioning and The Real Art of Marketing

BRAND is a four letter word: Positioning and The Real Art of Marketing

by Austin McGhie


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In this breakthrough book, marketing expert Austin McGhie urges readers to set aside their obsession with “branding” and instead focus on the real work of marketing: positioning. In fact, McGhie believes there’s no marketing problem or opportunity that can’t be framed as a positioning exercise. He argues that brands are a marketplace response, not a marketer’s stimulus; if that response from the audience is simple, clear and on strategy, marketers can build a brand.

Drawing on his 30-year career working with some of world’s best-known brands, including Disney, ESPN, Nike, Google, Visa, Expedia, Best Buy, Microsoft, Anheuser-Busch, Abbott and YouTube, McGhie tackles the strategic essence of positioning and creating differentiated advantage. He deftly weaves the positioning discussion throughout the book with a series of real-life anecdotes to deliver a crisp, clear view of what it means to build a brand. McGhie has written a practical book that will guide and inspire marketers and in turn help them guide and inspire their audiences.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781599323275
Publisher: Advantage Media Group
Publication date: 04/15/2012
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.20(h) x 1.30(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Austin McGhie is the president of Sterling Brand’s Strategy Group. Throughout his thirty-year career, he ran marketing departments, sales forces and advertising agencies before slowly coming to the realization that he was really only good at strategy. Austin fervently believes that there is no marketing problem or opportunity that can’t be framed as a positioning exercise. Austin’s team at Sterling Brands works with some of the top marketers in the world, including Disney, ESPN, Nike, Google, Visa, Expedia, Best Buy, Microsoft, Anheuser-Busch, Abbott Labs and YouTube. Austin travels too much, but when he’s home he lives in Northern California’s Marin County with his wife, two children and dog. Back in the day, he was “almost good enough” to play professional soccer. Having recently ridden his bike 100 miles a day to cross the country, you can usuallyfind him riding up the nearest hill.

Table of Contents

Opening Rant 13

Section 1 Brand Is a Four-Letter Word 23

1 An Introduction 25

2 Brand (Double) Speak 30

3 What the Hell is a Brand Anyway? 38

4 Great Brands Are Built from the Inside 44

5 Want a Great Brand? Build a Great Product 52

6 A Brand is a Response, Not a Stimulus 55

Section 2 Position Is An Eight-Letter Word 59

7 Differentiation-Often Discussed, Seldom Achieved 60

8 Difference Must Be More Than Skin Deep 63

9 Eccentricity Rules 68

10 Differentiated Advantage 71

11 The Importance of the Missionary Position 73

12 Don't Be a Prisoner 78

13 Invent, Don't Construct 81

14 Love Me or Hate Me-Just Don't Like Me 84

15 Position Narrow, Catch Wide 88

16 Own Something 92

17 Niche is Not a Four-Letter Word 95

18 The Joys of Disruption 99

19 The Disposable Strategy 102

20 Positioning Happens 105

21 Find Your Difference 107

22 Brand Architecture-A Positioning Puzzle 110

23 The Non-Sense of Positioning 113

Section 3 Marketing is a Nine-Letter Word: (A Random Walk Through a Marketer's Mind-In Six Parts) 121

Part 1 Thoughts You Can Use Tomorrow 122

24 Build Critical Marketing Mass 123

25 Stop Thinking Outside the Box 127

26 Change 130

27 Find the Flow 133

28 Think Before You Blink 136

29 Build an Experience 140

30 Make Yourself Famous 144

Part 2 Thoughts on the Customer 147

31 The Consumer is Dead 148

32 Your Customer is a Cynic 151

33 Saints and Sinners 153

34 Customers Not Marketing Advisors 156

Part 3 Thoughts on Research 160

35 Are You Feeling It? 161

36 Drowning in Information 164

37 The Importance of Why 166

38 I Like to Watch 168

39 Do You Know How High is Up? 171

Part 4 Thoughts on Communicating That Position 174

40 Keep It Real 175

41 What's Your Back-Story? 178

42 Attention-The New Brand Currency 181

43 The Dollar Value of Creativity 184

44 A Nod to David Ogilvy 188

45 Assume You'll Only Get One Shot 190

46 Advertising-And the Need for Radical Re-engineering 192

Part 5 Thoughts on the New World Order 196

47 Marketing in a World of Ubiquitous Information 197

48 It Takes a Village to Raise a Brand 201

49 The Truth Will Win Out-Sooner Not Later 203

50 Catch a Virus 206

51 Market to the Brand Broadcaster 209

Part 6 Just Thoughts 212

52 Marketing is Judo Not Karate 213

53 If It's Not Important Enough to Win, You'll Lose 216

54 Sir Isaac's First Law 220

55 Sir Isaac's Second Law 223

56 Stop Fixing Things 226

57 The Brand Hijack 228

58 Be Careful with the Brand Keys 232

59 The New ROI-Return on Imagination 234

60 Scenario-Based Planning-An Idiot's Guide 237

61 Simplicity-The Ultimate Sophistication 240

62 Our Infatuation with Cool 242

63 Technology Marketing-It's Different Out There 245

64 Positioning You 250

Conclusion 252

A User's Guide to the Users Guide 254

About the Author 269

Index 271

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